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time: the day after the day before yesterday turned into tomorrow night.

place: England rating: pg -ish. synopsis: ::snerk::

Col. Straker enjoys being a vampire g

Commander's Off Day

Alec walked through the door. He felt cold, hard hands grab him from behind. His last thoughts were that Ed had finally figured out how to pay SHADO back for draining the life out of him for all those years.

Harmony sighed as Alec's body dropped to the floor. "Great. Now what?"

"I turn them all," Ed told her with a pleased smile.

"All - All!" she squeaked and shrieked at the same time. "You can't! Think of the innocent people who work at the studio! Think of - of -" She quailed before his intense blue gaze, and melted into his arms. She made some meeping noises as he kissed her, and then gave up. If anyone was going to bring him back to his senses, it wasn't her.

Alec awoke feeling ravenously hungry and confused.

"Here!" Harmony shoved a warm bag of blood into his hands.

He tore the top off and guzzled the contents. "Mmm. A positive. Any more -" Which was about the time his eyes went wide in shock. He glared at Harmony who eeped and ran for cover.

"It's not my fault. I didn't tell him to do it. I couldn't stop him. You've got to help. We've got to stop him." She sounded frantic.

"Stop him from what?" Although he had a feeling he knew the answer to that one.

"Turning all of the rest of them into vampires. It'll overload the local community. We will be in soooooooo much trouble. There will be no controlling everyone. I mean, Sunnydale, you expect this kind of thing. But not here!" Harmony's deep blue eyes were wide in panic.

Alec sighed. He could feel the strangeness of what he was. He wanted a drink. He frowned. Maybe he wanted a drunk? His lips quivered as he tried not to laugh over the really bad joke he'd just made.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know," she almost wailed. "He told me to stay here and take care of you. He – he really - cares about you."

"Yeah." Enough to turn his best friend into a vampire. Actually, that wasn't entirely fair given the turmoil Ed's mind must be in. Great. He felt in his pockets and found his cell phone. He dialed Ed's number without thinking.

"Straker." Alec shivered. There was an undercurrent to the man's voice.

"It's Alec. Where are you?"


"Ed –" Alec's voice took on that tone Straker knew so well.

"I'm fine, Alec. Never better. I was just considering who else to add to the fold, so to speak."

"Besides me?" Was that a hint of bitterness in his voice?

"You. Ford. Ayshea Johnson, now there was a tasty little bit.-"

That was so unlike Ed it struck a false note. "Edward Straker!" Alec called his superior to order . He could sense the troubled frown.

"No?" Ed sounded a bit uncertain now.

"No," Alec confirmed.

Sigh. "You want me to come back?"

"Please? We need to talk."

Another sigh. "We can take the fight to the enemy, Alec. We can terrorize them as they've terrorized our world."

"Ed, explosions and fire are not good for us," Harmony cut in. She'd been listening from the other side of the phone. Vampiric hearing is good for that sort of thing.

Silence. A really deep regretful sigh. "You're right. We need to talk." Silence. "Alec?"

"Yes, Ed?"

"I'm sorry. I should have asked."

Alec sighed in his own right. "Yeah, you should have. But it wasn't completely unexpected. Hurry back."

"I am."

"Uhm, Ed?"



"Yes." Ed sounded a little ashamed of that.

"And Lt. Johnson?" Alec had visions of the young woman locked forever into … and shook his head to clear it. He heard a slight laugh.

"No. I didn't find her yet."

"Anyone else?" He asked with a little trepidation. There was a very long pause. "Ed?"


Alec made an explosive sound. The line went dead. His eyes met Harmony's. Dr. Doug Jackson as a vampire. Oh - My - Gawd!