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Vanity's Smurf Cream

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Seems you have lost some weight, Vanity." Tailor stated calmly while measuring the mirror holding Smurf.

"Oh, Yes. Is it that obvious?" Vanity asked curiously and he is feeling rather Smurfy his diet has shown some results.

"Yes it is to my tape measure." Tailor replied while measuring the length of Vanity's legs. "Same smurfy length."

"So without your tape measure you wouldn't be able to tell the difference?" Vanity asked him and continued to stare at himself in the mirror.

"Correct, Vanity." Tailor stated as he did the last few measurements. "All done."

"Tailor, You do all the measurement for everyone in the village. How do I compare to the other Smurfs measurements?" Vanity asked him and Tailor sighed heavily.

"Now, now, Vanity. I do not tell anysmurf what another smurf's measurements are for that wouldn't be too smurfy of me. Not to mention break the trust they hold in me. Would you want the other smurf's to know your measurements, Vanity?" Tailor asked while having his arms crossed.

"Well, no." Vanity replied while looking at Tailor. "I'm sorry for asking such a thing from you, Tailor."

"It's alright, Vanity." Tailor told him and patted him on the shoulder. "I'll be done with a new outfit for you in the morning."

"Oh, Tailor. What would I or the other Smurfs do without you?" Vanity asked while looking in the mirror.

"Be without decent clothing for one." Tailor replied causally and the mirror holding Smurf gasped.

"That would be simply dreadful, Tailor!" Vanity exclaimed as he grabbed Tailor's hands. "Oh, my Smurf. Your fingers feel rough."

"Of course, Vanity. I use my hands for sewing and after a period of time I lose feeling in them. I make all of the hats and outfits for every Smurf in the village."

"You could use some of my Smurf cream to help your hands, Tailor. It will make them feel softer."

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't think that would help."

"You never know unless you try it."

"Fine, Vanity. I will try some of it, but I really don't care whether my hands are soft or rough."

"Well, You really should care about your hands since you use them a lot."

"I do care, but I don't care if they are soft or rough or whatever Smurf as long as I can sew with them." Tailor commented flatly.

"I'll be right back with some of my Smurfy cream and you shall see the wonders it can do to your hands." Vanity said cheerfully and he walked out the door. Tailor started to work on making Vanity a new hat.

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