Kurt sighed as he woke up Saturday morning, opening his eyes to take in the gorgeous view of the sun reflecting off of the shining waters. He felt cold and realized that he had rolled over to the far side of the bed in the middle of the night. He scooted over and nuzzled into Blaine's neck.

"Mmm, morning baby," the nurse spoke lazily as he pulled his husband close.

"Morning," Kurt whispered. Blaine pulled back to look him in the eye.

"Hey, you okay?" Kurt nodded slowly, laying his head back down on Blaine's chest.

"Yeah, I'm good. It's just hitting me that this is the last full day of our honeymoon."

Blaine scooted down so that they were nose-to-nose.

"Are you sad?" He asked seriously, but with a small smile on his face. Kurt smiled back.

"A little, I guess. This week has been amazing. I hate for it to end." He leaned in to kiss his husband lightly. "Honestly though, and don't hate me for this babe, I kinda miss the kids like crazy." Blaine chuckled and stroked the doctor's cheek.

"You and me both." They looked into each others eyes for a moment before both grinned.

"You wanna call them?"

"Oh god, please! I miss my babies!"

Kurt snatched his cell phone and quickly pressed the speed dial for Puck. He put it on speaker and cuddled close to Blaine against the headboard, the phone resting on their raised knees. After a couple of rings they heard a small click and then a muffled voice.

"Adelaide! We don't know that puppy! Don't touch it! Elliott, don't stick your tongue on the drinking fountain! You're gonna get some crazy disease and your dads will kill me!

The husbands shook with laughter.

"Hey dudes! How's the honeymoon sex?"

"Please tell me my children didn't hear you say that," Kurt sighed with a shake of his head.

"Relax princess. We're at the park. They're busy playing with some other rugrats."

"How's it going?" Blaine leaned in toward the phone.

"It's going great, man. They're good kids." They heard a rustling sound and then Puck's muffled voice. "Elly! Addy, come here! Your dads are on the phone!"

More rustling.

"Daddies!" Addy's voice screeched. The men winced but both smiled widely.

"Hey baby girl! We miss you guys so much!" Kurt grabbed the phone and held it closer to his mouth. Blaine leaned in close.

"We can't wait to see you tomorrow. We got you guys some presents!"

"Yay! Presents! We're getting presents Uncle Puck!" Elliott's voice piped up.

"Okay, bye daddies! I have go go meet my boyfriend!" Addy's voice faded away and Blaine sat there with eyes wide in shock.

"Puck," he choked out. "Did my four-year-old daughter just say that she was going to meet her BOYFRIEND?"

"Uh, yeah. She kinda met a little boy at the park this week and they've been playing together. Don't worry though man. I asked if they were gonna kiss and she told me that was, in her own words, 'digustin'. Hey, ice cream truck is here. Gotta go. See you tomorrow!"

Muffled rustling.

"Hey kids! Come on! Uncle Puck's gonna sugar you up so you crash hard for a nap later!"


Kurt turned slowly to Blaine and found him staring at the phone with a forlorn expression.

"A boyfriend? She's four, Kurt! What the hell?!" Kurt looked at his husband sympathetically and pulled him close as he set the phone aside.

"Maybe the phone call wasn't such a great idea. Brought us back to reality waaay too fast," he chuckled. Blaine sighed before tracing his fingers over the doctor's chest and reaching up to kiss him.

"Did he also just say that he was giving them ice cream at eight in the morning?" The doctor asked. Blaine laughed.

"Well, I suggest we do something to take our minds back off of the kids and thoroughly enjoy our last day together. We can stress about how fast she's growing up and their high sugar intake when we get home."

"Mmmm, what do you suggest we do to take our minds off of things?" Kurt grinned as Blaine moved to straddle him.

"Well, first of all, I suggest that we don't leave this room until lunch. I have every intention of making love to you as many times as possible before this day ends."

"Oh, really?" Kurt asked as he snuggled down into his pillow and grasped Blaine's hips with his hands.

"Really," the nurse traced a finger lightly over his husband's chest. "I'm gonna do you in the shower, in the tub, up against the wall, of course in the bed... whatever position you want..." Blaine grinned down at the doctor and rubbed lightly over his chest.

