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Chapter Seven:

High in Ravenclaw Tower in the fourth year girl's dorm room, on a large four poster bed sat three young witches sitting in a triangle facing each other with their legs crossed in front of them. One of the witches was an Indian beauty with long silky black hair that flowed down her back just passed her waist. Her caramel colored skin was flawless and exotic looking; she had the deepest brown eyes that Hogwarts had ever seen. The only sign of imperfection was the dark circles and puffiness around her eyes caused by several days of crying and sleepless nights.

To her left sat one of her closest friends at least she had been. The witch in question was a redheaded vixen whose fiery locks spiraled down her back in soft ringlets where they ended just below her shoulder blades; she had almost neon blue colored eyes and a fair complexion with a small spattering of freckles around her nose and cheeks which only seemed to enhance her beauty. Though still a few months from her fifteenth birthday she already had a figure that most eighteen year olds would kill for.

The third witch, the youngest of the trio and the most flirtatious of the bunch but only with a specific dark haired boy, was also a beauty although a bit unconventional. She had waist length wavy dirty blonde hair that was a bit on the wild side. She wore flowers, Shamrocks and ribbons weaved into her locks and would often use her wand to keep her hair up. Around her neck she wore a butterbeer cork necklace and wore at least a dozen bracelets on each wrist "protection charms" she insisted. She had pale almost translucent skin and large silvery eyes with a hint of indigo. She was very petite at only 4'8", where her friends Padma and Susan towered over her at 5'2" and 5'6" respectively.

What had brought the three friends together was a meeting to clear the air and deal with all the dramatic issues and revelations of the past week. All these issues surrounded the boy they all had the deepest of affections for, their common friend; Harry Potter.

The girls had been sitting quietly for the last ten minutes. None of them quite knew where to start the conversation. Padma was sitting with a large stuffed Griffon in her lap her arms wrapped tightly around it and her chin resting of the head of the stuffed animal. Her eyes were emotion filled and threatened to release a damn of tears at any moment.

Susan was also unsure of what to say. She was leaning forward, her hair cascading into her lap, her legs crossed Indian style in front of her. Her hands were clasped together tightly and her thumbs seemed to be battling with each other nervously.

Luna However was leaning back with her arms stretched out behind her supporting her weight, she seemed to find interest in the drapes around Padma's bed, but had a look of serenity on her face and relaxed air about her as if nothing were the matter.

"Padma." Susan began softly. Padma did not meet her gaze but Luna suddemly sat up taking interest in what Susan was about to say. "I'm sorry…I don't know what to say. I was just as surprised as you were. I had no idea that auntie was planning this." Susan pleadingly stated to her longtime friend.

Padma's jaw tightened and seemed to growl in a low voice with barely any movement from her lips. "You can't tell me that you're not pleased with it though can you?" Since Padma and Susan had found out about the contract four days ago, Padma had been venomous toward Susan, feeling that she had been betrayed by her best friend.

Susan had been apologetic and had taken the frosty glares and veiled insults from her friend in stride. She loved Padma and understood that she was furious and Susan knew she would be as well if their roles were reversed. But Susan had had enough and wanted to resolve the issue before it poisoned their relationship beyond repair.

"You're right." Susan said firmly. "I am pleased with being contracted with Harry."

"I knew it! I knew you wanted him for yourself!" Padma hissed.

Susan got to her knees and balled up her fists and glared at Padma. "Padma!" Susan screamed. "It was either Harry or BLOODY Walden Macnair! He's fifty something years old and a former Death Eater! Who would you rather be with?! Auntie was being pressured into signing me away Padma!" Susan began to sob.

"How can you blame me for wanting to being married to someone I actually love than forced into a marriage where all I am is a means to get my family's fortune!" Susan shouted and then collapsed into a ball, sobbing.

"I'm s-sorry Padma…" Susan whispered through her tears. "…that I ruined things between you and Harry, but…please understand I would rather die than be property of a Death Eater."

Padma looked down at her trembling friend and so desperately wanted to remain angry at her. She knew that Susan hadn't planned it but it still hurt to know that the boy she loved was now to be married to someone else. It just wasn't fair she lamented.

Luna moved over to Susan and began to rub small comforting circles on Susan's back. She turned to look at Padma who had tears silently streaming down her own face. Reaching out she took Padma's hand with her free hand that was not comforting Susan.

"You know Padma just because Harry and Susan are betrothed doesn't mean that Harry is off the market?" Luna told her two friends like it was only obvious.

"Huh?" Padma and Susan inflected.

