Merlin walked down the all too familiar corridor that lead to Arthur's chambers. It had been a few months since he was first awarded to be servant of the great prince of Camelot. Merlin half-heartedly laughed at the thought.

"He's still a dollop head."

He smiled to himself as he remembered Arthur's reaction the first time he had called him that. He breathed a content sigh as he looked outside the windows. Things had been quiet in Camelot. There hadn't been any planned attacks from random bandits, no attempts to kill Uther or Arthur, and not one single sign of sorcery for that matter. Merlin frowned at the thought. It was almost too quie-


A piercing yell shrieked through Merlin's head. He automatically stopped walking and looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the scream. The corridor was empty; the only movement being his chest, which was heaving up and down rapidly. There was no one? But he was so sure- No. He grimaced, that was no ordinary scream. That was… Inside his head. Merlin began to sprint in the direction of the scream, eager to see what could have caused such a frightening yell.

He ran for all he was worth. Anything that could yell like that was worrisome.

He quickly cut round a corner and bumped into something… Or someone, he couldn't tell.


Merlin opened his eyes, his head swimming. Since when had he fallen to the floor? He picked himself up and briefly brushed off his clothing before he noticed just who he had bumped into.

"I-I- I'm sorry, Milady." He stuttered as he offered a hand to none other than the Lady Morgana.

"No, that's quite alright," she replied gravelly, obviously not happy to be pummelled to the floor. She looked up to see who the person was. Her expression softened, "Merlin?"

"I'm very sorry, Milady, but y'know…" Merlin trailed off, standing uncomfortably as he tried to think of an excuse for sprinting down the corridors like that.

"Arthur's duties?" Morgana assumed. Merlin very quickly nodded. "Yes, very well." She stepped aside for him, a soft smile on her face. Merlin took that excuse to his advantage and nodded,

"Thank you, Milady," and with that he continued to walk. Bumping into Morgana only made him more agitated and worried. What if he was too late? That thought only made him pace faster. As soon as he rounded another corner, knowing Morgana was out of sight, he began to sprint again.


He had looked everywhere he could think of but couldn't find the source of the scream. Maybe I had imagined it?No, he shook that thought away. He couldn't possibly have imagined that, it felt so real-the pain, the terror and the fear.

As much as Merlin wanted to find the very person, he just possibly couldn't. All the chores took up most of his day, if not all of it. So unless he wanted a sword through his head, or Gaius' famous arched eyebrow looking at him all afternoon, he had to continue with his day.

It was only five hours after had he finally finished half of his chores. He cleaned Arthur's armour, cleared out the stables and finally helped Arthur at training session- and the word help meaning becoming a live target. It was still midday and he still had loads of chores to do, not including Gaius' 'remedy run'. He sighed to himself as he walked down yet another corridor.

'Help'. A voice echoed inside his head. Merlin stopped. It was the same voice as before. He frowned and decided to ignore it.

He walked out of the main entrance and onto the grounds. His face was still scrunched up, where is that voice coming from? He walked down a few steps,

'Help Me'. The same voice echoed in his mind again. Merlin looked around the grounds, trying to find any signs of... Well, anything out the ordinary.

'Please, help me'. Merlin tried to look even harder. Everything was normal, civilians walked around with their possessions; the occasional knight walked the pathway. Merlin sighed frustrated until he saw something.

Across the yard was a young boy, Merlin had guessed no older than ten, scrunched up behind a basket. He looked right at Merlin, his piercing blue eyes compelling him, drawing him in. He felt something in the young boys gaze. Hope? Trust? No. Merlin looked right back at the boy, his head turned to the side as he observed him. He wore a navy blue cloak; his hair was as black as night and he had a strong yet innocent face. And then that's when Merlin realised what made him stand out, that made him realise it was him calling Merlin. And that was the amount of fear in his eyes.

'Please, you have to help me'. The young boy pleaded. Merlin continued to look at the boy. It's him, that's the voice inside my head.The boy looked at Merlin with a scared expression, it was clear he was hiding, but from who?

As if on cue, many armed knights entered the courtyard, their expressions not too friendly. Merlin listened to one of the knight's talk to a man.

"Oi, you. Have you seen a young boy run around here?" The knight questioned sternly, his face red, probably from a great deal of running Merlin guessed. Then it hit him. The boy. He was running from them, the guards. Merlin looked back at the boy suspiciously.

