The Secret Marriage

(In Scott's Point a View)

My brothers don't know anything about what I am going to tell you today. For the last year or so I have been happily married to a wonderful woman called Rebecca that I've known since high School. Anyway I decided that I wanted my own life outside IR. My brothers knew that I needed a break and didn't ask any questions about where I was or who I was with.

So just after I got back from a rescue I got a text from Rebecca asking me to phone her. I have been flying over to the mainland every weekend just to be with her. For the last six months we have been trying for a baby and still had no luck. In hope I rang Rebecca.

"Hey sweet heart is everything ok over there?" I asked my wife I couldn't help but worry about her a little.

"Well I have some great news. You are going to be daddy at last." said Rebecca over the phone to me.

For the next nine months or so I was going over to the mainland not only on weekends but during the week too. I know my brothers were starting to pick up that something was up and the one and only brother who can get me talking is Virgil.

Nine months later we had a wonderful baby girl whom we called LeAnn, she is also the double of her mother. That night I made my way to Virgil and Jo's apartment, for the last 5 months Virgil has been working part time for IR. He can't bear the thought of Jo losing him on a mission and she is at least 5 months pregnant herself.

I arrived at the apartment and stayed with Jo until Virgil returned from a busy day at the office as a thank you to Dad Virg agreed to take over his company on the mainland here.

"Hey Scott did everything go ok at the hospital because Virgil seem a bit worried this morning before he left for the office?" Asked Jo

"Everything is fine at the hospital Jo. But I get this feeling that something is going to go wrong tonight and I can't help but worry you know?" I replied to Jo. Virgil found out about my marriage the night before his wedding and he hasn't said a word to anybody since. But he did tell Jo about it and they both have been so understanding over it. Jo was now in the kitchen making the dinner because Virgil was due home.

"Say Jo where is Robyn?" I asked because I hadn't seen my niece since I came in from the hospital.

"Oh she is upstairs playing. I'll call her down for dinner once its ready." said Jo as Virgil walked through the door.

"Hey Honey." said Virgil as he pulled his wife into his arms for a hug.

"Hey Virg." I said from the kitchen table. I am so glad to see that Virgil is happy after two years of marriage.

While Virgil and I are having some coffee, my cell phone goes off. As soon as I saw the number I started to get really worried about Rebecca.

"Hello Scott Tracy's phone." I answered with fear in my voice.

"Hey Mr Tracy could you make your way down to the hospital. Something has come up with your wife. We need you here asap."

"Ok I will be there as soon as I can goodbye doctor." I said as I hang up on my cell phone. Virgil looked at me and instantly he knew there was something going on.

"Scott what's wrong?" Asked Virgil as he put his hand on my arm for support.

"Its Rebecca I really need to get to the hospital." I said as I made my way to the front door.

"Hold on bro I will drive you there. You are in no fit state to be driving yourself".

"Ok but I am going to need you to stay with me because I have this awful feeling that it's something bad." I explained to Virgil, I knew he understood my predicament.

"Its ok Scott I will be there for you and so will Jo whatever happens. Jo?" Virgil shouted into the kitchen.

"Yeah Virg?"

"I am taking Scott over to the hospital because something has just come up." said Virgil as he walked into the kitchen and I followed him.

"Is everything ok Scott?" asked Jo who looked really worried for me.

"Just got a phone call from the hospital and I am really worried about Rebecca." I told Jo.

"Ok then well I will put your dinners in the oven until you get back. I am going to go up and get Robyn ready for bed then bring her down to watch a DVD before bed." explained Jo

We had now left the apartment and made the 15 minute drive to the hospital. Once we arrived there we got taken into a waiting room. I could somehow tell that things were not good for me. We were waiting an hour until someone came in asking for me.

"Is my wife Ok Doctor?"

"No, I'm afraid not. We've done a few tests and your wife has cancer. I am afraid that we didn't get it in time and your wife has only about two hours to live. I am so sorry Mr Tracy." I guess the news didn't sink in until the doctor left the room. I went into panic mode, really I don't know what I would have done if Virgil wasn't here with me.


"God Virg how am I going to cope with being a single Dad to my new born daughter. Dad barely coped with Alan as it is. How am I going to do this?" I whispered as tears were coming to my eyes.

"Look Scott its going to be ok. You have me and Jo. I really think that you should call Dad and tell him what's going on because he has been through this with mum, you know that."

It didn't take long for the doctor to return, coming back to check on me.

"I am so sorry again Mr Tracy. Would you like to see your wife now?"

"Yeah please and would it be possible for my brother to go and get my daughter because I really want to take her home and get on with being a single Dad." I explained to the doctor.

"That is fine Mr Tracy I will take your brother up to the baby unit and get that organised while you are in with you wife."

When the doctor left with Virgil to get my daughter I found myself walking into my wife's room. She didn't look too good and I could tell that she wanted to say something to me so I stepped closer to the bed.


"Yeah honey?"

"I want you to promise me that you will look after our daughter that you will tell her about me. No matter what." said Rebecca as her breathing was slowly down, it was scaring me...maybe Virgil is right about calling Dad.

"I will do everything I can to tell our daughter how wonderful you were. And she will have her family to hang onto." I said as I kissed her on the fore head. It didn't take long for her breathing to start slowing and for her heart to finally stop.

My brother returned with my new born daughter in his arms.

"Come on Bro lets get back home and you can call Dad from there." said Virgil as he put one arm around me while holding my new born in the other.