"All I'm hearing is talk, talk, talk..." Kurt whispered seductively. Blaine gazed at him with darkening eyes and grabbed him suddenly, pulling Kurt up so that he was on his lap.

"Then, by all means. Let this be the last thing I say for the next few hours."

Kurt grinned and clung to his husband, throwing his head back with a sigh of contentment as Blaine slowly began to love and caress every inch of him.

It was noon before they pulled themselves out of their sleepy, sex-hazed dream world. Blaine had been true to his word and had made love to his husband multiple times and in multiple places. Kurt was on such a floaty orgasmic high that he felt like he had a permanent smile plastered on his face.

He had also been exhausted. By eleven, when he had just finished his own turn with the blindfold and handcuffs (and he had to admit, Blaine was not overselling it), he literally passed out. He reminded himself just as he slipped into a dreamless sleep to thank his husband for being the amazing god of a man that he was.

They probably both would have slept past noon after their adventure filled morning, but a knock on the door woke them up and Blaine pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt to hurriedly answer it. Kurt was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes when Blaine returned, holding a small gift basket with a wide smile.

"What's that, babe?" Kurt asked in a husky voice as Blaine climbed into bed with him once more. The doctor spread his legs wide and pulled his husband in between them so that the nurse could rest back on his chest.

"I don't know for sure, but I'm kind of guessing that it's something from that family. Remember Nana Marie?" Blaine settled back into his husband and sighed contentedly as Kurt wrapped his arms around him and started kissing his neck.

"Mmmm, yeah. The sweet old lady with the nice granddaughters and the ignorant jackass of a grandson." Blaine laughed softly when he opened the card from the basket.

"Apparently they agree with that assessment, babe." He handed Kurt the card and the doctor gabbed his glasses from the side tabe to read it.

~Dear Dr. & Mr. Hummel,

We can't thank you enough for how you helped our Nana yesterday! If you hadn't been there we truly don't know what we would have done. She is feeling much better today and asked us to send you her regards (her words).

We want to thank you, not only for helping us, but for helping us despite the horrible comment our brother made. You not only showed us, but showed him, what true men are. We can only hope that someday he will follow in footsteps like yours.

With appreciation and admiration,

Marie and her girls~

"Awww, that was really sweet," Kurt sighed happily. Blaine nuzzled back into his shoulder and turned his head so they could kiss softly for a moment. He turned back to the basket and pulled out a bottle of wine and some assorted cheeses and crackers. Blaine laughed.

"We still haven't drank the wine or champagne from Jeff and Nick yet. We're going to go home with plenty of alcohol." Kurt shrugged and held his husband tight, rocking back and forth a little.

"We'll just have to have a dinner party or something. It'll be a nice way to thank everyone for helping out with the kids while we were gone." Blaine nodded, tracing his fingers up and down the doctor's arms.

"I forgot to tell you. Both Dad and Jeff texted me earlier in the week that Paul had been by both of their places to see the kids. Apparently he wanted to make sure they were doing okay with their daddies gone and thought Grandpa Paul bringing some surprises might help."

"He sure loves them, doesn't he," Kurt whispered into Blaine's ear before kissing it lightly. The nurse nodded and smiled. He laughed when the doctor nuzzled deeper into his neck.

"Not that I'm complaining or anything, but what's up with you? Normally I'm the total cuddle whore in this relationship and you're being super snuggly right now. More so than normal, anyway."

"You were just unbelievable this morning. You just took care of me so well and made me feel so loved. I want to be the best husband I can possibly be to you. Always, not just when you give me amazing sex," Kurt laughed. Blaine snorted and shook his head. "It got me thinking about always taking care of you and making you feel loved. I'm just trying to love you in a way that's especially meaningful to you."

Blaine nodded and felt himself get a little choked up at his husband's thoughtfulness. "I really love this and I love you, Kurt." The doctor nodded.

"I know."

They stayed that way for a few minutes, rocking back and forth slightly, Blaine resting in his husband's arms.

"You know I still want amazing sex on top of the snuggles, right?"

"Done," Kurt grinned and immediately flipped him onto his back. Blaine groaned happily and clung to Kurt, letting the doctor cover him in kisses.