'They are searching for me'. The boy stated with a hint of worry in his voice- or his mind, even. Merlin took another step on the stairs.

'Why are they searching for you?' Merlin replied through telepathy. Merlin's face softened as he realised just how easy it was to do that, as if it was a natural talent.

The boy closed his eyes and gulped. 'They are going to kill me'. He replied frantically, hoping that Merlin would help him.

Merlin saw one of the guards enter another room.

"Guards, in here!" He ordered his other men. The other knights soon did as commanded, leaving the court knight-free. Merlin looked around for an escape route and noticed a door at the back; he ran to it quickly and opened the door ready. He looked back to check for any signs of guards or knights. Happy that there was none he looked back at the helpless boy.

'Come, follow me,' Merlin said in his mind to the young boy. The young boy in reply scrunched his eye brows, unsure. Merlin breathed hastily, checking again to see for any knights. At that moment it was now or never. 'Run!' The young boy picked up from the floor and clung to his right arm as he ran to Merlin.

A guard must have kept watch as he unsheathed his sword and shouted,

"The boy, he's here!"

Merlin look alarmed. If he was to get caught, he grimaced at the thought. He stepped into the room and waited for the boy, realisation finally hit him. The King will have my head if I'm caught. That thought was completely forgotten when the boy caught up to him. Merlin attempted a reassuring smile as they both ran indoors and up some stairs. Merlin clung onto his hand as they reached the top of the stairs, the guard's yells not far behind. Merlin gulped as he looked around the room.

Merlin paused, and then realised there was only one possible way to hide. He clutched onto the boy's hand harder as they sprinted up narrow stairs. Merlin didn't think to knock as he thrashed through the nearest door.

"Have you forgotten how to knock, Merlin?!" Morgana asked agitated with a cup in her hand. Merlin looked at Gwen and Morgana pleadingly, he noticed they must have been talking but that had to wait. Merlin's breathing was erratic and his hand was sweaty from holding onto the boy's.

"The guards are after him. I didn't know what to do," he quickly admitted, pointing to his new young companion. Again, he attempted another reassuring smile toward the boy. Gwen looked at Morgana, waiting for her call. Morgana then looked at the young boy, her expression questioning as she looked into his eyes. There was a loud knock on her door.

"Milady?" A hoarse voice was heard from behind the door. Morgana continued to look at the boy, her eyebrows furrowed at the weird connection she soon had for him. There was a strange tension, a tingling sort of sensation that she kind of liked and craved more of. Merlin looked at Morgana more urgently; bringing Morgana to the real life world again.

She looked around her room,

"I-In there," she said, pointing to the back of the room. Morgana would have found it normal to see Merlin nod to her as thanks, but the way he looked at her, like she was doing the biggest favour in the world. It made her heart beat. It was something more than about hiding the young boy, it was a look of trust and recognition, like their friendship had grown a lot stronger just by something so simple.

Once they was in the back of the room, Morgana had given the room a once over, making sure there would be no reason for the guards to be suspicious. One last approving nod from Gwen and Morgana had opened the door.

"Sorry to disturb you milady, but we're searching for a young druid boy. We believe he came this way," he informed, a hand held around his sword.

At the back of the room, waiting and hiding silently, was Merlin and the young boy. Without any warning the boy had then fallen into Merlin's arms; Merlin clung onto him quickly not letting him fall to the ground. The boy's eyes rolled to the back of his head, Merlin panicked, what was he meant to do?

"I haven't seen anyone," Morgana simply replied with a convincing smile. "It's just me and my maid." She offered, turning to give a simple smile to Gwen, who in response waved to the guards.

The guard almost looked disappointed at the scene. "Just keep the door locked until we find him."

"Of course, thank you." Morgana said before she shut the door. She and Gwen glanced at each other and then hurried to the back of the room where an unconscious boy was held in Merlin's arms. Both Gwen and Morgana bent down next to the boy. Merlin frowned as he a felt odd stickiness on his hand. Without looking at the other two women present, he lifted his hand to reveal blood, and lots of it. Morgana gasped and looked at Merlin worriedly.