Luna rolled her eyes and looked at the two girls like they should know all this, but explained it to them anyway. "Susan, will you be taking the Potter name?" Luna asked the redhead who was wiping the stray tears from her face.

"Well, no. I'll be keeping the Bones name to keep the Bones line alive." Susan informed her.

"So you see, Susan will not be the Lady Potter." Luna said brightly to Padma. Padma still looked a bit confused. So Luna continued.

"Really Padma?" Luna said in exasperation. "If you wanted to continue to pursue Harry as a potential husband, the way is still open. In other words he will still need a Lady Potter to continue the Potter line and if you're interested, the spot is still available." Luna smirked as Padma's eyes widened.

"So…it's allowed in Britain to have more than one wife?" Padma asked hopefully.

"In certain circumstances yes, Harry is soon to be the Lord of two ancient and noble houses and there are provisos in Wizarding law that allows him to have a wife for each line. Also Susan is the last of the principle Bones Line, so she is allowed to marry into a house of equal stature but keep her family name so that an heir can be born and continue that line." Luna explained airily.

"Sooo…Harry can have two wives then?" Padma asked slowly.

"Three actually." Luna replied finding a loose string on her jumper distracting her for a moment.

"Three?" Both Susan and Padma asked incredulously.

"Uh huh." Luna replied. "Well, he has to continue the Potter line and so will need a Lady Potter, Susan will marry Harry but she will keep her own name and produce the Bones heir, her line being separate. Then there is the Black line, Harry will need to have a Lady Black and produce an heir for that line." Luna stated and then returned to picking at the loose strand on her jumper.

"The Black line? What does Harry have to do with the Black line?" Padma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Harry is to become the Earl of Blackmore. Sirius is passing on his title and the head of house to Harry." Luna said not looking up from her jumper, the loose thread now several inches long.

"When did this happen?" Susan asked, but the blonde was now totally focused on trying to pull out the loose thread that kept getting longer and longer.

"Oh for goodness sake Luna!" Susan sighed in exasperation. The redhead took out her wand and with a low level severing charm snipped the runaway thread.

"Oh, thank you Susan!" Luna exclaimed and gathered up a small pile of thread and was shoving it in her school bag.

"You were saying…" Susan prompted.

"Oh! Well you see, Sirius is unable to have children, so he named Harry his successor." Luna replied as a matter of fact.

"When did you here this?" Padma asked the quirky blonde.

"Neville mentioned to me at lunch today while you two were ignoring each other." Luna said in her nonchalant voice. Padma and Susan winced at Luna's words, they had been ignoring each other and they realized that they needed to make amends with each other.

"Padma, I would never keep Harry away from you, or Luna." Susan said quietly looking sincerely at her two friends. "I know we all Love him and I also know that he loves all of us."

"So why don't we share? It's what we have always done with Harry anyway." Luna stated, poking her finer through the new hole in her jumper.

"She's right you know." Susan added. "We have all needed him at different times and he has always been there for each of us. He is our best friend, our confidant, our shoulder in need, and a warm pillow to." Susan smiled as she looked purposefully at Luna who grinned reminiscently.

"Luna…" Padma spoke getting the blondes attention. "Susan and I both want a relationship with Harry, but what about you? You haven't really said one way or another. The usual quirky girl sobered and looked longingly at the two other girls.

"I've been in love with Harry since my first year, I began to fall for him when he stopped Weasley and Finnegan from bullying me." She explained. "My visions of Harry have always been somewhat clouded, I think some of it is because of the strong emotions I feel for him. I fear what I will see in regards to him…well, rather I fear seeing his future without me in it, so I somehow subconsciously cloud anything around him dealing with the future. But as you know the future is always in motion and nothing is set in stone.

I have…felt though, that he would have several women in his life that are important to him, and that there are at least three that he sees as more than just friends." Luna sighed heavily. I feel confident that you two at least are two of those. But I hope that…"

"That you are the third." Padma gently spoke, squeezing Luna's hand. Luna nodded as a single tear slipped out of her eye and gently fell down her cheek.

"I'm no clairvoyant." Susan said. "But I'm positive that you are the third Luna." Padma nodded her agreement.

Luna gave a watery smile. "I truly hope I am."

"Well, lover boy will be able to have three wives, and I say we make sure that he knows that those vacancies are taken." Susan stated with a smirk.

"I guess the first thing I need to do is sit down with Harry and apologize and let him know that I'm o-okay with yours and his betrothal. And let him know I still want to be with him as well." Padma told her two friends.

"We should all let him know that we wish to be his girlfriends." Luna added with a half grin.

