My co-writer helped me out with this one. Check her out from my profile! The song that inspired this story is kinda an older one 'Just the Girl' by The Click 5. Enjoy!


Heath Burns stared across the room at Abbey. She was, and had been for some time now, his current love interest. Not a crush, a love interest. That's how he knew this was serious... How he was attracted to her was actually a mystery...

She hated him. Honest to god HATED him. Everything he did would piss her off. In fact, she would say something cruel just because she knew it got a reaction out of him. A stupid reaction, but a reaction. She was cold, literally and metaphorically. She was cruel.

And she was fully aware of what it did to him.

It drove him insane... In a good way. Sort of.

"Heath Burns, if I have to call you one more time..."

"What?" Heath spun his head to face the board. 'COLLEGE PLANS' was written across the top.

"What is your plan for college?" nobody said 'if you even go', but it hung in the air.

"Well, I wanna be a musician..." Heath said quietly. Abbey laughed.

"Have as much talent with music as baby yak have with snowboarding." she scoffed.

Heath rolled his eyes. "Doubt it." he remarked. "Have you ever heard me play?"

Abbey scowled. "No, but does not want to lose hearing."

Heath thought up a comeback, but kept his mouth shut. She already hated him. No sense in making her hate him even more. Besides, she was laughing again. Sure, she was laughing because she thought his dream of becoming as famous as Justin Biter or even One Dierection was stupid, but she was laughing... and, oh, how he loved her laugh.

It actually didn't fit her; because of how much it sounded like a girly giggle. She hid it most of the time, due to sometimes that giggle would end in a snort and that would only embarrass her.

Heath found it secretly... sexy.

The bell rang and students poured out of the room.

"Hey, Burns!" someone called. Heath spun around to see Deuce waving at him.

"'S'up?" Heath asked, brofisting Deuce.

"You coming to the party this weekend?"

"Hell yeah! Wouldn't miss that for anything!"

"Dude, I hear somebody's hiring... y'know..." Clawd winked.

"No way." Heath muttered.

"Who told you that?" Deuce asked. Since his breakup with Cleo, Deuce had been very... sexually promiscuous.

"I just heard someone talking about it." Clawd shrugged.

Before he could say another word, Draculaura had already yanked him away from his group of friends.

"You got a date?" Deuce inquired.

Heath shook his head. "I'm going solo, man. Like I always do."

"You need to get a girlfriend," Deuce punched Heath's arm lightly before walking off.

Heath stared in the direction of Abbey and her friends and sighed.


Party. Lights. Music. Booze. Buzzed. Strippers.

Heath wandered around the party guests, trying to find the table where he had set his drink down.

But it was impossible. Either it was knocked over or someone stole it.

"Damn." Heath swore. Suddenly, everyone outside was cheering. Heath bolted out the back door to see what was going on.

"Dude, some mummy just fell in the pool and all her bandages came off!" someone clued Heath in on the crowd around the pool. Heath pushed his way through. Who could blame him? A totally naked chick in the pool?

"Typical. Heath must be first see poor naked ghoul." a cold voice cut through the party atmosphere like a knife.

Heath rolled his eyes. "I knew it wasn't true." he smirked, trying to look cool. Fail.

Abbey glared at Heath.

"Knew it true. Why else push self to front to see?"

"To confirm my suspicions." Heath said back. God he was so lame. Abbey pushed him lightly.

"Sick pig." she snapped.

"You push like Jackson..." Heath teased. Holt laughed from the DJ booth. Abbey's eyes hardened and she shoved Heath. He stumbled backward and flailed his arms like an idiot.

Laughing out loud, Abbey couldn't control herself as she watched Heath fall backward into the pool.

"Some need to put flame out."

Heath spluttered as water flooded over him. He hated the water, what with him being a fire elemental and all.

"Dude, you okay?" Clawd asked, pulling Heath out of the pool. Heath nodded as he hoisted himself onto the ledge of the pool.

"That was harsh," Deuce snapped at Abbey. "Too much water could kill him."

"Not caring," Abbey said. "World with no Heath is dream for Abbey."

"Hilarious." Heath muttered, sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. "How would you like it if I pushed you in the pool?"

"Are you off your trolley?" Lagoona shrieked, running over. "Heath Burns, you do that and I will murder you with my bare hands. It took me two weeks to get that pool back to normal and if you..."

"He was joking." Clawd interrupted.

"Maybe," Heath muttered under his breath. He tried to remind himself why he liked her so much.