It had been a few hours since Merlin and the young boy had entered Morgana's room- pleading help for her to hide them. When it was revealed the young boy was hurt Morgana wouldn't leave the boy's sight. Morgana wouldn't be lying if she said she was almost a little concerned at how quickly she had cared for the young boy. She gulped at the thought. There was something about him that brought out her vulnerability- like if anything was to happen to him she would automatically feel responsible...

Merlin looked out of Morgana's window, watching the execution of, what he guessed, was the young boy's mentor. Merlin felt a pang of hurt in his chest. If his and the boy's roles were reversed he wouldn't know what he would do. If Gaius were the one to be executed then- he stopped. He couldn't afford to think of such things. He calmed down slightly when he looked at Morgana, who was stood only a few centimetres away from him. He acknowledged by then that she would normally be stood on the balcony with Uther and Arthur watching the execution. Morgana had told him she used the excuse that she was not feeling too well and couldn't take part. Like it was some sort of show.

Merlin smiled softly. That was just how he saw her for the first time- up in that very window, witnessing yet another execution of his kind. He breathed out heavily, if only magic wasn't banned from Camelot. If only he could use it freely and not have to worry about being sentenced to death.

"Thank you," he breathed out quietly, looking back to the crowd down below. He could feel Morgana's stare and couldn't resist but look at her expression. She was frowning at him, obviously clueless to what he was thanking her for. "For helping me before. I'm sure it's a large burden because of you being the Kings ward-"

"I knew exactly what I was getting into Merlin," she stated and then looked back at the boy who was resting against the wall, "there's no need to thank me." Her voice was a lot softer that time.

Merlin continued to stare at her, not quite sure what to think of the Lady Morgana. It was earlier that day he had accidentally bumped into her like some stranger and now here she was helping him keep the child hidden from Uther's men, like a true friend.

A few moments had past and he felt Morgana tense next to him. Merlin looked up to see Cerdan had spoken. Merlin saw how fearless he was of death; how even then, with no chance of escape, Cerdan stayed confident in fact, he almost looked proud. Morgana looked up at Merlin, her face etched with worry for the young boy and for both of them and Gwen. If Uther was to find out they were the ones hiding away the boy they would both be punished- Merlin and Gwen more than her. She moved just a tiny bit closer to him, enough for her dress to scrape against his hand.

"And let your fear of magic turn to hate... I pity you." Cerdan announced as he was pushed into leaning his head against a block of wood. Morgana shook her head,

"I can't watch this." She turned and walked over to the boy, holding onto him and trying to comfort him. Merlin stayed put, watched as Uther raised his arms signalling to be ready and dropped it. Merlin instantly turned, the sight too much. Cerdan was dead.

"NO!" Merlin heard the boy scream inside his head. It was so loud and angry; Merlin clutched his hands to his head and closed his eyes. The mirror only a few inches away from him broke into tiny pieces. Once it was all over Merlin's eyes opened in shock as he looked back at the boy. His chest was heaving and Morgana still clung onto him. She looked up at Merlin with worried expressions. It was only then did Merlin realise that Morgana too looked terrified. Did she hear the scream too?


Merlin poked his porridge with his spoon, too distracted by other things to concentrate on eating. Gaius was at the other end of the room, sorting out books and potions that were lying astray. Merlin frowned at his meal as he continued to think of the same question once again. Did Morgana also hear the scream? If she did then… The thought made Merlin smile. Was it possible he wasn't the only one in Camelot with magic?

"What are you smiling about?" Gaius asked as he observed a purple potion fizzle in a glass container. Merlin automatically stopped smiling as he continued to poke at his porridge.

"I wasn't smiling," he quickly answered, avoiding Gaius' now entertained face. He put down the potion and picked up a large brown book.

"Very well, then."

Neither of them spoke for a while, and Merlin couldn't stand the quietness. So he sighed and looked up from his porridge.

"Do you know much of the Druids?" Merlin tried to ask in a nonchalant way, which going by Gaius' suspicious expression, didn't work too well.

"Very little. They're very secretive people. Especially now they're being hunted by Uther." He paused to look at Merlin's saddened expression and stopped everything he was doing to point at Merlin accusingly. "Please tell me you haven't got yourself mixed up in this."

Merlin accidentally dropped some of the porridge on his lap at the suggestion. He huffed as he picked up a cloth from the table.

"Me? No. Mixed up in what?"

Gaius moved closer to the table and narrowed his eyes.

