So I was sitting in the doctor's office with my mom when I came up with the idea for this. Cabbie. One-shot.

Most people looked down on her, she was pregnant.

She was still in high school.

But, nothing could bring her down. Her mood grew even happier, if that's possible.

She was always smiling, for she was carrying a baby.

The baby was half of her and half of the love of her life.

She hasn't even seen it, but she's already in love with it.

Her lover is by her side, through it all.

For, he loves her and their child too.

She's finally showing a little and the baby moves.

She's so excited, she has a living baby growing inside of her.

They've been thinking of names since they found out.

Now, they know, they're having a baby girl.

He tells her it'll have her pretty brown eyes.

She tells him it'll have his gorgeous curl.

He tells her it'll have her button nose.

She says it'll have his cute lips.

They've never been happier.

They saw her for the first time, on the ultrasound.

Nothing can bring them down.

They finally have a name.

Annabelle Gracie Shapiro.

Now, she's six months and their little girl is always moving.

He loves the way her eyes lit up at everything the baby does.

Her mood swings are never bad, for she's always too excited.

Nothing can bring her down.

He watches her.

He loves her.

He loves their baby.

He hopes the baby will be just as excitable as her mother.

She's finally nine months.

Waiting for the baby's arrival.

The night finally comes.

After hours of labor, she's here.

She holds her baby for the first time.


She's never seen anything more beautiful.

He smiles down at his daughter.

She's perfect in his eyes.

She has brown eyes, just like her mother.

Curly black hair, like her father.

She's the perfect mix of both her parents.

They both love her to death.

Nothing can bring them down.

Except this.

He had to leave, he didn't want to though.

She told him it was fine.

They'd be alright.

Annabelle was only a week old.

Her father had to leave.

He did leave.

He kissed them both goodbye.

Said he loved them.

Promised to be back in the morning.

Her mother was exhausted.

She lied her daughter down to sleep.

But this time it was different.

Her eyes were clouded with sleep.

Her daughter was on her belly.

She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Her daughter was only a week old.

Nothing could bring her down.

Except this.

He came home.


He kissed his daughter's forehead.

Then fell asleep beside his lover.

Nothing could bring him down.

Except this.

He was awoken in the morning.

By a scream.

She went in to take her daughter.

Her daughter wasn't breathing.

Her skin was cold.

He ran in and saw her.

On the ground.


She held the baby tightly.

It was all her fault.

If she paid more attention.

If she was more watchful.

Her baby would still be here.

He blamed himself.

If he had been there.

Things would have gone differently.

His little girl would still be there.

It brought them down.

They never got back up.

While he was sleeping, she left.

Hung herself.

Left behind a note.

I love you.

On the back, it read.

Wait for me, Annabelle.

He was heartbroken.

The two things that meant the most to him.

They were gone.


With that, he jumped.

Into the ocean.

Off a cliff.

He left a note, beside his lover's.

I'm coming, girls.

Now they're a family again.

Together in the after life.

Nothing can bring them down.

Just a random one-shot that popped into my head. Thoughts?