The Secret Marriage

Chapter 2: The Shock

As soon as Virgil took Scott back to his apartment, Jo knew that there was something going on. When both men walked through the door Jo picked up that Scott was pale looking and almost couldn't stand by himself.

"Oh my God Scott, what happen?" asked Jo when she had seen Scott return with his new born daughter in his arms and led him over to the sofa.

"We got to the hospital, Rebecca her…" Said Scott as he looked down at his new born daughter in his arms.

"Jo what Scott is trying to say is that Rebecca didn't make it, Scott only just made it in time to say good bye to her." Said Virgil who is not used to seeing Scott like this.


"Yes Scott?"

"Could you take LeAnn? I need to give Dad a call and tell him what is going on, I can't do this on my own now."

"Sure Scott hand her over to me, I am just about to go up and check on Robyn tuck her in for the night. Do you want me to take LeAnn up with me?" Asked Jo taking the baby from her brother in law.

"No Jo its ok, I just want to be able to see her but anyway should you not be resting yourself?" Asked Scott.

"Ok Scott you got me there." said Jo as she held her hands up in surrender because Scott can't be bad as Virgil is right now. He is not letting her do anything or getting any peace at the moment.

"Jo why don't I go up and check on Robyn, makes sure that she is ok. While you sit down with this wee one." said Virgil as he led Jo back over to the sofa to rest some more.

Once Jo was settled on the sofa. Virgil made his way upstairs to check on Robyn, when he sawthat she was asleep he made his way into his own bedroom to call John.

"Virgil calling John come in."

"Hey Virgil, is there anything wrong with Jo and Robyn?"

"No Johnny they are both fine, I am more worried about Scott as he is a mess."

"What happened?" asked John.

"Ok John what I am about to tell you, I don't want anyone else known about until Scott gives the ok, it's hard enough on Scott as it is."

"Ok you have my word, what is going on with Scott?"

"Well the night before Jo and I got married, Scott had told us that he had a wife." Explained Virgil.

"You're kidding!? Scott as in our Scott!" said John with a smile but it disappeared again quickly.

"Yeah John anyway his wife just died and left him with a two day old daughter to take care off. He is falling to pieces in front of me John; I don't know what to do."

"God Virgil, has he called Dad yet?"

"No not yet and I know that he is not looking forward to doing it."

"Ok Virg well I better let you go and see to Scott, thanks for letting me know." said John.



"Could you let Grandma know what is going on with Scott? I know that he would want her to know."

"Sure Virgil talk to you soon TB5 out."

As Virgil made his way back downstairs to his brother, he spotted him standing over the table staring at his cell phone.

"I can't do this Virg; I can't call Dad that I have been married for the last year. That I went behind his back..."

"Scott you can't go through this alone, Dad will know that something is up with you." Replied Virgil, as he placed his arm on Scott's shoulder for support. He knows that his older brother needed it more than ever right now.

"I know I have to Virg, but I can't."

"Do you want me to call Dad up for you Scott? I know it's going to be hard for you to deal with but at least you have Dad to support you. He has been through the pain of losing mum Scott don't forget that."

"No thanks Virgil, I have got to do this on my own. Can you stay with me until I call Dad? I just don't want to be on my own now."

"You know I will Scott after all you got me a week off to get to know Jo. If it wasn't for you then I wouldn't be a father or in love with Jo for that matter. I will always have your back bro."

"Thanks Virg."

"There is one more thing that I need to tell you and I don't think that you are going to like it." said Virgil as he looked Scott in the eye.

"I was so worried about you that I called John up and told him what was going on. He said that he wouldn't say anything to anybody."

"It's ok Virg; let's get this call over and done with. I don't want to put it off any longer." said Scott as he set down on the sofa to make the call.

"Scott Tracy calling Jeff Tracy come in Dad."

"Hey Scott how is everything going over there?" asked Jeff, unaware of just what he was about to hear.

"Things are bad Dad; you're not going to like it."

"What is it son, what is going on?" asked Jeff. He was starting to get worried about his eldest son now.

"About a year ago I got myself married because I wanted a life outside IR."

"Why didn't you come to me about that son, we could have worked something out."

"I guess that I was scared about how you would reacted to me getting married, now I have lost her Dad." said Scott, tears coming to his eyes.

"What happened Scott?"

"I can't Virg, you tell him." said Scott as he walked away.

"Virgil what's going on son?"

"Well Scott has just lost his wife to cancer Dad, the worst part was that she left him with a two day old daughter to bring up on his own." explained Virgil

"Is there any way that you could get over to the island to let me come across? I know it's asking a lot Virgil but I want to support him with this."

"I don't know Dad, if I am honest Jo is nearly six months gone plus she has an appointment for a scan in a couple of days and Robyn needs taken to School and picked up. I don't think that I can leave them Dad"

"Ok son it was just a thought, Is Jo doing ok now after that scare in hospital a couple of months ago?" asked Jeff.

"Yeah as of now she has been taking it easy, I have been taking Robyn to school and back in between running the office."

"Ok Virgil I will go here so you can see to Scott and Jo, give me a call if you need anything at all."

"Will do speak to you soon Dad Virgil Tracy out."

"How did Dad take the news Virg?" asked Scott.

"He seem ok with it but more worried about you, He wanted me to go over to the island so he could come over here to support you."

"What did you say Virg?" asked Jo.

"I just told him that I couldn't leave you or Robyn and with the office getting really busy as well. If I am honest you shouldn't really be flying Jo."

"Virgil I am fine until I am at least 30 weeks you know that."

"Still I don't want to take a chance Jo." said Virgil.

"And you call me over protective look at what you are doing to your poor wife there Virg." said Scott with a smile as he looked over at Jo.

"Thank you Scott, in saying that Virg we are due to go to the island. Robyn is due to come off school for a few days. Why don't we go the next couple of days? We go over and Jeff comes here to see Scott."

"What about your appointment Jo? it's in a couple of days"

"Well we can go after it. I am sure Scott will be ok on his own for a couple of days or so" said Jo

"Virg, Jo is right if I am here then Dad is going to need you to man base for him. I can always pop into the office if need be." Scott offered.

"If you are really sure about this Scott, in all honestly I don't want to leave you here on your own either." said Virgil. He couldn't just leave Scott on his own right now.

"Besides Virg it's you and Jo's last chance to go over to the island before the babies are born. They will be here before you know it."

"Are you sure that you are the only person to know about the twins? We want to surprise everyone else when they are born."

"Yes Virg I am still the only person who knows and it will stay that way for the next few weeks or so." said Scott.