"For someone with such a big secret, you are a terrible liar," he expressed as he pulled out a chair opposite Merlin and sat on it.

"Well I haven't done anything."

"Merlin…" Gaius warned. Merlin knew that that specific tone was when he didn't cross the line; he looked back down to his porridge.

"I heard the boy calling out," he admitted with a sigh. "He was nowhere to be seen, but I could hear him, like he was inside my head… "

"Yes, I've heard of this ability," Gaius admitted as he nodded his head. "The Druids look for children with such gifts to serve as apprentices. While they're searching for this boy, you must be especially careful otherwise it'll be your head on the chopping block." He warned, but Merlin just gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'm always careful. You know me." Gaius raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, as careful as bumping into women in corridors." Gaius countered with a smile. Merlin's happy smile suddenly turned to a frown.

"W-What? I haven-"

"Morgana came in earlier. She had a cut on her arm; she wouldn't tell me who caused it. Just that she bumped into somebody." He looked at him accusingly. Merlin's mouth was left agape.

"S-So you automatically think that just because somebody bumped into someone it was me?" Merlin asked a little hurt. Gaius laughed,

"Well who else could it be?" Merlin scrunched up his face,

"Arthur." He responded, quickly regretting his answer as soon as the words flew out his mouth. Gaius looked at Merlin with an amused smile and accusing eyebrow. How is it possible to make your face have that sort of… Face? Merlin huffed, a sign that he had given up making excuses.

"Was it a bad cut?"

"Nothing life threatening," Gaius admitted as he rose from the chair and walked back over to the potion filled desk. Merlin sighed in relief. "But you're going to have to deliver a remedy I've made for her- to ease away the pain a bit. And a sleeping draft, poor girl's suffering nightmares again."

Merlin nodded and continued to eat away his porridge, before the on-going nag of the same question kept him from eating.

"Gaius?" He called out.

"Yes Merlin."

Merlin took a while to respond. Should I tell him? If Morgana has magic then surely that's a good thing, right? He took a deep breath before replying. But wait. Gaius doesn't know we're hiding the boy. Merlin thought harder about that fact. Should that have stopped him from telling Gaius? Merlin sighed,I think the last thing he needs right now is to know that I have gotten mixed into the middle of this.

"Errr," Merlin responded cleverly. Gaius turned around to look at him,


"Y'know what," he rose from the dinner table and pushed the bowl aside. He needed to talk to Morgana, or at least check she was okay, seeming he now knew that he hurt her. "I think I'm just going to take a walk." He lied as he jogged up into his bedroom to collect his brown jacket. Gaius watched him with a frown,

"A walk?" Gaius repeated.

Merlin stopped in front of his father like figure,

"It's… Soothing." Merlin felt like head banging his head off the table. Soothing? "A-And besides, I'm going to have to go to Arthur's chambers later anyway," he added, hoping not to raise any suspicion, but he knew Gaius knew him too well to hide anything from him. So to not have to look Gaius in the eyes, he walked towards the door in a fast pace- but before he shut the door behind him...

"Merlin." Merlin closed his eyes; he thought he had gotten away. He gulped and popped his head around the door, only to see Gaius shuffle things around on his desk. He then turned back round to him with some objects in his hands. "Take these with you." Gaius then threw two separate glass bottles his way- one green, one blue. "Tell her to take only two mouthfuls of the green one and only one of the purple, anymore and I don't think the Kings ward would be able to get up the following morning."

Merlin nodded and gave him a large smile. He should have known Gaius would have guessed he was going to see Morgana.

"I'll see you later Gaius."


Merlin knocked onto Morgana's door. He'd just prepared Arthur's room for the Prince's 'night slumber' so he didn't know whether or not Morgana would still be awake. He'd have gotten there earlier if it wasn't for Arthur talking to him about how he 'specifically needs to polish his armour'- 'you need to be more delicate Merlin, otherwise the armour will just scratch'. Merlin, at that time, was too distracted about getting to Morgana's chambers that he didn't respond. Meaning he had to sit through another speech about how he 'needs to listen when being talked to.'

Merlin must have been too heavy in his thoughts- what difference does it make if the armour's scratched, I'm sure the bandits won't mind when their trying to kill him- to have caught Gwen staring at him with a soft smile on her face, standing next to Morgana's door. She coughed politely, dragging him from his thoughts; he looked at Gwen and instantly blushed.

