This is a bonus chapter, about when Bill and Draco met. Some of you may remember that the two first saw each other when Draco was still a child, Bill was several years older. He knew instantly what the little blond wizard was to him but had to wait until Draco was an adult before making a single move. When your soulmate is within arms reach, would you be able to stay your hand for him/her? Even though they are your soulmate?

Bills POV

I felt sick. The dusty attic smell mixed with death unsettled me. I found myself scowling at both the wizards and my alpha. Them, because they smelled so awful. Him, because he didn't let me just kill them. They will be allies, he said. Keep other wizards at bay, he said. I don't believe a word of it. Even if some wizards could be trusted, it certainly wouldn't be these ones. They were traitors to their own kind! How could they do anything positive for our pack?

Speaking of the pack, they were hidding out in the caves behind us. Only a few hunters, Fenrir and myself were out here, surrounding the wizards. On their side it was Voldemort and four death eaters. One of his sumbag henchmen even brought his child. His child!

I was even scowling at the back of the kids head, hating that if this became a battle, he would probably end up dead. He seemed young enough that he wouldn't be a scumbag like his father. But then again, I couldn't really tell. He had his face buried into his fathers robes the entire time he was here. Poor kid. Even with the long distance between us, I could see him shaking violently. And his father ignored him. He didn't hold the kids hand or hug him or anything. Was he punishing the boy?

Fenrir carried on with Voldemort. I shifted my weight back and forth, eventually pacing around them. All of us hunters were agitated by their prescence. We've all been shifting constantly. All of us except Fenrir, of course. I made sure that once I was in his line of sight to glare at him. He knows I hate this plan of his. I have no problem showing it off either.

As I was walking, something happened. The little kid shifted his weight. He heard someones footsteps. Probably mine. Curiosity got the best of me as I kept my eyes glued to the flash of skin, shown just at his temple. I wanted to see his face. Perhaps he was much younger than he appeared in height. I wanted to know just how much of a bastard his father was, by bringing him out here.

After a moment, his head turned slightly. Just enough so he could peek out and look around. As soon as I saw those eyes, my breath and heart beat were stolen. This tiny little blond child robbed me of thought and froze the blood in my viens just by allowing me a glimse of his pale green eyes.

Mate. My mind uttered to itself, as my lips were left agap. The child didn't look at me. He hid his face again, causing my heart to start again, with an adrenaline rush. Look this way, I wanted to call out to him. Let me see your eyes again!

As if he could hear my thoughts, his head turned. This time I saw his entire face, rather than a glimse of his left eye. He looked like an angel. His eyes were filled with such beautiful innocence. His skin was pale with red lips and pink cheeks as he flushed upon seeing me.

Although he didn't hide his face from me again, I could still tell he was afraid. I smiled at him, reasuringly. I even eased down into a crouch to bring myself to his height. Just so I would appear less threatening. After a moment, his fear started to ease. His lips twitched into the sweetest, innocent smile that warmed my heart. It throbbed with love for this child. I was without a doubt addicted to that smile. I knew that I would spend the rest of my life, trying to keep him smiling. It was just too beautiful. Too perfect.

My time with him wasn't enough. With in a few short minutes, Voldemort concluded his business with Fenrir. They turned to leave. Luckily, our forests were guarded with ancient magic. No wizard could apparate into our lands. They had to walk out if they wanted to go anywhere that way. Once the business was over and they turned to go, the child's father was harsh. He made a sharp turn, which knocked the boy to the ground. Even though his son had fallen, he walked with a brisk pace, as if he didn't care whether or not he followed. I didn't bother containing my bothered growl as I approached the boy.

When I knelt at his side, he gasped and jerked. His pale green eyes were wide with fear. I mourned for that but couldn't do much about it. Who knows what he thought of werewolves. I had no doubt that his father told him something cruel and false about us. Keeping my movements slow and calm, I offered him my hand. Those pretty eyes flickered between my hand and my face. Uncertain. With my best smile, I whispered down,

"I won't hurt you." His head cocked to his head in confusion. It was singlehandedly the most adorable thing I've ever seen. He glanced over at his fathers retreating back. For a moment, I worried he would run off and never come back. To be honest, I didn't want our meeting to be over yet.

After a brief second of thought, he looked back at me.

"You don't look like an animal." He stated in an uncertain whispered. His voice was a delicate bell. Ringing softly and gently.

"I'm not an animal. None of us are." I assured him. It was just then that his father decided to acknowledge his sons existance by barking,

"Draco!" I felt my heart stutter and crack at the intense fear that flashed over his face. When he jumped to his feet, he rushed forward.

"Coming, Father." I followed him closely. I liked that instead of becoming glued to his fathers side again, he hung back and stayed by my side. I silently thanked the goddess that our borders were a few miles off. It would be a long time before we reached them.

"What's your name?" His innocent bell of a voice asked carefully. His cheeks turned a brighter shade of pink as he blushed.

"My name's Bill." I answered quietly. Little Draco smiled at this.

"I'm Draco. Malfoy." It was cute how he introduced himself, adding his last name. It was sweet, even though it bothered me a little bit more. His father is Lucious. A pompous coward. He abused what little power he had over those that he could. It worried me because I knew his child would be the first to fall victim to that. I prayed he would never seriously hurt Draco. I'd rather he ignore his son all day long than raise a single hand toward him.

