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Chapter 1

House limped painfully into the conference room, inhaling the smell of the fresh pot of coffee brewing in the corner. Dropping the file onto the table, he held out his left hand. As usual, his red mug, filled to the brim with coffee, slid into his hand. He took a sip, savoring the taste. Why couldn't anyone but Cameron get coffee to taste that good?

He threw back a Vicodin as his ducklings passed the file around, reading and noting the various symptoms listed inside. Popping the cap off a marker, he turned to face his subordinates.

"28 year old male, presented to the ER with aphasia and seizures." Foreman read from the file.

"Any history of epilepsy?" Cameron asked, sitting down at the table.

"No. His medical history is cleaner than mine." Chase noted, impressed.

"Considering you're British, that doesn't mean much." House interrupted rudely.

Chase opened his mouth to argue that he was Australian, not British, and then closed it when he saw the smirk on House's face.

"You, go give him an MRI to check for lesions." He pointed his marker at Chase. "And you two go check the house for toxins." He gestured at the other two. "I'll be in my office, hiding from Cuddy if anyone needs me."

A sharp knock on the door interrupted the episode of General Hospital House was currently immersed in. Looking up, he rolled his eyes at the sight of Cuddy, who gestured for him to open the door. He ignored her, but wasn't surprised when she just let herself in.

"To what do I owe this pleasure, Cuddles? Come to give me a lap dance? I thought I told you that I just don't think of you that way." He paused his episode.

Cuddy ignored his rude comments. House noted that she looked sick and uncomfortable.

"Aw, don't be sad. I'm sure you'll find plenty of other men who'll enjoy your tits." He turned back to his episode, but Cuddy held the remote out of his reach.

"There's a gunshot victim coming in through ambulance." She announced, squeezing the back of a chair.

"Good for them." House grumbled. "Now go tell someone who cares." He made a reach for the remote, but Cuddy held it up higher.

"House. It's Cameron."

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