"Err... Sorry," he responded, a little embarrassed at being caught day dreaming. "Is-Is Morgana awake?" He tried to look past Gwen to see if he could see Morgana through the bedroom, until Gwen's reaction caught his attention- her smile had slowly left her face and turned more into a worried look.

"She's in the back, trying to get the boy to sleep." She paused and looked down to the floor, Merlin's face slackened and his brow furrowed as he listened to Gwen. "He's not getting any better… And Morgana won't sleep until she knows he's okay. I've cleaned his bandages, but that's all I can do Merlin." She then bit onto her bottom lip; Merlin could see that Gwen obviously had some connection with the boy too- they all did, if he was honest- even he had some affection for the boy. He breathed out heavily and nodded, putting a hand on Gwen's arm reassuringly. He had to stay strong for her, for all of them.

"He's going to be fine, Gwen. Trust me. We'll just see how he is in the morning, okay?" He comforted. That must have boosted Gwen's confidence a bit as she straightened her back and wiped away any tears that were apparent. Merlin gave her a friendly smile and she smiled back. Gwen and Merlin had been friends for a while now- always helping each other if the other was troubled or just having a friendly conversation about how much of a clot pole Arthur was- which he noticed Gwen never denied nor agreed. But Gwen knew that Merlin would never lie to her, so to hear him say the boy would be fine was a huge relief.

"I've got to go home; there are some things that need doing," she smiled that lovely smile Merlin learned to cherish and love. "Thank you, Merlin."

Merlin nodded.

And with that Gwen walked past him, leaving Merlin to stand alone by the open door. He turned to see if anyone was behind him and happy to know he wasn't followed or wasn't being watched, he knocked on the door once more, poking his head through.

"Morgana?" He whispered, looking around the room for the lady herself. The room was lit only by the few candles that flickered on her bedside table. He smiled when he noticed movement in the back of the room. Slowly, without trying to make a sound, he walked up to the back of the room. When he looked around the corner his heart felt like it had stopped. Morgana was lying next to the boy, her arm around his shoulders protectively as she let him fall asleep in her arms. Merlin felt almost like an intruder. He didn't want to spoil such a nice scene. It was only when Morgana began to slowly lift her arm from around the boy and place him on the pillows that were set out for him, that he realised he was here for a reason. "Knock, knock." Merlin whispered, noticing Morgana tense as soon as he said it. She turned quickly her expression shocked. It was only when she saw the familiar red scarf that she closed her eyes and breathed out shakily.

"Merlin, do you want me to have a heart attack?" She whispered sternly as she turned back to the boy. Happy that he was in a comfortable position she rose up and walked slowly towards Merlin.

"N-No, milady. I'm sorry." He replied instantly, a little too loudly.

"Shhh." Morgana immediately shushed him, raising her finger to her lips. Merlin looked at her a bit shocked. She sighed, "I've only just got him to sleep." Morgana motioned for them to go around the wall and more into her bedroom.

Merlin knew it was rude to, but he looked around. Morgana certainly had a taste of style. And exactly how many pillows does she own? His thoughts were snapped back when he turned to see Morgana looking at him expectantly. He frowned and his mouth made an O shape as he realised what he was meant to do. He turned a brown shabby bag to the side and opened it up, shuffling and trying to find something specific, Morgana watched him with a raised eyebrow. He smiled as he got the two bottles that Gaius had given him out of his bag- thank God for the extension spell.

"These are from Gaius. He said to take three mouthfuls of the purple one and then two of the green one." He smiled as he past the two coloured bottles to her. His face scrunched up, "oh, wait. Or is it the opposite way round?" He stopped and looked at the bottles, trying to remember what Gaius told him.

"Thank you Merlin, hopefully Gwen won't find my dead body tomorrow because of an overdose of potions, which you got wrong." She said with a role of her eyes as she sat on her bed. Merlin was too busy in thought trying to remember Gaius' instructions that he didn't hear that comment. A wide smile appeared on his face,

"No, it was two green. One purple," he remembered, smiling happily to himself. Morgana then stared at him and then back to the bottles. Her face wasn't convinced; she looked at the bottles with a frown.

"Are you sure?"

