Moving and a reunion

Jasper Park Kates POV:

I woke up to the sun shining into my eyes through the entrance of my parents den. I then quickly remembered that Lilly's wedding was today and I had to help her get ready for the wedding so I quickly ran out and got a pinecone to brush her fur with. It took me five minutes to find one and bring it back to the den where Lilly was sitting and waiting for me. I then walked up to her and said in the happiest voice I could muster. "Hey Lilly. Ready to get prepared for your wedding?" She gave me a smile before saying. "You know I am." We then walked outside and looked down at the rock where Lilly was going to get married when we began talking. She said. "Thanks for helping me get ready Kate." I replied by saying around the pinecone. "Anytime Lilly after all you are my sister and this is your big day."I'm guessing she noticed the hint of sadness in my voice because she then said. "Kate I know you miss Humphrey but believe me he will come back and if he doesn't then I will cover my feet in tree sap and glue myself to the ground." We both laughed at this before we headed down to the ceremonial rock for Lilly's wedding.

When we got down there everyone from both packs was waiting for Lilly to come so we can unite the packs. When we got there I went to sit with my parents while Lilly walked up to the ceremonial rock were Garth was waiting for her. I have to say they do make a cute couple. They then began the wedding ceremony. First they accepted each other's scents; they then nibbled on each other's ears before finally they rubbed noses. When their noses touched everyone cheered. I smiled at this but I was longing for the day that it might be me and Humphrey up there. I sighed at the thought but my sigh was drowned out by the cheers of everyone else. I figured I might as well go to the celebration party and try to enjoy myself. But I kept wondering the same thing. Where is Humphrey?

Back in Sawtooth Humphreys POV:

I had just gotten up to the sun shining in through my den entrance as usual and decided to continue reading the book I started yesterday. It took me half an hour before I was done and decided to go down to the river and get a drink. I walked for five minutes before I arrived at the river. I then dunked my head in to fully awaken myself then had a nice long drink. When I was done I looked at my reflection and realised I was still not strong enough to survive on my own. I sighed and knew that my next few months were going to be immensely tough on me. I then left to get some exercise.

Three years later

Jasper Park Kates POV:

I was walking to my parents den for an announcement. I bet it was about the lack of caribou in Jasper since there have been more mouths to feed. This is just one of the changes that have happened in the last three years. Humphrey still hasn't shown up at all and there hasn't been a trace of him at all. During the first year I hardly ever left my parents den and the only time I left was to eat or drink and while I was in the den I would just sulk. After the first year I tried to get over him by hunting and doing all my alpha duties but that didn't work so well because his friends would always glare at me which would always remind me. Now this year I keep getting asked out by a lot of the single male wolfs but I always turn them down because I just don't have any interests in getting romantic .On the side Lilly has given birth to four pups which consist of two boys and two girls. I then just arrived at my parents den parents were sitting at the top with Toni, Garth, and Lilly with the entire pack was gathered. I walked up and joined them when my dad announced. "Okay everyone we all know that since the joining of the packs we have had more mouths to feed and because of this we have run out of food so because of this we are going to have to relocate to a new territory. This afternoon we will be hopping onto some empty train cars and leave Jasper. Everyone agreed at this because most of them were hungry from lack of food in Jasper. We al then began to head towards the train tracks. When the train came across everyone jumped into the empty train cars. I jumped in while carrying one of my nieces while Lilly, Garth and mom carried the others. Once we were in I put my niece down then looked outside then sat down and watched the scenery go by.

Sawtooth Humphreys POV:

I had just come down to the stream for a drink of water when I caught sight of my reflection. I was now three times as muscular as Garth was and twice as fast as Kate. I was also wearing my lucky hat which was the old military general hat I found in the chest except I cut two holes in the top for my ears. I also had three gashes which formed a scar on my chest. I received these when I was training in the mountains and ran into some bears that weren't too happy to see me. I then took my hat off then dipped my head into the water to shock myself awake because I had just gotten up half an hour ago and was still a little drowsy. I decided I would get some salvaging at the junkyard done before I ran off to the junkyard.