"How old are you?" He continued, oblivous to my slightly trouble thoughts.

"16. How old are you?" I returned easily. The wizards in front of us began climbing a rather steep slope. The wolves around us (on guard duty) jumped up easily. I looked down at Draco who was climbing almost literally, with his hands on the ground and everything. I chuckled as his feet slid, having trouble getting up the steep wet hill.

"Here." I stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and watched as I sunk to my knees and jerked a thumb behind me. "Climb on." I ordered.

I'll be damned if that boy didn't just grin ear to ear. I didn't bother surpressing a quiet yet joyous laugh at this. He wiped his muddy hands on his knees and scrambled up my back like a monkey. Once his arms were secure around my shoulders, I climbed up the slope, carrying him. It was easy for me. Werewolves are very strong, we have a lot of stamina.

"I'm 10. By the way." He mumbled to me. I felt a nice comfort warm me again as his words breathed on my ear. He was older than I thought. He'll be a young adult soon. He seemed so cute, innocent and small, I took him to be a little younger.

"Father says you aren't good. He says bad things about you." Draco mumbled as his head came to rest on my shoulder. I couldn't care less about what the coward Lucious has for an opinion to be honest. The only interest I held for this subject was the fact that it seemed to bother Draco.

"What do you think?" I asked carefully, keeping as much distance between the wizards and myself. I didn't want them to hear anything said between Draco and I. God knows what those scumbags might do if they knew what was going on.

"I know you aren't an animal, even though thats what Father says. He said you were unci... civa... chized?" I chuckled at this. Everything about this boy was just too cute.

"I think he said 'uncivilized'." Draco shifted as I corrected him.

"Yeah, thats what he said. I don't know what it means, but I don't think its true." Outright laughing, I nodded to him. I enjoyed the fact that because of his age and innocents, he held no prejudices or judgments. He looked scared earlier, because of what his father told him about us. But as soon as he had proof it was wrong, he seemed to abondon those thoughts.

"You're right. That word isn't true about us."

It went on like that straight to the border. The wizards never looked back to see that I carried Draco on my back the entire way. I found that the boy loved to laugh and smile. He was adorable as he made sure to tell me he thought I was a good person and that all the things he thought before about werewolves were wrong. I was careful to never utter a single word against wizards and only corrected the opinions of his father to the truth. I liked how he was, without any prejudice and hoped he stayed that way for a long time.

One thing that was clear was his heart. Draco didn't hold an ounce of hate, despite who his family was and the company they kept. He was a sweet child who wore his heart on his sleeve. Childhood is a wonderful thing. I hoped he enjoyed it for as long as possible. I also hoped to see him again. I felt doom as we approached the border. I listened to him talk, remembering every single word for a little under an hour and I couldn't get enough of it. I was sad, knowing he had to leave.

I was also scared that he had to leave with his father. He may be a child, but he is my mate too. Right now, I could only love him as he was, a child. I would do whatever I could to be a best friend or a brother to Draco, content to have that sort of relationship with him. There was no desire in my heart above that. This included protectiveness. I want him safe, no matter what. I didn't consider his family safe. Perhaps he had a mother who could protect him from an abusive father. But who would be there to protect him from harsh words and false claims? Who would be there to protect his innocent childhood and pure heart?

Within a certain distance of the border, I eased him down on his own feet. I was right to think he had a pure and innocent heart. It was further proved to me as his tiny hand pushed its way into the center of my palm and held it. My hand was so large to his, it was enveloped completely in my gentle fist.

"I dont wanna leave, Bill. You're really fun." He whispered to me quietly after a long moment of silence. He knew it was almost time to go. I looked down and saw a genuine pout. His hand gripped mine tighter. Reaching down with my other hand, I ruffled his hair.

"I know. I'm sure you'll be able to come back." I told him although I had no idea if his father would even be back, let alone bring his child along again. Draco looked up at me with wide puppy eyes.

"If we come back... Can we play again?" His delicate voice was a quivering whisper. Glancing at the wizards real quick, I decided they weren't going to look back for a few minutes. I dropped to my knees and pulled him into a hug.

"Of course, Draco. We can play whenever you want."

Each step further was a steady pressure on my heart. I had no idea when or if they would find reason to be here again. I prayed as hard as I could that they would. Once they crossed the border, I had no choice but to let Draco's small hand slip from my grip. His steps to his fathers side were slow and dragged. I took his turned back as an opprotunity to glare at Lucious. Although his face was masked, I remembered which one had to be him. He ignored me completely and instead had his gazed fixed upon his slow walking son. The last thing I saw was Dracos sad little eyes as his father grabbed his shoulder roughly and they vanished into black smoke.

"You shouldn't get attached to the kid, Bill." Fenrir spoke truthfully. I didn't jump but I was certainly surprised. I didn't know he was there or for how long. He probably followed us the entire way, listening to everything we, or rather Draco talked about.

"He's my mate, Fenrir. Or he's going to be." I told him truthfully. Fenrir was my best friend and my alpha. I hid nothing from him because I had no reason to.

"Then I am truly sorry for you my friend." This came with a slap to my shoulder. I listened to his retreating footsteps as I stared into empty space where Draco's scared face used to be.

Let him be safe. Let him come back to me. I prayed for him, my Draco.

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