"Nice to know you have so much faith in me, milady," Merlin spoken sarcastically. Morgana gave a mocking expression at the comment and drank from the green bottle. Her face scrunched up in disgust when she pulled it away from her mouth, placing the bottle on her wooden desk along with many other objects placed there. Merlin noticed how the room was then lit with a pleasant shade of green because of the glass colour being reflected off the lit candles. It made the room look more tasteful, more soothing and calm, and made Morgana's eyes look even more stunning- wait what? Merlin's face scrunched up as he realised what he had just thought. Feeling awkward he attempted to move just a tiny bit further away from her-And since when did I sit next to her?

Morgana, completely oblivious to Merlin's thoughts, then drank from the purple bottle and placed it next to the green one- making the room then turn a mahogany shade.

"I also got these for you too, for this morning." Merlin then revealed a bunch of beautiful lilac coloured flowers- which he had managed to hide away in his bag- again, thank you extension charm- using magic until he got to her chambers. Morgana's eyebrows lifted at the gift. They really were truly gorgeous. She took them from Merlin's hands and took a sniff. She beamed; they smelled just as good as they looked.

"Thank you, Merlin."

"No problem, milady."

"Please, call me Morgana," she replied with a smile that made Merlin feel all giddy inside. He nodded back with a smile as joyful as hers, until he noticed Morgana looked toward the back of the room when she thought he wasn't looking. He breathed out heavily,

"How is he?" He asked, his voice more serious than before. Morgana looked down at the floor,

"He's pale. I'm worried he's lost a lot of blood." Merlin licked his lips and breathed out heavily,

"Has he said anything at all?"

"Nothing. He won't even tell me his name."

Merlin puckered his lips while in thought and then breathily laughed, shaking his head. He saw Morgana's puzzled expression. How can he find any of this funny?

"It's weird…" He finally spoke, looking at the floor, a smile still on his face. "How, earlier…" The smile didn't falter as he looked back up at Morgana, her expression still puzzled. "I-I thought you were going to hand us over to the guards." The corners of her lips curved into a hidden smile,

"Nice to know you have so much faith in me, Merlin." She repeated his words from before, her face looking at him with a mischievous look.

"No, no, sorry." He apologised, shaking his head. He closed his eyes trying to think of something to say, "Erm, like I said before, you're the King's ward. You're taking a huge risk helping the boy." He tilted his head to the side, looking at Morgana with… Pride?

"I wouldn't see an innocent child executed. What harm has he ever done anyone?" She argued, frowning as she looked to the back of the room again. Merlin gulped,

"Uther believes he has magic, and that makes him guilty." Merlin stated, interested to see what her response would be. He looked to the floor just to make sure it looked like he wasn't too interested in magic. Maybe she doesn't have magic? Maybe she was just shocked at the broken glass earlier.

"Uther's wrong."

Merlin looked up, his face softened as he tried to read her thoughts.

"You believe that?" He watched as she paused for a few moments. Maybe she didn't trust him enough. But before that thought could nag Merlin further-

"What if… Magic isn't something you choose? What if it chooses you?"

Merlin couldn't help but be taken back by that little confession. Even if she didn't have magic, she wasn't against it. That made Merlin's heart flutter and his stomach to twist and turn. He still couldn't tell whether Morgana had magic or not, but he didn't care, she was one of the first people in Camelot to say the truth of magic- that you can't help be who you are. He smiled a happy genuine grin as he watched the King's ward question something that could change the whole of Camelot. She frowned as she noticed his expression,

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She questioned, though her voice was concerned, Merlin still noticed the questioning small smile apparent on her face. His smile was instantly dropped.


Morgana was going to press onto him, but thought that she would leave it- it was a delicate enough conversation as it was.

"Why are you helping him?" She looked at him, her head tilt to the side as Merlin did before. He breathed heavily through his nose.

"It was a spur of the moment decision." He confessed, which wasn't far from the truth. Morgana gazed at him, her face had the tiniest of a smile and her chin was lowered so he could see the gratitude in her eyes. "What do you think we should do to him? He can't stay here."

Morgana rose from her bed and slowly made her way to the door,

"We have to find a way to get him back to his people," she concluded as she looked down at Merlin who was still seated on her bed. He nodded in agreement and also made his way to the door.

"Well… I best get back." He slowly opened the door and looked back at Morgana, who was looking at him with an expression his couldn't quite work out. Before the door fully closed he heard Morgana whisper,

"Thank you, Merlin."


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