"Abu Dhabi?"

"Kurt, you're not even trying," Blaine grinned. "We both agreed that we wanted to go someplace that we could drive to."

Kurt smiled and reached across the center console to grab his husband's hand. "Fine. Detroit?"

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Give me slightly more credit. I am capable of choosing a place more romantic than the motor city."

"Well, we are headed toward Michigan."

"Oh, ding!"

"Was that a sign that I'm on the right track?"

"Yes, my love." Blaine picked up their entwined fingers and brushed a kiss against his husband's soft hand.

"Hmmm, romantic places in Michigan... romantic places in Michigan... um, honey? I don't know if any romantic places exist in the mitten."

"Oh, trust me, sweetie. This place is romantic." Blaine smiled to himself.

Kurt twitched his lips to the side, trying to think.

"Oh! A wolverine farm?!"

Blaine looked at him like he was crazy.

"You know, the wolverine state... Michigan Wolverines... lord, don't tell me I know more about football than you do? That's just sad. I fear that we will fail Elliott as fathers." Kurt shook his head with a sigh. Blaine laughed then.

"I got the reference. I just couldn't believe that was your guess. No, Kurt. We're not going to a wolverine farm for our honeymoon."

"That's good. They look like something between a deranged badger and a weasel and they scare me."

Blaine shook with silent laughter as he drove through the early morning fog.

God, I love this man!

"Kurt, wake up!"

The doctor stretched and blinked sleepily. The car had stopped momentarily and Blaine was rubbing his shoulder. He glanced out of his window to a view he didn't expect. In front of him, deep blue water sparkled and a huge suspension bridge connected two pieces of land. He smiled.


Blaine bit his lip and gave him a small smile. "I know it's not anything exotic but we said we didn't want to go somewhere far away because of the kids-mmmfff..." He was cut off by Kurt lunging forward to capture his lips in a fiery kiss. They both lost themselves in the moment, drinking each other in until they were gasping for air.

"I love it, Blaine," Kurt reassured him. "I've never actually been here." Blaine nodded as he pulled back onto the road.

"I know. I asked your dad." He switched lanes, heading toward the bridge.

"That jerk! He acted like he didn't know anything!"

"I bribed him with beer." Kurt gave him a sideways glance.

"Nice work, Nurse Anderson. Load the man who's had a heart attack up with beer."

"I strive to be the best." Blaine tossed back cheekily.

Kurt quickly forgot what they were talking about though when they pulled onto the bridge. He lost his breath for a moment. The lake shone as the bright Michigan sun reflected on the waters. Up above and around him, the suspensions of the bridge towered and swooped. The beauty and power of the man-made structure was awe-inspiring. Kurt turned back to Blaine and clapped his hands excitedly.

"Oh my gosh! This is even better than I expected!" Blaine smiled. His husband never ceased amaze him with his, sometimes shocking, personality shifts. Just when he thought he had this man figured out, the doctor would do something completely out of character.

Suddenly Kurt sank down and unzipped Blaine's pants.

"What are you doing?" Blaine asked in a strangled voice as Kurt reached into his boxers.

"Road head over a bridge. I want to say that I've done it."

Holy fuck! Don't drive into Lake Huron!

"So where are we staying?" Kurt asked, observing the nicer hotels that were lined up along the beach. Blaine grinned lazily. He was still coming down from his surprising bridge crossing experience.

"Not in one of these."

"Where then?" Kurt asked, feeling confused. Just in that moment, he noticed the different shipping lines for Mackinac Island.

"Are we actually staying on the island?" He was almost bouncing with excitement. Blaine laughed and nodded.

"Hey! What about boat head?" The nurse asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Sure. It's my turn to be on the receiving end though."


"I hate to break it to you, baby, but I think it's a little too crowded on this boat for a blow job. Unless we want to get arrested for indecent exposure and lewd conduct." They settled down on the very top of a double-decker boat from Starline. Kurt sighed.

