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Chapter Eleven

"Well as you can see, Ms. Lewis, this unit is cozy and gets loads of sunlight." The realtor turned to the kitchen. "Plenty of storage and counter space. Not to mention the fresh coat of paint."

Lauren gifted the very enthusiastic and verbally creative gentleman with a sardonic smile. Cozy was a cleaver euphemism for the tiny one bedroom apartment they were currently touring. It was a complete dump compared to her place at the light fae compound.

She immediately chastised herself for that thought. Lauren didn't have a "place" with the light fae; she had slave quarters. Suddenly the apartment felt like a palace.

Taking consideration of her surroundings more closely, she could conceded that the apartment was quite spacious. It would only be her after all. It was clean, bright, and most importantly, it would be hers.

"I'll take it!" she said suddenly interrupting the realtor's diatribe about the closets.

"Oh, well terrific," he beamed. "I'm sure you and Mr. Lewis will be very happy here."

"There is no, Mr. Lewis," she replied absently. Lauren dialed in on his hopeful smile though. "If there were someone it would be a fellow Mrs. Lewis, if you catch my drift," she added with sudden confidence. Who knew having your own home instantly infused one with such pride?

The real estate agent cleared his throat saying, "Excuse me."

Needless to say the duration of the proceedings were hasty. Lauren hesitated only when filling out the lease application, opting instead to return them later. Dr. Kenner looking into her medical history was one thing; the real estate company searching her personal history was a whole other issue. Hell, she had no idea what to write for previous address or previous employer. Suddenly this apartment idea was looking like it may not be an option.

She'd been so excited by Dr. Kenner and the boards approval that staying was a definite possibility. The motel had grown far too depressing, even for a former slave. For the first time since leaving the light fae Lauren could picture a future. One single sheet of paper asking for a personal history though, was threatening any security she thought she could attain.

"You have to write words on those lines."

Lauren started up at Jess with started eyes. "You scared me."

She sobered at Lauren's expression. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. Maybe I should…"

"No, no," Lauren smiled. "Sit, please." She waited for Jess to sit across from her before starting. "I'm just a little wary of divulging too much, if anything," she revealed motioning toward the form.

"Your past?"

Lauren nodded. While Jess knew very little about her, there was some comfort to be found in just that tiny little sliver.

Jess was pensive for long moments. "Can I ask you two questions?" she asked suddenly.

"Okay," Lauren hedged.

"Were you in jail?"

Lauren thought a moment. "No." She could have followed with, "Not technically," but decided against it.

"Good," Jess smiled. "Last question…"

Her suddenly seriousness gave Lauren pause.

"Did you kill someone?"

"What? No!" Lauren didn't hesitate on that one.

"That's what I thought." Jess slid the application from underneath Lauren's hand grabbing the pen in the process.

She watched as Jess began to filling in the ominous little boxes without hesitation. "What are you doing?"

"Helping you get a place," she replied easily.

"Why…why would you do that for me?"

"Jess stopped writing. "I like you Lauren. You're a good doctor and could be a big help around here." She paused. "And I'm being a little selfish…"

She let the statement hang and Lauren felt suddenly flushed with apprehension. Jess was a beautiful woman, but Lauren was not ready to deal with that admission never mind more.

"There aren't many gay women our age around here, who else am I going to hang out with?"

Laure smiled. "You would really do this for me? I'm practically a stranger."

Baring the most open and honest expression Lauren had ever seen, Jess replied, "Well we'll just have to change that then," and kept on writing.

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