When I got there I began to salvage through some old junk. I had made a hobby of going through old junk and bringing the stuff I liked back to my den. So far the things I have liked have and brought back to my den. The things I found my first two trips here are the things that started this hobby of mine. In the past trips I've brought back a pair of bookends shaped like two wolfs sitting which was lucky because my books kept collapsing and it was getting rather annoying to restack them all the time. I also found an old rug which looked quite good in my den entrance room. Another item I found was an old radio that I was able to get working again which was nice because I rather enjoy a bit of music while I read .I also found an old book that tells you how to make beaded sculptures and under it an old plastic jar of different coloured beads and some wrapped up wire with it and this was really lucky because I am now able to take on making beaded sculptures as a hobby. To be honest I don't understand why people through these things away.

I had been looking through the pile of junk before I finally found something that caught my eye. It was an old wooden wolf mask. I smiled at it and knew exactly where I was going to put it. I quickly ran back to my den. When I got there I hung the mask above the entrance so people would know that this den belonged to a wolf. I then went inside and stopped by my hobby room to admire my collection. I dug shelves into the wall to hold my beaded sculpture collection. I looked at it with a smile because I had beaded sculptures of everyone I knew in my former pack. I then looked on top of the chest to see my radio and book collection but the ones that stood out the most were my journal and the old army journal. My journal had been filled up quite a bit in the last few years but there was still a ton of pages left for me to write in. The army however was filled completely to the last page and I had finished reading it last year. Inside it I learnt how painful war was for the former owner of the journal because he was captured and tortured but the thing that hurt him the most was the fact he might have never gotten the chance to see his wife again. Also contained in the journal were different manoeuvres on how to use the survival knife and different combat moves and by the end of my first year as a lone wolf I had mastered all the manoeuvres. I then had a quick bite to eat and saw I was running out of food and knew I would have to get more food soon. I then decided to go hunting after a nap. Then I left to my sleeping room, hung my hat on my knife that was in the wall, lied down on the mattress, got under the blanket and began to take a nap.

Back with the pack Kates POV:

Me and the pack had been traveling on the train for four hours before my dad saw a sign that said "welcome to Sawtooth" as he yelled out so everyone could here. "Okay everyone off the train." Then I quickly picked up my niece Angela and hopped off with everyone. Once I was off I put Angela on the ground and watched as she quickly ran to her parents. I smiled at this but felt a twinge of sadness because I might never be able to have pups of my own with Humphrey because for all I know he could be dead. I felt even sadder at this when my dad walked up in front of everyone and announced. "Okay everyone this will be our new territory. Now it is time for us all to build dens and I will need some of our Alphas to go out and hunt some food for the pack." It was then something hit me in the head and I said. "Ouch" everyone turned towards me as mom asked in a concerned voice. "Kate is something wrong?" I answered. "Yes mom something just hit my head." She gave me a curious look before asking. "What was it?" I was about to answer when a stone went whizzing by my head. Everyone turned towards where the rock came from.

Then me, my parents, Lilly and Garth went towards where the rocks came from. When we got to the place where the rocks were coming from to find a small clearing where a duck and a goose seemed to be playing a weird game. They hadn't noticed us yet so we slowly began to walk towards them. Once we were nearing the duck took notice of us and quickly took off while telling the goose to do the same. The goose still hadn't noticed us until he turned around and said. "Well hello there I have not seen many wolfs around here." We all gave him curious looks before my mom replied. "Well our pack just moved here and did you hit that rock that struck my daughter in the head?" He then replied. "I believe so and I apologise because if I had known she was there I would not have hit my ball that way." Then mom gave him one of his creepy smiles and said. "Well alright then I will let you off with a warning this time but if you hurt either of my daughters or my grand pups I will rip you in two and feed your lifeless carcass to some hungry bears." We all stared at her wide eyed before the goose said. "Let me guess you are Eve. Mate of Winston and mother of Kate and Lilly." We all gasped at this before I asked. "How in the world did you know all that?" He replied by saying. "I've already said too much." Then he turned around before taking off. While we all watched him fly off with confused looks but we all just shrugged it off then went back to the pack.

