Lego: Hello everyone! Unfortunately, Tears of a Lotus is still being difficult. In the mean time, I decided to pick up the 100 themes challenge in order to motivate myself to write (heavily influenced by the fact that one of my favorite fanfiction authors, Joey Taylor, is doing it). I've decided to post the canon ones I write (no OCs and such) as separate oneshots here on my account to show that I actually am writing. I hope you enjoy this one! It was intended as a dialogue exercise, hence why there's a significant lack of description and is 3rd person omniscient (a style I quite dislike), and why it's so short.

Disclaimer: The YuGiOh franchise belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. The Kingdom Hearts franchise belongs to Tetsuya Nomura, Disney, and Square-Enix. I own only the story.



"Nope, I hate them."


"Uh, dude, no."


Axel threw his hands in the air with a frown. "Dude, stop it with all the vegetables. I want something sweet, not healthy."

Marik glared at his redheaded companion. "That's all that's in this catalogue!"

"Then find a new one!"

The two erupted into a staring match, hoping against hope that their gazes would burn the other.

Ryou glanced over from where he was studying appliances. He sighed. "Guys, stop fighting."

"Yeah. It's really getting annoying," Bakura added from Ryou's side.

"Shut up, albino," Axel grumbled as he folded his arms.

"Hey!" Bakura and Ryou shouted at the same time. Both looked quite miffed.

Roxas rolled his eyes and walked over from the Tupperware. "Oh for heaven's sake. Give me that, Marik." He snatched the magazine right out of the Egyptian's hands.

Marik lifted both hands in surrender. "Sheesh, blonde in a mood."

"Don't give me that—you're blonde too." Roxas scanned the pages he carried, deep blue eyes scrutinizing.

"But they're different shades!"

"Doesn't matter. You're still blonde."

Marik grumbled then stormed away to join Bakura in tormenting passing children. Ryou rolled his eyes at his yami and their Egyptian friend before stepping beside Roxas to look over the magazine as well. Axel frowned at it from over their shoulders.

"This catalogue is crap! And look at all these stupid advertisements!"

"Just because you want to eat yourself to death on junk food doesn't mean the rest of us have to," Ryou pointed out without moving his eyes from the paper.

Axel scowled. "Healthy food is for nerds."

Roxas and Ryou simultaneously glared at Axel.

Bakura, having grown bored of his activities, discovered the knives. "Ooh, Ryou, that knife looks very sharp. May I buy it so I can slit this guy's throat?"

"You will do no such thing!" Ryou scolded at the same time that Axel shouted, "Hey!"

"This is getting ridiculous." Roxas sighed as he tossed the magazine at the nearest countertop then walked away from the group he was meant to be shopping with.

Ryou caught sight of him and nearly panicked. "H-Hey, wait up!" The albino ran to catch up with the blonde, Bakura hot on his heels.

"Don't forget me!" Marik said as he struggled to follow. "I don't want to be left behind!"

Axel glanced up at Marik's shout and his green eyes widened. "Wait, Roxas, guys, where are you going?"

"Getting away from you. You're driving us crazy!" Roxas shouted from over his shoulder.

"Aw, Roxas, you're my best buddy. Don't say that, you'll make me cry." Axel pouted at Roxas but to his surprise, the group of four suddenly jumped into a run. A mess of vocal sounds escaped his throat as he hurried after them. "I'm serious! Come on, guys. This isn't funny!"

Regardless of his pleas, the others laughed at his attempts. Marik and Bakura made faces at him while Ryou and Roxas simply focused on running.

"Curse you all! I'll beat you to a pulp! Just wait 'til I catch up with you!"