Is it bad that after watching 'To The Moon' playthroughs, I wanna make a fan fiction? WELL I DON'T CARE. I'm gonna anyways. This goes with the side story with Neils... addiction. If you haven't seen/heard of it, don't read this, as it has spoilers. Go to the links in the description/at the bottom of the page/at the side (depends on where you're reading this) and watch those two people play it first. (Pewdie hasn't finished it yet) So yes, enjoy.

Dr. Rosalene's POV

I was searching through the car for the container, as something clanked against me leg, and fell to the ground. Curiously, I bent down and picked up what was a big bottle of pills. Painkillers. I turned it in my hand to find a label, and the name almost caused me to drop the bottle.
'Neil Watts' I stared at the bottle. Neil hadn't needed these for a long time. There was a lot in the bottle, but it was still almost empty. Neil never need this many, he only needed to take one a day for a week. I put them in my pocket to question him later on it, and grabbed the container, pulling on the gloves. I crouched next to the dead squirrel, and quickly did as I was told, putting a piece in the container, then ripping off the gloves in distaste.
"Poor thing.' I murmur to myself, and begin the walk up to the house again. Neil ran past me to the car, seeming in a hurry for something.
"Neil." I called to him, running up the stairs to meet him.
"What is it Eva? I'm in a hurry to grab something from the-" He winced slightly before continuing.
"Car." I slowly pulled the bottle of pills out of my pocket.
"You mean these, Neil?" I asked softly, gazing at him, his panicked eyes glazing over.
"Eva, where did you find those?" He asked urgently.
"In the car, in the back seat. With your name on them, . Is there something you need to tell me?" I responded, pulling the pills back as he reached out to take them from me.
"Eva, give me the pills." He said, glancing up at him, sweat dripping off his brow.
"Neil, I can't. I think you have a problem." I responded, putting the pills back in my pocket as he attempted to take them from me.
"Eva." He warned gently, getting more distressed each minute.
"No. Neil, I... I think you're addicted." I managed to spit out. Though he could be a smart ass sometimes, he was my partner, my best friend. The only person who would understand.
"Impossible." He said, lying. I shook my head.
"Don't lie to me, Neil. These are too big to be prescription." I said, then sighed. I couldn't let him continue to do this.
"Eva, I'm... We don't have time for this, Johny boy could go at anytime, just give me the pills and I will put them back in the car. Promise." Neil said, and I nodded.
"Fine, just... Don't take any, please." I asked, and he nodded, taking the pills from me, and running back towards the road. I looked after him, and sighed. He had needed to take those pills after a difficult mission, one that really hit home and brought unwanted memories and pains to him. I continued towards the house, and up to Johny's room, holding the container far in front of me, not wanting to smell the stench.
"Ugh." I mumbled to myself, handing it to the Doctor.

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Cryotic Monki's playthrough (or 'Cry' as people know him by): watch?v=LzKf_E1qoNQ
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