It took three hours before everyone had built dens, the hunting party returned with no food but we would get food tomorrow because it was now nightfall and everyone was gathered around for a pack meeting. My dad just walked onto a rock in front of the pack then announced. "Okay everyone todays hunt did not go so well but I am sure that tomorrow we will get enough food to last the pack days. Everyone cheered at this then we all went to our new dens to get some sleep.

Humphreys POV:

I had just gotten back from a hunt which I do sometimes after a nap. With me was a large caribou in my jaws when Marcel and Paddy flew in to my den. I put the caribou down and smiled at them as I said. "Hey guys. What are you two doing here?" Marcel replied. "Well we felt that we should inform you that your old pack is here." To say I was shocked was an understatement as I quickly asked. "Why are they here?" Paddy answered. "Well it would appear that they ran out of food so they had to move here." I then asked. "Did you tell them that I'm here?" Marcel replied. "Oh no I did give them a hint or two but I do not think they would get it." I smiled at this then said. "Thanks for the info guys and for keeping me being here a secret." They smiled then Paddy said "It was our pleasure but I doubt they would even recognise you now." I tilted my head in confusion and asked. "What do you mean?" Marcel replied. "Well look at yourself. You are no longer that weak omega wolf we first met three years ago but a strong powerful lone wolf." I smiled hearing this then said. "Thanks you guys are the best and goodnight." They bid me a goodnight then flew off. While I put the caribou in my food storage room with my other caribou before going into my sleeping room, hanging my hat on my knife, lied down on the mattress, got under the blanket and began to sleep.

When I woke up it was morning and the birds were singing as always but I knew that my piece wasn't going to last forever since my old pack was here and I couldn't hide from them forever so I might as well get it over and done with after breakfast and a bath. I then put my lucky hat on, walked into the main room and then pulled out some caribou from my food storage room and began to eat some caribou. When I was done I went down to the river for a morning bath. When I got there I quickly hopped in to the water in order to fully wake myself awake up. I then decided to go hunting before going to see my old pack. I then quickly headed to wear the caribou normally graze. When I got there I found two large caribou grazing. So I slowly crept towards them and once I was close enough I went for the kill and in two minutes both caribou were on the ground dead. I was just about to pick one of them when I heard someone clear there throat. It turned towards the source of the voice only to see Winston staring at me. He then asked. "I don't suppose you could spare some food." I merely nodded then began to walk away without the caribou but before I could get away Winston said. "Wait." I turned towards him as he ran up to me and asked. "Thank you for the food but who are you?" I deepened my voice so he wouldn't recognise it and said. "You are welcome and as for who I am you already know the answer to that." He tilted his head in confusion as he asked. "I do?" I merely nodded then left leaving a very confused Winston Behind me.

Kates POV:

My dad had just howled which meant he wanted to see me and some of the other alphas. We all gathered to where he was to find him sitting next to two dead caribou. We were all shocked seeing this before I asked. "Dad where did these caribou come from?" He answered. "Well I was on a walk when I heard what sounded like caribou being killed so I came to investigate. When I did I found a rather muscular wolf with grey fur, blue eyes, a large scar on his chest and an old General hat sitting next to them. I asked him if he could spare some food and he just nodded then began to walk away but I stopped him and asked who he was but all he said was I already known the answer to that question then left." I gave him a confused look before asking. "What does that mean?" He simply shrugged and said. "I don't know but I have to admit there was something familiar about him but I just can't put my paw on it." Eventually we all just shrugged it off and took the food back to the pack where dad told everyone about the wolf and everyone was very confused at the fact there's been a wolf living in this park longer then we have. But we all decided to leave it alone for now and just ate. When we were done we all just relaxed for an hour before storm clouds began to gather so we all quickly got into the dens but I couldn't get to my den in time as it began to rain so Garth and Lilly let me stay in their den but as I got in Lilly said in a worried voice. "Oh no. Where's Duncan?" Duncan is one of my nephews so I was also worried. Then his brother Jake stepped in and said. "Well my two friends were bullying him and after I just let them and left him he ran off crying." To say I was shocked was an understatement and I knew Garth and Lilly were just as shocked if not more but their shock quickly turned to anger as Garth said. "Jake you are grounded for two weeks for not being a good brother and if anything happens to Duncan then you're grounded for life he cringed at this then Lilly said. "Agreed." He hung his head in sadness hearing this I merely looked out at the rain worrying for my nephews life before I laid down and went to sleep.