Abbey rolled her eyes. "Please. Would see coming with blindfold."

"Why are you so bitter?" Deuce asked angrily.

"Loosen up!" Holt cried. "Get that pole outta your ass!"

Everyone ignored the DJ's exclamation; he was obviously drunk or cheering on a stripper.

"Am not bitter." Abbey shrugged, taking a sip of her soda. "Am just knowing who is who without wasting breath."

Heath's friends all shot glares at Abbey and turned back to Heath.

"Go freeze somebody, Bominable." he hissed.

"With. Pleasure." Abbey muttered, reaching out and grasping Heath's arm for a solid second; just enough time to freeze him completely.


Heath was sitting at home, keeping his body alight in flame. He hated Abbey. He hated everything about her. She was bitter, but sweet. She knocked him off his feet- literally and metaphorically. He couldn't not love her...

Ugh, but how could he say it without looking like a total IDIOT?

...Exactly, he couldn't.

Abbey would laugh in his face and call him crazy. Or worse, she would ignore him. At least she went out of her way to say things that made him feel horrible. If she didn't speak to him at all... well, he would die.

Heath loved her; but hated her...

Why was love so confusing?!

Maybe if she ignored him, he would get over her...

No, she ignored him once and he wanted her more than ever that week

... Something had to be done...

But what?


The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Nobody picked up.

He was about to give up when...

"Abbey speaking; what you want?"

Heath freaked out. He hadn't expected her to pick up.

"Abbey! Um... hey."

"Not flame-head." she huffed. "What? Someone die?"

"No um...I was wondering..."

"Abbey busy. Get to point."

Heath choked on his words... He couldn't say it...

"No time for this," she said annoyed. The line clicked and Heath sighed.

Great. Big. Fat. Failure.

He did what he knew would make him feel better. He made a FrightTube video. His videos had tons of views, but nobody from school knew it was him. For one thing, he'd never shown his face. It was just a screen with the name of his song. No images. Another thing, his FrightTube name was 'ForeverFrozen'. He made it when he realized he was in love with Abbey.

A few clicks of his keyboard and the video was posted to FrightTube. This one may have been a cover of a song he loved, but he didn't add the screen to cover his face.

Preview Video before Posting? Heath clicked the button and watched himself strum his guitar and sing the song. It was a Justin Biter cover; an artist he knew Abbey loved. He posted the final video after making a small edit and logged off.

Thinking nothing else, he closed the computer.

Abbey was... really important to him. Just... words couldn't describe.


Heath didn't go to school the next day. He couldn't bring himself to get out of bed. Instead, he decided to log onto FrightTube and see what people thought of him revealing his identity.

Views: 1,000,035

That was the most views he'd ever gotten. He scrolled to the comments.

CallMeFangy: Dude, this is amazing! Glad you finally showed your face.

BitchyBanshee: OMGhoul! I've been a fan for such a long time now! Knew you'd be hot! Keep singing!

FangsSharperThanKnives: Fangtastic cover!

The comments were all great, and Heath loved each and every one. He found one comment that made his heart skip a beat.

DeathFangRecordsOfficial: We're really excited with your work. We'd like you to give us a call. We've sent our number to your FrightTube inbox. Hope to hear from you soon. You're really talented.

No... way...

He checked his messages; just to make sure this wasn't a prank and... it wasn't.

The number was there, with 'call us' attached to it.

This was his chance of making it big time. If he became famous, Abbey would have to notice him...

Grabbing out his phone, he dialed the number. Maybe this was a dream... and maybe not...


The next few days were spent with Heath on the phone talking to the monsters at DeathFang Records. He'd avoided school as often as possible because now, the students knew he was about to get signed and he hated the mobs.

But then again... he was going to be famous... He'd have to get used to it...

His phone rang and he answered it without checking the ID. He had been hoping that Abbey would call and answering it this way was less disappointing.

"Heath Burns, welcome to DeathFang Records. We're sending a car to pick you up and you'll come to the studio to record your first single."

Heath's heart nearly stopped. "T-t-thank you!" he exclaimed.

This was it. He was signed. Famous. About to record his first single. A car pulled up out front.

To call it car was like calling a butterfly a fly. The car was a stretch-limo with shiny black paint, silver wheels, clean black tires, and 'DTHFNG' on the license plate.

"Hello, Mr. Burns," The driver said, opening the door.

Heath smiled. Yeah... maybe a new beginning was all he needed...