Dear Fanfiction Writers:

Yes, I get grumpy if I don't get my morning coffee. Yes, I beat the Borg with it, and I use it to help me get through the stressful days that are all too frequent in the Delta Quadrant. Yes, it is my favorite beverage. Yes, I eat Neelix's food so that I can use all my replicator rations for it. (because otherwise, all I'll have is Neelix's "better than coffee", and don't get me started on how that could never compare to the heavenly substance that is real coffee.)

But no, I am not addicted to coffee. Please stop saying I am, implying that I am, or jokingly pairing "Janeway/Coffee". Really? At least it's a joke, unlike some other crazy pairings. But really, I'm not.

Sincerely, Captain Kathryn Janeway

A/N Inspired by a review by Lliaaame who said something about Janeway/Replicator.