Humphreys POV:

I had just got caught in the rain which was beginning to get harder when I heard crying coming from an old tree trunk so I decided to investigate. When I got there I found a small pup crying so I asked in a gentle voice. "Hey there little guy what are you doing out here?" He sniffled and looked up at me before answering. "I ran off after being bullied and got caught in the storm and now I can't find my way home." I frowned hearing that he was being bullied so I said. "Well you won't get home in this storm. My den is nearby and you can stay there till this storm is over then I will take you home." He slowly nodded and I then picked him up and carried to my den.

Once we were inside I gently put him down and shook myself dry as he did the same. When I was dry I noticed he was looking around my den so I asked. "So what's your name is?" He looked at me and said. "My name is Duncan. What's yours?" I answered "It's Humphrey" "Okay Duncan what were you looking at?" He looked at me then said. "Well it's just I've never seen a den like this before." I smiled down at him and asked. "Would you like a tour?" He smiled then said. "Sure." I then proceeded to show him around my den but the thing that caught his eye the most was my beaded sculpture collection. When he saw it he said. "Those things look like some members from my pack." I chuckled at this and said. "No surprise considering they're supposed to. I used to be a member of the western pack before they united the packs." He gasped then said. "Wow that's cool. Could you tell me what it was like at the uniting of the packs?" I replied. "Sorry but no because I was taken by humans before the uniting." He then tilted his head in confusion and asked. "Well why didn't you come back?" I then told him what happened at the moonlight howl and when he heard this he explained to me that Kate and Garth didn't marry but Garth and Lilly married and that he is one of their children. He also told me how Kate has been worried to death and how she gets asked out daily but always turns them down because she only wants me. To say I was shocked was an understatement .All this time I thought Kate would just forget about me but I never thought that she would care so much about me. But I smiled and asked. "You want to learn how to make beaded sculptures?" He smiled then nodded. The rest of my day was filled with me teaching Duncan how to build beaded sculptures and by the end of it he could make them as well as I could. When night fall came I hung my hat up, lied down on my bed while Duncan snuggled up to me, we both said goodnight then we both drifted off into sleep.

The next morning greeted me with Duncan yawning next to me. I smiled down at him then said. "Good morning." He replied by saying good morning back. Then I asked. "You want some breakfast?" He smiled then answered. "Yeah I'm hungry." I chuckled at this then went into the main room and pulled out the leftover caribou and we began to eat. Once we were done I said. "Well let's get you back to your parents." He cheered at this before I took him out of the den and we began our walk to my former pack. When we got there we found Garth gathering up search parties to find Duncan but the minute he saw him he ran up and hugged him so tight and said. "Duncan. Me and your mother have been so worried about you." He replied. "I'm fine dad." He then pointed at me and said. "He let me stay with him in his den for the night." Garth put Duncan down and then began to look me over while everyone left before Garth said. "Thanks for looking after my son." Then Winston walked up and said. "Okay honestly have we met somewhere before because you look strangely familiar." I chuckled then said. "Why Winston you still don't recognise me?" He simply shook his head I chuckled before I heard someone ask. "Aye what's going on here?" I turned my head to see none other than my three old pals Salty, Shaky and Mooch walking towards us. Seeing them I couldn't help but smile. Once they were close enough Garth said. "Well Winston was asking this man if they've met before." Salty then looked at me carefully before his look of curiosity turned into one of shock as he asked. "Humphrey is that you?" I smiled and said. "It's nice to see you guys again."

