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Vanity's Smurf Cream
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Here you go, Vanity." Tailor stated calmly while handing him the hat and outfit.

"Thank you." Vanity said cheerfully then he felt Tailor's hands. "Oh, my smurf. They went back to being rough."

"Because I went back to work." Tailor said flatly and rolled his eyes. "It's no big deal, Vanity."

"Hmm..You could put my smurfy hand cream on before going to bed, but make sure to use some flower water and sing the hands song." Vanity commented to him. "It's getting late and almost time for bed."

"So you should smurf your way home, Vanity." Tailor informed the mirror handing Smurf.

"Oh, no..I simply can't without seeing you putting on my smurf cream and washing your with flower water while singing the hands song." Vanity said causally and Tailor groaned.

"Fine and then go on your smurfing way home." Tailor stated firmly. Vanity put the smurf cream on his hands and poured the flower water on them.

"Now sing the hands song."

"No way, Vanity."

"We can sing it together, Tailor."


"Oh, my hands are so precious to me. I love my beautiful and smurfy hands. Let my hands be nice, clean, and beautiful. I love my lovely hands and now my precious hands are clean." Vanity singed loud and proudly while Tailor sung it quietly along with rolling his eyes. Tailor dried his hands off. Afterwards Vanity felt Tailors hands and smiled brightly.

"My cream works wonders along with the flower water. Now your hands are nice and soft like a flower petal." Vanity commented proudly. "See you tomorrow, Tailor."

"Hey, Vanity!"

"Yes, Tailor?"

"You should tell Hefty and Handy about your smurfy smurf cream."

"Hmm, maybe."

"You should show and explain it to everysmurf in the village. It's so amazing."

"True, but I just want to keep the amazing smurfyiness of my smurf cream between the two of us."

"Why, Vanity? Why?" Tailor asked while staring at him and there goes his plan of Vanity being distraced by showing/explaining the smurf cream to everysmurf that he would be forgotten..

"Because it would be annoying to have more then one Smurf having smurfy soft hands like mine." Vanity commented calmly. "Sadly, I really must go for I do need my beauty sleep. You should go to bed soon too, Tailor."

'Of course the best way to keep Vanity distraced would be using a large mirror.' Tailor thought, he yawned, and decided that finding a large mirror will wait until morning.

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