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Happy Holidays, Love Mark & Callie

Callie was sitting in the Resident lounge when Mark Sloan walked in. Over the past couple of months they have created a friendship. Addison was gone, and both of them were missing their red-headed best friend. It wasn't surprising when people started to notice Mark and Callie walking the halls together, sitting together at lunch, and just enjoying each other's company.

Christmas was slowly coming up and Callie was terrified of going back to Miami for Christmas. After her annulment from George, her family had basically given her the cold shoulder. Much to Callie's surprise, three months later her father showed up at her front door. He came to her with forgiveness and welcomed her with open arms. Although her relationship with her father was reinstated, Callie had yet to confront the rest of her family. And now, in 2 weeks she would be on a plane, preparing herself for the blowup that is waiting to happen.

Callie was jolted out of her thoughts when Mark cleared his throat, "What are you doing for Christmas?" he asked taking a seat next to her on the maroon couch.

Callie looked at him in confusion, she had told him all about her trip back to Miami for Christmas "I'm going home for Christmas remember?" Mark nodded.

"Oh yeah, I guess I just forgot" Callie eyed him curiously.

The truth is, Mark was really trying to forget that Callie wasn't going to be around for the holidays. The woman that he had been spending his days with would be gone. He never really had anywhere to go during the Christmas time. He usually spend the holidays downing a bottle of scotch and watching What A Wonderful Life. When he was younger his parents were never home for Christmas. They would be at balls, galas, Christmas parties that allowed absolutely no children. He spend Christmas Eve with the usual nanny of the month and never looked forward to what the next morning would bring. After meeting the Shepherds, his Christmases changed, hanging out with his second family. But this year, Derek and Meredith were off to vacation in Europe for the holidays.

"What are you going to do?" Callie asked, catching the look of sadness that washed over his face.

Mark shrugged and answered. "Nothing much" Callie looked at him with sympathy.

"Well, you could come with me to Miami" she said shyly. She really needed someone by her side, to block from the fireballs that were ready to be thrown. Who better than her best friend?

Mark started to declined but Callie beat him "Pleeeaaase, I'm gonna need someone who can protect from the wrath that is Alejandra Torres, please Mark" Callie pleaded giving him the puppy dogs that no man could ever say no to.

Obviously giving up, Mark sighed "Fine, I'll come"

Callie grinned and clapped her hands jumping up and down, she happily kissed Mark on the cheek and quickly exited the lounge.

This is going to be an Interesting Holiday Season.