They all laughed at this before Winston asked. "Is it really you Humphrey?" I looked at him with a smile before answering. "Yes Winston it really is me." He gave me a smile before asking. "Have you been living in this park all this time?" I replied. "Yeah I have. To be honest the life of a lone wolf really grows on a person." He then said. "Well Humphrey I hope that even though you've grown accustomed to the life of a lone wolf I hope you will come back to the pack as an alpha." I gave him a thoughtful look before I felt a tugging on my arm. I looked down to see Duncan looking up at me as he said. "Please Mr Humphrey .It'll be fun to be fun to have you in the pack." I chuckled at this then rubbed his head down as I said. "Well alright but there a few conditions." Winston gave me a confused look before asking. "Conditions?" I answered. "Yes but don't worry it's nothing serious." He then gave me a warm smile before saying. "Very well. What would the conditions be?" I answered. "Well first of all I hunt alone because I do my best work on my own, second of all no one builds dens near mine because I rather enjoy living away from people, thirdly no one enters my den without my permission and fourthly you ban everyone from going up that mountain." I pointed to a large mountain as I said the fourth part. Winston gave me another confused look before saying. "Okay I get the first three conditions but why must everyone be banned from the mountain?" My pals then stepped in and said. "Yeah man. Why?" I then asked while pointing at the scar on my chest. "You all see this scar?" Everyone nodded at this before I said. "Well I got it up on that mountain when I was training before the bears up on that mountain attacked me. I was lucky to escape them." They all gasped and nodded at this before I said. "Well it's been nice seeing you all again but I have a junkyard to go salvage." They all gave me confused before Garth asked. "What in the world does that mean?" I replied. "It means I know where an old abandoned junkyard is and I like to salvage through the old junk for useful or cool items for my den." They all nodded at this before Salty asked. "Hey can we come?" I smiled then said. "Sure."

We were about to leave with them when Winston stopped us and said to me. "Listen Humphrey I know you might still be mad at Kate but please talk to her." I stared at him before asking in an annoyed voice. "Why should I? After all she's the reason I never returned to Jasper." He frowned and said. "I know Humphrey but since you left she's been feeling a great amount of guilt over it so please at least talk to her." I just replied. "I already know. Duncan told me everything. If she wants to see me so badly tell her to come see me at my den. Duncan knows the way." Then I began to lead my pals to the junkyard.

We walked for five minutes before we arrived at the hole in the fence which I always use to get into the junkyard since the entrance is all locked up. Once we were all in which took longer than usual because Mooch got stuck and we had to pull him out the guys began to look around the place. I smiled at this before saying. "Well boys we're not going to find anything just standing around." They all nodded at this before we all took to looking in different places.

Back at the dens Kates POV:

I had just woken up to see that I had slept in. I quickly stumbled to my legs when my dad came in with a smile on his face as he said. "Good morning Kate." I smiled then replied. "Good morning dad." He gave me a warm smile before saying. "Good news Kate turns out Humphrey has been living here in Sawtooth all this time and he's alive and well." I exploded with happiness hearing this as I quickly asked. "Where is he?" My dad chuckled at this before saying. "Before you go after him Kate you should know that Humphrey over went some changes in the past few years." I tilted my head in confusion before asking. "What do you mean?" He replied. "Well now Humphrey is far more muscular than Garth, has three large scars on his chest and he wears an old army general hat with two holes in the top for his ears." I gasped hearing the changes Humphreys gone through but I didn't care as long as he was still him so I asked. "Where is he?" Dad answered. "Well he was taking his friends to an old abandoned junkyard where he apparently finds old stuff to put in his den. I nodded at this before asking. "Where is his den?" He gave a frown before saying. "I'm sorry Kate but I have no idea. The only person who knows that is Duncan." I then knew I had to get my young nephew to tell me where his den is so I quickly ran to find him.