"Shame. I'll just have to ride you really hard once we get where we're going in order to get over my disappointment."

Blaine bit his lip hard and moved quickly to cross his legs.

A older woman sitting directly in front of them turned slowly, eyes opened wide. Both men blushed. They had been talking rather loudly. They were bracing themselves for a homophobic comment when she burst out laughing.

"Oh, you youngsters! You just tickle me pink!"

Blaine stared at her for a moment in shock before recovering. He smiled and held out his hand. She reached back and shook it joyfully.

"I'm Blaine. This is my husband Kurt." She reached across and shook Kurt's hand too.

"I'm Irene. This here is my husband, Harold." She smiled and tapped the man next to her on the shoulder.

He didn't move.

She leaned in and spoke right next to his face. "Harold."

He still didn't move.

She reached over and whacked him on the back of the head and yelled. "Harold!"

He looked at her in annoyance.

"What is it woman?"

"Turn up your hearing aid and meet these nice young men!" The man sighed and rolled his eyes, but reached to adjust his hearing device before turning around in his seat. He greeted them pleasantly though.

"You two boys on your honeymoon or is this just a vacation?" He asked conversationally. Kurt had to hide his surprise. They really hadn't expected much in the way of acceptance, going on a honeymoon so close to home. Especially from this generation. It was a pleasant surprise indeed.

"Honeymoon. We've been married for three months actually, but we just now had time to get away. We've got two little ones at home." He clapped his mouth shut at that. He wasn't the most open person and this felt like over sharing to him. Blaine was grinning widely though. He loved talking to strangers.

"Would you like to see them?" The nurse asked. Irene clapped her hands and squealed. Harold rolled his eyes at his wife but leaned in to look at the pictures on Blaine's phone just the same.

"Precious! What beauties!" The woman exclaimed. Harold smiled at the picture and spoke softly.

"They look like some happy kids. I'm betting you two are pretty great dads."

Kurt and Blaine swallowed the lumps in their throats at this unexpected compliment. They smiled their thanks and all four settled back in their seats as the boat's engine revved up.

Kurt scooted into his husband's arms and looked out over the water as they pulled away from the dock. His stomach swooped and fluttered as the boat picked up speed and started skipping over the waves. Every once in a while a light spray would sprinkle over the side of the boat and get them damp. It was July though, and with the heat from the sun it felt nice. The gentle rhythm of the boat, the shining sun and the sparkling water made for a breathtaking ride. Kurt was so thankful for his husband, who had planned this trip for them. It really was too loud to talk, so he settled for turning and placing a light kiss on the nurse's lips.

All too soon, they could see the approaching land and were pulling into the dock on the Island. As everyone stood to exit the boat Irene turned to them and patted Kurt on the cheek.

"You enjoy all of that nice riding you're going to do on your honeymoon, sweetheart." She smiled as she spoke loudly enough for most of the top deck to hear.

Both men froze and flushed deep red as half the boat turned to stare at them. Harold barked out a laugh.

"She may annoy the crap outta me, but god I love that woman!" He followed in his wife's footsteps without a backward glance.

Blaine and Kurt sank back down in their seats and waited until the boat had mostly emptied before exiting themselves, trying to avoid eye contact with people. By the time they stepped off the ship though, they had found amusement in the whole situation and were laughing hysterically.

"Are you the happy couple I'm taking to the private house?" A man standing next to a horse and carriage smiled broadly. He was wearing a suit and holding a top hat to his side. Blaine nodded and shook the man's hand.

"I'll just get your luggage. Under the name Hummel, right?"

"Yes, thank you." Blaine responded. He turned back to Kurt, only to find his arms immediately full of the man.

"You got a carriage to take us to a private house?" The doctor whispered.

"Yeah." Blaine pulled back and looked his husband in the eye.

"I love you so much, Blaine."

"I love you too."

"Let's get going so I can follow Irene's advice."