Well, I decided to make another. So, this is it. Hope you like it!
3rd person POV
The two had finished the ordeal, and were currently sitting in the break room, downing coffees and sharing thoughts.
"Not our client, huh?" Neil said sarcastically, smirking as he sipped a black coffee. Eva sighed, glaring at him jokily.
"Whatever Neil. We still need to go over another part of the mission." Eva said, staring at him blankly, but he was confused.
"We already sent in the case report! What else is there to talk about?" He asked, tipping his head to the side slightly.
"Oh, a certain someone has been keeping secrets." She hinted, and Neil looked down at the ground.
"Eva, don't." He warned, looking back up at her.
"I'm trying to stop." He explained and Eva chuckled.
"Sure you are. And that's why there is a small packet in your pocket… Heh, packet pocket." She said, motioning to a small bump in the pocket of his jeans. He scowled at her, and took the pills out of his pocket, and showed them to her. They weren't as little as before, but she still took them from his hand, to his dismay.
"Give them back, I need those." He said, and stole them back quickly, shoving them into his pocket again.
"I promise, it's not as bad." He held out his pinkie finger in a childish gesture.
"Neil… Let me help you." Eva offered, and Neil shot her a look.
"Eva, let me help you, by telling you not to bother." He said, and smirked, leaning back in his chair, putting the coffee down next to him.
"Neil." Eva warned, and he sighed.
"Fine, what do you want me to do." He said, giving in. He knew she had the power to shove him into a partnership with… Neil shuddered, he couldn't even think of his name. But he hated him, that's one thing he was sure of.
"I want you to see a doctor, and get yourself off these pills." She said, and sipped her coffee. She was very tired, after going to two jobs in one night, with only a couple hours of sleep on a hard and cold bench, plus Johny's wish had taken away a lot from her, as they had gotten close to failing the mission, which would make sure they weren't payed for the hard work they had done. She felt for Johny, his wife, wanting something from him, and he couldn't figure it out in the many years they had been together.
"Eva…" Neil started, and she looked up at him.
"It's not that easy." He said, swallowing nervously.
"Especially after this long." He said, then looked back at the ground.
"It's hard, seeing young children, or teenagers enjoying their life, not knowing their fate, then coming out of the machine and seeing them on their death bed. It… It's horrible, especially if it's a horrible accident that happened to cause his or her death." He explained, trying to justify his reasons. Eva shook her head slowly, and reached out, putting a hand on his knee.
"And we're going to make you better, I promise." She said, smiling gently at him, his worried face turning into a frown.
"It's. Not. That. Easy, Eva, can't you get that?"

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