When I found him he was being apologised to by his brother and the two bullies who picked on him yesterday with their parents there. Knowing I shouldn't interrupt I just sat there and listened as Duncan said in a calm voice. "I accept your apology but if you bully me again I have ways of making Mr Humphrey teach how to use an old survival knife to cause slow and painful deaths." Everyone stared at him wide eyed as I made a mental note to talk to Garth and Lilly about keeping Duncan away from mom. When we all snapped out of the shock, the conversation was over and the bullies were taken away with their parents I walked up to Duncan and said. "Hey Duncan could you please take me to Humphreys den?" He looked up at me and answered. "Sure Aunt Kate but you might have to wait for him to get back." I smiled at him and replied. "I'll wait for him." He nodded at this before he led me to his den. When we got there I saw a den with a wolf mask hanging above the entrance. I then looked down at Duncan and told him that I would wait for Humphrey. He nodded at this then walked back to the pack while I waited for Humphrey I decided I might as well check out his den. When I got inside I was amazed at the size of the first room with the rug. I continued by entering the first room that had a mattress, knife in the wall and an old blanket on top of the mattress. I was guessing that this was his sleeping room so I left to the next room which contained some food so I guessed it must have been where he stored food. I then checked the last room to find an old trunk with some Earnest Hemingway books on it so I guessed Humphrey had a thing for the books. I also noticed two bookends in the shape of wolfs which really suited the den. I then looked at the wall to find shelves carved into it and on the shelves were beaded figures of some of the pack members and I know because he gave them all the fur patterns in just the right places. Once I was done checking the den out I decide to wait in the main room for Humphrey on the rug. While I was waiting I began to think of ways to surprise Humphrey when he enters. After five minutes I had decided that when he enters I will talk to him and won't leave until he forgives me. I decided just in time because I began to hear laughter coming from outside so I got ready to pounce.

Humphreys POV:

I had just gotten back from a junkyard raid with my buddies and I would have to say it was a pretty good raid. I got a big pillow for my den and an old blue scarf that looks rather good on me, Salty got an old skateboard, Mooch got an old trumpet that he thinks he can learn to use and Shaky got an old antique nut cracker. When we got to the den I bid my friends good bye and then they left. To be honest there is nothing I enjoy more than spending a nice quiet evening in my den on the rug while reading a good book but just as I entered I saw the last person who I wanted in my den for she was the one who drove me to the life of a lone wolf, the wolf who drove me out of Jasper, the wolf who broke my heart. I saw Kate. I glared at her as she asked. "Humphrey is it really you?" I glared at her as I put the pillow down and replied. "Yes it is. Now what do you want?" She looked down and sighed sadly as she said. "Listen Humphrey I know you're still mad at me but please just here what I have to say." I simply replied. "Well what is it you have to say?" She looked up at me and said. "Humphrey I'm sorry for what I did. It was absolutely wrong of me to hurt you like that. So please Humphrey forgive me." I sighed in irritation and said. "Let me guess you won't leave my den until I say yes?" She slowly nodded. I sighed then said. "Fine I forgive you." Then the next thing I knew I was on my back with Kate on top of me while saying. "Thank you, Thank you thank you Humphrey. You won't regret this." I then said. "Okay now would you please let me up and kindly leave my den?" She then got off me with a hurt look on her face as she asked. "Why do you want me to leave? Didn't you say you forgive me?" I answered. "Well yes but during afternoons like this I prefer to sit on my rug with my radio playing peaceful music while I either read or make a beaded sculpture." She nodded at this and left.