"Well now that we've all decided to share in the pursuit of our messy haired love interest, we should probably discuss ground rules." Susan grinned. The three girls smiled and hugged each other and sat down to discuss how they would approach Harry with the idea of dating all three.


In the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor's office; Barty Crouch Jr., polyjuiced to look like the old auror Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody sat in troubled thought. The events of the last week had him perplexed in what action he should take. The revelation of there being another Potter was troubling. The Dark Lord had not mentioned that there was a twin; neither had that sniveling rat Pettigrew. But was it really relevant?

The Dark Lord had given him specific instructions that centered on only the boy. The BOY was the key to his master's plan of rebirth. The girl was unimportant at least he hoped. He had been told by the Dark Lord to remain in communications silence. He did not want to risk of someone learning of the plot to kidnap Harry Potter or of the imminent return of the greatest dark Lord since Grindelwald.

Nevertheless he would keep an eye on the girl as well, it was never unwise to have as much intelligence on the enemy as one could get. And the girl could be useful as a backup plan should things not go according to his master's plan. Potter blood was Potter blood after all, and if the boy could not be taken, the girl shouldn't be too difficult to manage. With Moody being her godfather he could possibly use that to his advantage and build a relationship of trust with the girl and then use her as bait for the so called Boy-Who-Lived if worse came to worse.

As if Moody could hear his thoughts, the trunk he was imprisoned in began to shake and a muffled yell was barely audible coming from the depths of the trunk. Crouch smirked at the fruitless attempts of the grizzled auror to gain some sort of attention.

Barty popped open the lid to reveal one of the many hidden compartments of the trunk. "Now, now Moody, you're going to put yourself in an early grave with all that caterwauling and thrashing about. It's not good on your old withered heart." Crouch Jr. chuckled mirthlessly.

"I'm gonna rip off your bloody head and use it as a fuckin' bludger when I get out of here Crouch!" Moody rasped, his throat raw from the screams of agony From Crouch's daily use of the cruciatus curse on him.

"Tsk tsk Moody is that any way to speak to the person who feeds you. And what would your dear goddaughter say about such vulgarities." Crouch spoke silkily. "She is quite the looker for a halfblood, I must admit. Do you think she'd enjoy a little Special one on one time with her godfather?" Crouch smirked lasciviously.

"Lay a finger on my goddaughter and there will be no place you'll be able to hide from me Crouch!" A sudden burst of wandless magic flew from Moody's outstretched hand, and by the looks of the red color Crouch was sure the old coot had managed a wandless stunner. But it was seriously under powered and fizzled out by the time it reached Crouch to where it felt like a mild bee sting.

"I see that you have a little too much fire in you today Moody. I suppose I should remedy that." Crouch sneered at the helpless auror.

The spy took out his wand and with hate filling his heart pointed it at the old auror and then cast. "Crucio!"


"So how long did Madam Pomfrey say we would have to stay here?" Hermione asked the dark haired boy who was sitting on her hospital bed cross-legged, about a foot in front of her, her own legs crossed.

"Another three days is what she is saying. She thinks by then what ever is happening to our magic will settle down and "normalize."" Harry said with air quotations. "She was pretty cryptic."

"It's strange isn't it?" Hermione replied.

"You have to define what it is Hermione." Harry chuckled. "A lot of strange things have happened this week; I could not possibly narrow it down to one thing." Harry smirked congenially at his twin.

"Prat!" Hermione chuckled giving his shoulder a swat. "I mean us…being twins. Just, the unusual circumstances that brought us together, I mean if I hadn't agreed to come with the rest of the Beauxbaton students, we may have never met." Hermione began.

"Not to mention that if…Malfoy is it?" Hermione asked and received a nod from Harry. "If Malfoy and his friends hadn't started that mess in Hogsmeade causing whatever spells on my bracelet to begin to fail, I still may have never known."

"Well, to be honest I began to suspect that somehow we were connected before then, but I didn't have any proof, just a gut feeling really. Your charm bracelet began my mind to question, but it was your eyes that first had me really considering it." Harry said.

"My eyes?" Hermione asked in confusion.

"Yeah, let me show you." Harry reached into his book bag and pulled out the photo album that Hagrid had given him in his first year. He opened to the very first page where a young James and Lily Potter were twirling in each other's arms with broad smiles on their faces.

"These are our parents." Harry said, and turned the photo album around and placed it in Hermione's lap. Hermione stared down at the photo and as if remembering a lost happy memory smiled tearfully at the dancing couple.

