Casting an aloof glare over the alert-and giving even more of a damn when she noted another forty-something-year-old-wannabe-schoolgirl-ravisher come crawling to the internet (specifically GoGo's Webcast) due to the fact that train groping didn't work for them-or they had too much pride for a prostitute.

GoGo was a train groper herself. Along the archaic subway journey to her upscale Tokyo highschool, depending on her mood she would poke, pinch, grab or—on a friskier day bite the behind of an unsuspecting school girl (admitting slight enjoyment of this), with the purpose of shoving the blame onto any old man standing nearby, sharing with the girl a sincere, shocked and most appalled expression! Perhaps if the Police were to realize it was GoGo increasing the rates of perverts being thrown in the slammer—they would think her a hero!

Yes, GoGo Yubari rode the subway to school. At the will of her Mistress. Like she couldn't afford-or drive!-any of the various cars she either owned or part owned. Allegedly;

"You will have a better chance of survival when you're not with me if you stay in public. Driving alone might get you into trouble with a few of our acquaintances…hmm? You can take care of yourself? Haha! Well of course GoGo! But we can't have you late for school! Much less have to hand over a blood stained uniform to our poor cleaners!" Words of O-Ren Ishii

GoGo initially didn't consider herself a potential recipient of such affections. But soon remembered that despite her polished, skilled hands which could have victims of four or five at her mercy—she still looked like a cute schoolgirl with blowjob lips, and a ( insane but ) easily seductive glare.

But she was instructed to remain impartial and not to gain attention, for it could reflect badly on her mistress, or give unwanted individuals a heads up as to where they were based. Therefore GoGo could not brutalize as she pleased, so then thought "If you can't beat 'em-Get some kawaii ass before school!"

Her imagination had wondered and before she knew it the swarm of furiously masterbating granddads were beginning to die down. Gogo turned to her webcam-her face mostly blazẻ, but with a hint of seductive pleasure as she manoeuvred one leg, her skirt spreading like a paper fan further up her thighs. Her legs were now either side of the camera, face tilted to one side and wearing a hurt expression, piggy tails flailed over her crisp white school shirt.

"Minna-san…..Doko desu ka?"

Bingo! Two hundred and four viewers turned into three thousand and something. GoGo smiled in genuine amusement and returned to her computer, where she was happily watching Gantz, the anime series. Honestly thought GoGo all I have to do is turn on a camera and I can tease this much dick? I bet none of them even have the strength to come.


Sharply returning from her thoughts. GoGo stood attention-but only by glancing round at Ishii-San. She bowed slightly to greet her. GoGo had a feeling that her paradise-her fushcia pink bedroom surrounded by various evidence of a teenage lifestyle-from redbull cans to boyband posters- was about to be abandoned.

"I have a chore for you."