I walked into my closet, and then cautiously took my place in front of the mirror, suddenly glancing down at my shoulder to see a single white feather, sitting atop of it.

I brushed the feather off of my shoulder, watching it land onto the hardwood floors below me.

"And where did you come from?" I questioned the feather, as it found its new home on the floor.

I turned my head upward, doing a double take at the sight I saw before me.

Two large feathered objects were positioned in the middle of my back as I continued to stare at the figure in the mirror.

I reached my hand back behind me, holding onto to one of the objects tightly, as nerves of pain shot into my back.

I fell onto the floor, gripping the feather in my fingers that had fallen to the ground. I stared at it, twirling it in my fingers.

Before I knew what I was doing, I let out a shrill scream, echoing throughout every square inch of the Palace.

I shook lightly in the corner of the closet being sure to leave the door open. I could hear tons of footsteps rushing throughout the hallways, shoe coming down hard on tile.


I recognized by the tone of voice that it was probably Inferno.

"I'm in the closet!" I exclaimed brightly, trying desperately to get his attention. He rushed through the open door, almost tripping over me since he probably didn't see me.

"I'm right here," I said shakily, seeing his shocked expression scared me even more. He knelt beside me, smoothing out the feathers on my wings.

"Only Immortals are supposed to have them, unless…" Inferno contemplated "Oh my gosh" He stood up, helping me to my feet. He then snatched me around my waist, and held me bridal style in his arms. I stretched my wings so that they would be more comfortable instead bent over his arms.

Inferno then sprinted upward, spreading his wings so that he could fly me through the palace.

"Do you mind me asking if you know where Emerald is currently positioned at?" Inferno questioned, while I looked up at him.

"Okay, first of all, why do Immortals always have to speak so formally, and second, she's in Shun's bedroom" I replied. He nodded thoughtfully, and then flew right through Shun's bedroom door. Emerald jolted upward with a dagger drawn at her side.

Inferno almost dropped me due to her reaction.

But soon, Emerald began to laugh, while Inferno held his hands up after setting me upon the ground.

"I'm so sorry," Emerald gasped "So sorry to startle you- oh my gosh, dear!"

"I know," I told her; flexing my newly found wings so that she could see them. Emerald then lowered her voice, and kept it that way.

"Inferno!" She whispered urgently "This means, that he really is the Revelation!" Inferno nodded, glancing toward the window.

"The clouds!" Emerald exclaimed, rushing toward the window. She swiped the silken white curtains away from the window, gasping at what she saw before her.

Dark clouds filled the sky, as a light snow drizzled on top of Millennia. The royal city was draped in a slim blanket of snow, while we saw Immortal children having the time of their lives while playing with the white substance.

"What's wrong with the clouds?" I questioned the Millennian Queen, who turned her now tear stained face toward me.

"Without the Revelation, there will be no being to keep balance in the universe," She answered softly "Shadow, is the Revelation" I looked over at Shun, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"I have so many questions," I told them "And I need them to be answered" Emerald nodded, sitting next to Shun, while taking his hand in hers.

"Inferno," She whispered softly "It is now time, for them to know the whole story"

Me: Hi everyone, so happy to be writing again, and here we are at the begining of the Sequel to The Shadow Ninja. Warning you, if you have not read the first story, to understand everything a lot better, I recommend that you read the stories in order. Promise you, it will make a lot more sense. See you guys later! ;)