Little Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole,
Bumped her head and bruised her soul.
All the little cupcakes, all the steaming tea,
Whole Unbirthday party will not set her free.

Someone flipped the tables, someone broke the glass,
Someone torn the Hatter, all that's good must pass.
Alice mourns in silence, clenching dead man's hat,
Can't even imagine fate of Cheshire Cat…

Night is falling slowly , little girl is weeping.
Better run, my child, not everyone's sleeping.
In Dollhouse can be heard howling of the beast,
All your friends became Jabberwocky's feast!

So she runs, poor thing, sanity in parts,
Until she bumps, breathless, into Queen of Hearts.
"You there! Paint the roses, they all must be red.
Better hurry, dear, or else off with your head!"

Alice smells the flower she used to adore,
When she realizes – "Rose is red with gore!"
Cruel Queen is laughing – that became a habit -
"Why you silly creature had followed the Rabbit?"

Alice screams in madness, lost is all that mattered.
"Please, let me escape, my Wonderland's shattered!"
Poor thing can't run away, unless she lies dead,
Because Madness is a place inside her head!

So she yells in fury, Vorpal Blade in hand –
As was said before, all the good things – end.
Clocks are ticking bluntly, eyes won't see the sun,
Oh my dearest Alice, say, what have you done?