They might possibly make it out of their room by dinner. Maybe.

They surprised themselves and actually pulled it together enough to shower and leave the room with enough time to wander around the Island one last time before dinner that evening. They had ended up skipping lunch completely and, after their marathon rounds of lovemaking that day, they were beyond starving. They indulged themselves with some treats from little shops downtown, including more fudge and some ice cream.

They had settled down on a bench just off to the side of the boardwalk and fed each other bites of ice cream, enjoying the sunshine. As they sat, Kurt remembered something he had been meaning to ask his husband since the first day of their trip.

"Hey," he started softly after swallowing the small bite of bear claw ice cream that Blaine had scooped into his mouth. "I wanted to ask you something." The nurse just looked at him expectantly.

"I've noticed several times this week that when you've introduced us to someone or when you've made reservations for something you've used the name Hummel... for both of us." Blaine just smiled but didn't say anything as he took a bite of his dessert.

"I'm just wondering why?" Kurt questioned. "I mean, we talked about it before we got married and I thought we decided to each keep our own names. I know it makes sense to just use one name sometimes, for simplicity's sake, but you've been consistently using Hummel for both of us all week." Blaine nodded and grinned.

"I wondered when you'd catch on to that."

"So, it's been purposeful?" Kurt watched him curiously. Blaine leaned in and placed a light kiss on his lips.

"Yes, darling. It's definitely been on purpose... and I need to correct you on something. When you said that we talked about it, it was actually you talking and me listening." Kurt looked taken aback at this, but Blaine went on before he could respond. "You said you really wanted to keep your name, both since your family means so much to you and because you're already known as Dr. Hummel and it wold be easier to not have to change it. You also told me you'd never ask me to give up my name so you suggested we just keep our own. I never agreed necessarily, I just didn't argue with you right then." Kurt opened his mouth to say something, looking like he felt guilty but the nurse put his fingers to his husband's lips and kept talking.

"I didn't say anything right away because I wasn't sure how I felt. I wanted to think about it... and when I thought about it, I realized that I didn't want to be married to someone and have different last names again. I always hated that with Alex, it felt like this big separation between us." Kurt took Blaine's hand and stroked it with his thumb.

"I don't just expect you to just take my name though. If you feel that way then let's revisit the whole hyphen thing. I'd never ask you to..." he would have gone on but Blaine interrupted him with a kiss.

"I know that, honey. That's the thing. You don't have to ask me to. I want to. I really thought about it and realized that my last name doesn't mean anything to me like yours does to you... and if my last name isn't important to me then why in the world would I cling to it? I have the opportunity to share every bit of your life with you, to really become one with you. That's what marriage is all about to me." Kurt looked at him in awe. No matter how well he thought he knew the other man, sometimes Blaine would just blow him out of the water.

"I love that, baby. I love the thought of sharing a name with you. I just don't ever want you to resent me for it. I don't want you or anybody else to think that we're not equals if you take my name."

Blaine laughed and pulled him in for another kiss. "First of all, to hell with what anyone else thinks. I really couldn't care less. Secondly, what makes this okay for me is that you're not asking or even expecting it of me. It's what I want. If your name means more to you than mine does to me, and if sharing a name would mean something to both of us then why not?" Kurt sighed contentedly and turned around on the bench, pulling the nurse's arms around him so they were both facing the water together.

"You're amazing, and I love you, and I'm so honored that you want to share my name."

"Good, because I already had Nick change it legally."

Kurt smiled. "You really did decide that this is what you want, huh? What about Adelaide though? When we had him start the adoption papers we kept her name as Anderson..." he stopped when he felt Blaine shaking in laughter. "You already changed her name too, didn't you?"


"God, I love you."

That night they joined the rest of the hotel in the Main Dining Room for dinner. Kurt was in his element. The atmosphere was formal and elegant, with a five course meal served by waiters in tuxes and every diner was in formal attire. Crystal chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling and soft candlelight lit up each table.

They took their time, enjoying each course, feeding each other bites from across the table. During their second course, they were pleasantly surprised when they received a complimentary bottle of champagne as a congratulations on their marriage.

