AN: I was bored one day and texted 2 of my friends for ideas on a story...
One gave me only a character
The other gave me only a topic

It turned into our new writing challenge
One person gives me a character and the other gives me a one/two word topic. They can't talk to each other and I can't say no to either of them.

This was my first attempt.

Character: Ralon
Topic: Honesty

Hypocrites. All of them. Especially her. I don't understand it. While I was at that hell hole learning from those so called teachers, there was one thing they all agreed on. Honesty. A knight was honest. Ahe even preached it to me. Called me a liar, a cheat. All the while she was the biggest liar of all. She lied to everyone, our teachers, her friends. Me. Well if everyone else doesn't have to follow the rules, why should I? so I'm gonna fight fire with fire. I can't stay who I am, she took that away from me. So I'll become her worst nightmare. I will be the claw that rips the heart out of her thief and prince. Claw…I like it…This world is full of hypocrites and it's time for me to finally join the ranks.

AN: Hope you liked it. This was my first attempt at writing from a guys POV so...

As always anything you reconized belongs to Tamora Pierce

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