Dear Fanfiction Writers:

I hate time travel. It gives me headaches, not to mention tampering with the Temporal Prime Directive. Captain Braxton could also use it as another excuse to try to destroy Voyager. Furthermore, unexpected occurances tend to be dangerous in the Delta Quadrant.

Which means that if a teenage girl from the 21st century appears on my bridge, I will not automatically trust her. At first, I will suspect her of being an alien impostor taking a relatively innocent form to trick us. Then, once she is checked by the Doctor, I will still not trust her, because she claims to have time traveled. I will be worried that there is a temporal anomaly or some unknown force messing with the timestream. The safety of my ship would come first.

I would not trust her until she had proven her trustworthiness. Predicting what will happen to us will not make me trust her. Neither will saving the ship with some skill that my engineering staff have. Both of those would simply make me feel that she knew far too much about our ship and our lives. Even if she used that knowledge to help us, I couldn't know whether she would next use that knowledge against us. Saving a crew member's life when there was nothing to gain by it would convince me, I think. A mind meld with Tuvok where he probed her intentions and said they not hostile would also convince me. I am not easily swayed.

Especially if her explanation for time travel is Q. It seems unlikely that he would be interested in an ordinary teenage fan if there wasn't something about her that would mess up our lives.

So please, don't send a time traveler to my ship, since I don't like or trust time travelers.

(Most of them are Sues anyway, and I've just found out I don't like those either.)

Sincerely, Captain Kathryn Janeway

A/N 21st century girl falls into [insert name of fandom here] has got to be one of the most unrealistic Sue types out there. Go Janeway!

Still need ideas.