They uncharacteristically drank the whole bottle between the two of them and tipsily stumbled toward their room the moment dessert was finished.

Blaine had a much lower tolerance for alcohol than his husband and quickly lost all of his inhibitions. As they left the dining room he whispered in Kurt's ear.

"You should totally fuck me in the elevator."

Kurt ran as fast as his legs would carry him, pulling Blaine behind him. He pushed the nurse up against the wall the moment they were through the doors, attacking his neck with kisses and reaching a hand down grab his husband's ass. He quickly lost himself in the moment, forgetting where they were. He stopped abruptly though when he felt Blaine stiffen and clear his throat.

"Hey, Irene. Hi, Harold."

Kurt felt his face flush red as he slowly let go of his husband and turned around. There, indeed, stood the older couple, grinning at them widely. Blaine, in his intoxicated state, clearly found the situation incredibly amusing and giggled as he spoke.

"Hey there, kiddos," Harold teased. "I see that the honeymoon sex is still going strong."

"Yup, he was totally going to do me in here..." Kurt quickly placed a hand over his husband's mouth, cutting him off.

"Oh, honey!" Irene laughed. "As if we didn't know. We made love every place possible on our honeymoon. On the train, in the lavatory, in the swimming pool..." she walked over and pinched their cheeks. "You sweet boys. You enjoy your last night here and have sex lots, okay?" Blaine nodded happily with Kurt's hand still clamped over his mouth. Kurt just flushed an even deeper shade of red while Harold burst out laughing.

The elevator dinged and the doctor could not have been more thrilled to see that they were at their floor. He grabbed Blaine's hand and yanked him through the door.

"Um, thanks, Irene. We'll do that. It was good to see you both again. Sorry to rush off."

"Yeah," Blaine called happily over his shoulder. "We've gotta go so he can fuck me."

Kurt covered his face with his free hand.

"You do that, sweetie!" Irene's voice yelped out just as the elevator doors closed.

Blaine woke groggily Sunday morning to find his husband curled up asleep on top of him and in between his legs. He smiled to himself and pulled Kurt close, kissing the top of his head. The doctor woke and stretched, rolling off the side before cuddling back into Blaine. The nurse paused as he stroked his husband's back, feeling slightly off, like he was forgetting something.

"Did... did I do or say anything embarrassing last night? I remember dinner... and then I remember being back here and you being absolutely amazing in bed... but I have foggy memories of in between. I feel like I remember you being embarrassed by me though..." Kurt burst out laughing at this and sat up.

"Well, let's see. You may have loudly announced to Harold, Irene and most of the people on this floor that we had to go so that I could fuck you."

Blaine paled. "I did not."

Kurt laughed even harder. "Oh, yes. I'm afraid that you did."

Blaine buried his face in his hands before lifting his head up in confusion.

"Wait, we saw Harold and Irene?"

Kurt shook his head in amusement before pulling his husband in for a kiss.

"At this rate, I'm just thrilled you remembered the sex."

"Me too," Blaine rolled his eyes at himself. "Now we know why I don't drink very often."

They settled back down together, holding each other close. They both knew that they needed to get going soon but neither wanted to actually move, knowing that this was the last real moment of their honeymoon. From here on out it would be packing and traveling home.

"What do you want, baby?" Blaine whispered.

"I want you to make love to me one more time before we go home," Kurt whispered back.

"I can do that." Blaine smiled as he pressed the doctor down on his back and kissed him softly.

Blaine was, as always, in awe of his husband's strength and beauty. He watched as Kurt closed his eyes and let the nurse take control. His pale, lean muscles flexing as he writhed underneath his husband, cheeks beginning to flush as Blaine kissed and stroked him. He felt himself become overwhelmed with both emotion and pleasure as Kurt moaned his name. He moved steadily, never taking his eyes from the doctor's face. It never failed to absolutely level him when he realized how blessed he was that this caring, accomplished and gorgeous man loved and trusted him completely.

Kurt opened his eyes and blue met hazel, just as each man reached their peak together. In that moment, they felt a connection and a bond, stronger than ever. This was it. This was the true beginning. They were finished celebrating the beginning of their marriage. Now it was time to start living it.