Here, have a crack-y prompted drabble that my (extremely strange) mind came up with. More prompted drabbles to come soon-ish! :D


"she – she's pregnant?" Light's eyes were wide with horror and disbelief.

"Yes, Light-kun" L spoke in monotone, but the corner of his mouth was twitching slightly into a smirk at Light's predicament. "I believe that's what she said"

"Bu-but she can't, I-" Light was rendered almost speechless with shock.

"Really, Light-kun, I'm sure I don't have to explain how babies are made" L was smirking openly now, the beginnings of a laugh entering his voice.

"No – I… No, I know." Light spluttered.

"The sperm from the man fertilizes-"

"Ryuuzaki! I know!"

"Well, since you have come to terms with Misa-san's pregnancy, I suggest you go and congratulate her," L's voice shook with laughter, "and, I assume it's your child, so perhaps you should propose also."

"B-but we haven't…" Light trailed off, his face obtaining a delicate pinkish hue.

"You haven't what, Light-kun?"

"we-we… well… we haven't…" forget pink, Light's face was now positively beetroot in colour. "We never really…"

"Please elaborate."

"W-we haven't been together that long, and well…"

L's already large eyes widened with the sudden dawning of realisation.

"You mean to say that Misa-san and Light-kun have not yet partaken in… intercourse?"

Ryuk, who had known this all along, cackled in the corner while Light nodded his head e~ver so slightly.

"I d-don't understand."

L fell backwards off his seat, tears forming in his eyes as he attempted to hold back his laughter.

He picked himself up off the floor, stifling residual giggles.

"You can only hope that she's looking for attention."