I sighed in relief then picked up my new pillow, went into my bedroom, put it on my mattress before I hung my hat and scarf up and left to my hobby room where I grabbed my radio and one of my books, left into the entrance room, sat on my rug, turned on the radio to a calming sound and began to read. It was moments like these I felt completely relaxed but sadly my relaxation was short lived as after an hour Winston walked in with a concerned look on his face. When I saw him enter I put my book down, turned off my radio and asked. "Winston what's wrong?" He sighed then replied. "Well Humphrey the moonlight howl was supposed to be tonight." I nodded at this and gave him a confused look before saying. "Okay. So why are you here?" He answered. "Well we don't have any place to hold it and I was hoping you could tell me of any good places for the howl to be held." He gave me a hopeful look as I sighed in defeat knowing I had to help him so I said. "Well we could always hold it at the junkyard." He gave me a confused look before asking. "There's an old junkyard?" I nodded as I said. "Yes and it has lots of room so it will be able to fit everyone, there are high places with parts for people to sit on so it has different spots for different couples but they do have to fallow a few rules." He gave me a confused look before saying. "Well that sounds great but what do you mean by rules?" I answered. "Oh nothing big just no one takes junk from the bottom because that could cause the junk to collapse on them, no pups mess with something without adult supervision because they could get hurt and finally and I cannot stress this rule enough no one absolutely no one goes past the part of the junkyard with tiers because past that part of the junkyard is a giant hole that people can fall into and get themselves killed." Winston nodded at this before saying. "Okay. Thanks for the info Humphrey and will I be seeing you there?" I replied. "Yeah I guess you will." He smiled then said. "By the way you're going to have to lead everyone to the junkyard." I nodded at this before he left. I sighed in relief then returned back to what I was doing.

I did this for an hour before I heard Winston howl thus summoning the pack so I quickly put my book down, switched off the radio, put them back, put on my hat and scarf then ran to meet the pack. Once I got there I found the entire pack waiting surprisingly waiting for me surprisingly. Winston then walked up to me and said. "Well Humphrey we're all here so could you begin leading us to this junkyard." I nodded then began leading the pack to the junkyard. Once we got there and everyone was in the junkyard I hopped onto a car roof and yelled out all the rules. Once I was done everyone went to have a goodtime. I was just about to get down when some of the females surrounded me. They all looked different and said things differently but they all wanted the same thing and that was me as a howling partner. I don't think I would have made it out of there if Hutch hadn't called me. When he did I quickly ran up to him and said. "Thanks Hutch I owe you one." He gave me a confused look before asking. "Why?" I answered. "Because I couldn't keep up with all those girls and I think you just saved my life." He chuckled at this then said. "Well the reason I called you was because Winston wants to see you." He then pointed at an old car at the top of a pile and said. "He's in that old car." I nodded at this before I climbed up to the top of the pile.

When I reached the top I found Winston sitting inside the old hunk of junk overlooking the entire junkyard. He looked at me and smiled before asking. "So Humphrey how does it feel to be at the moonlight howl again?" I replied. "It feels good but also a little weird for some reason." He then said. "I'm guessing it's because you've been away from other wolfs for so long." I nodded and said. "I guess so but what's the reason you called me up here?" He gave me a serious look before saying. "I want to know what you said to Kate because when she came home she seemed depressed." I replied. "All I said was I will give her another chance then politely asked her to leave so I could relax a bit with a good book." He nodded at this before saying. "Well then go enjoy the howl." I smiled at this and ran down to meet my buddies. When I got down Salty said. "Whoa Humphrey you did a great job on choosing a place for the moonlight howl man." I replied by saying. "Thanks man. By the way you guys never told me if you guys got girlfriends yet." They all gave me smiles before Salty said. "Oh we got girlfriends." Then Reba, Janice and Candy walked up. Reba sat next to Salty, Janice sat next to Shaky while Candy sat next to Mooch. I chuckled then said. "You sly dogs." We all laughed at this before Candy said. "You know Humphrey my friend Sweets is still single and I might be able to hook you up with her." I smiled at her and said. "Thanks but these days I'm not really interested in getting romantic. But if she's wants to give it a whirl tell her to drop by my den tomorrow." I then turned around and went to look for a good howling spot. The rest of my night was filled with howling and a good time before I returned to my den for a goodnight sleep.

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