"You look like our mum." Harry said softly, looking at Hermione who looked up and smiled warmly at him.

"She's much prettier than I am." Hermione demurred.

"No, you could be her twin. Besides I know someone who is quite smitten with you and would disagree with you as well." Harry said mischievously. Hermione blushed knowing who he was speaking of.

"He's very sweet." Hermione whispered with a blush. Harry just grinned at his sister.

"Anyway, I was telling you that it was your eyes that gave me my first inkling that we were related. Look at dads eyes." Harry told her.

As if the picture understood him, the image of James Potter had turned to look at Hermione with his warm cinnamon brown eyes staring lovingly back into her own. Harry produced a small mirror and handed it to Hermione.

"You have dad's eyes, the same exact color and shape. I've never seen brown eyes of this color on anyone else I've ever met." Harry explained.

Hermione looked carefully at James' eyes and then looked in the mirror and gazed at her own. There was no denying that they were remarkably similar.

"Wow." Hermione whispered.

"Yeah." Harry replied.

"Hermione." Harry began. "This may be an odd question, but…have you experienced any emotions…I mean of course you've experienced emotions, what I mean is emotions that you couldn't place, emotions that weren't…yours?" Harry asked carefully.

Hermione looked carefully around and then back to Harry. "Yeah, I thought I was going mad." Hermione whispered. "Do you know something about it?"

"Well, I've been experiencing them to, I think I'm able to feel your emotions and if I'm right you are experiencing mine as well." Harry said quietly not wanting their conversation to be overheard.

"That makes sense because…I hope this doesn't embarrass you or make you mad. I didn't know what to think of it or why I was seeing it, but somehow…I saw your childhood memories." Hermione informed him.

"When Dumbledore and Sirius came in to see me, Dumbledore started to incant something. All of a sudden my magic went haywire and I felt like electricity was flowing through me, and then…it was as if some started a movie, and…and I saw your life begin to play in front of me. And suddenly I knew who you were what we were. And sense then I've been getting random feelings that I know aren't mine." She said.

"That's kind of what happened to me, but I started feeling them after you were attacked in Hogsmeade." Harry replied.

"So is this some kind of twin bond or something? Do you think its permanent or will it go away?" Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know, but I'd like to keep it just between us if you don't mind, at least for now."

"Sure I guess so; I haven't said anything to Madam Pomfrey or anyone else. But I would like to know more about it." Hermione told him.

"Well I know two sets of magical twins, and one is my best friend; Padma. I can ask her about it, and I know she'll keep our secret. That is if she even still wants to talk to me." Harry said morosely.

"I've been meaning to ask you about that. You can't be seriously thinking about marry three girls are you?" Hermione asked askance.

"I don't have much of a choice Hermione. If I want our House to continue and the Blacks, I have to have a wife for each. And there is no way I won't help Susan and Amelia out, you heard what could happen to her." Harry defended himself and his decision.

"It just seems barbaric Harry. Not to mention immoral." Hermione said a little hotly.

"The wizarding world has different values Hermione; it's a different culture with different customs. In every way this society is a world apart from the muggle world you grew up in. And though we may not like it, to survive we must adapt. And like it or not this is the legacy of our family. I'm not the first in the Potter line to have had multiple wives. We are duty bound to our allies and to those houses we our protectors over. And I will not break the vows and promises our forefathers have made." Harry said authoritatively.

"Sirius has bestowed upon me a great honor, and not to mention a lot of political power. As Lord Potter and Lord Black I have a chance to affect real change within our world. With the added seats of House Bones, at least until a new Lord Bones is old enough to take up the mantle; we have a huge voting bloc when you include those families who owe allegiance to these three houses." Harry explained to her.

"Hermione, the British wizarding world stands on the precipice of imploding. Factions are already beginning to make themselves known and are consolidating likeminded families to their cause. The blood purist want at best to subjugate the "lesser" witches and wizards, deny them rights and privileges' that every magical deserves. At the worst they want to exterminate us completely, they see us as a cancer that needs to be removed so their own vision of a Pureblood society can be obtained.

I will not shirk our family's responsibilities to our world. And if that means continuing three powerful family lines to keep the balance from tipping to the other side, then that is what I will do." Harry finished commandingly.

Hermione stared in awe at Harry; she realized that she just had her first glimpse at the Lord Potter her brother soon would become. He was passionate and honorable with a clear understanding of his duty. It was a credit to him in her mind that it was not of himself or his wants that were first in his mind but that of others and of family honor that moved him. She would keep her own views in check for now until she had a better understanding of the world and House she now found herself a part of.


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