lesson 0: aquiring the teacher

( she didn't expect the school delinquent was willing to help)

Author's Note: Well, we all have at least one high school AU rolling in our heads. This is just one of a series I may never upload. Also, this may be continued into a, another oneshot, or b, I'll stop being lazy and write it into a multi-chapter story.

Elizabeth wasn't born in a high-class family; in fact, she was born in a family that she can't remember and she's been living on the streets since. (Well, until she came here, but that's not what's important.) Liz was used to hiding in alleyways, never truly asleep when night fell, protecting her sister in a half-sleep. There was one particular house that Liz could never forget; there was a masterful pianist, and she (she thinks it was a girl because the music was so graceful) played every night, a beautiful lullaby.

Liz loved it, and she's looked up to those classy pianists every since.

Enrolling into Shibusen was difficult without any records, and even more so with a mentally unstable sister, but she'd somehow managed to get a twin dormitory with her and was on some sort of schlolarship or government funding or something, and the person who lived right across her window, in reaching distance, was the principal's son.

He was classy.

He had a piano.

Liz just assumed, and they had become friends, when Kid (what kind of name is that?) sheepishly admitted that he dislikes the lack of symmetry of the piano keys and always keeps it closed and, to quote "I've never played it much, anyway; people see me as the outstanding principal's son and assumes I can formally dance and play the piano and do all that, so I never learnt, just to spite them. To spite who, I'm not quite sure though," with a shaky laugh. She would never tell him, but she was rather disappointed.

She's not quite sure when it happened or what had happened, but suddenly, a girl named Tsubaki started chatting with her during lunch with Kid and Patti, and then a middle school student called Black Star (no, really, what?) started tagging along, and with him, came his two friends Soul (why does every guy have such a weird name?) and Maka showed up. Somehow, they had all clicked, and they were unseparable.

Soul was a delinquent – no doubt, with his jagged teeth and bleached hair and his bloodshot (red? He said it wasn't a contact lens, and his hair wasn't dyed, but she can't believe that) eyes and his overall attitude, lazy, slouched back and good with knives, the way he drawled his sentences. She didn't expect anything from him, and she thinks he liked that.

So really, when they were sitting and having lunch, Liz doesn't think much of her next statement.

"You know, I've always wanted to learn how to play piano. Those who can seem so classy."

For a split second, she thinks that maybe Kid looks disappointed, but Soul perks up, just by a tiny bit, and she doesn't understand why.

"Really?" he responds with a chuckle. "I used to tutor kids all the time and they only saw me as an annoyance."

Liz freezes at that, and then, "You can play the piano?"

Maka swallows a piece of egg she was chewing. "It's not a matter of if he can or not; he's amazing. You should listen to him at the music room – he's there every day."

"Every day is a bit of an exaggeration." Soul tilts his head, but he has a slight grin.

"You can play the piano," Liz repeats as a statement. "Was – not – expecting – that," she deadpans.

"You want to learn?" Soul says with a grin, jokingly.

And Liz's eyes lights up, even though she knows it's just a joke. "Can I?"

Soul can't really deny those bright, hopeful eyes of hers.

"Sure, just drop by the music room after school. I'll be there... most of the time."

Maka elbows him. "You mean, always? You're glued to the room – admit it!"

The group shares a laugh and Liz is overjoyed.