"And so it was that five wanderers, lost in a strange land, came together and formed what started as an uneasy alliance, soon to become an unshakeable bond of friendship. A soldier who once faced dishonour, a vault dweller who faced loneliness, a Ghoul with no goal except for survival, a drifter seeking an easy life and a tribal in self-imposed exile.

The five wanderers returned to New Vegas for a time, and enjoyed their much needed rest and recuperation. But this was not to last.

As news of trouble reached them, they decided to travel to California, a safe haven for the time being. The misfits offered the help the NCR to repel the Legion, but because of the mayhem they had caused, for both the NCR's enemies and the NCR itself, their offer was refused.

As Area 51 crumbled into ruin, the NCR rounded up the few surviving Enclave soldiers and questioned them before imprisoning them for a time. Halley's actions have shocked the NCR. Since his death, they have thoroughly investigated Halley's black ops division. Many operatives were interrogated in secret. Proven as spies or not, every member of Halley's division is now under surveillance.

In the wake of the attack on Area 51, Sergeant Dunn was commended for his actions and promoted. Ranger Colby's body was recovered from the ruins, he was given a military burial with full honours and a medal awarded posthumously.

Despite their heroic efforts in stopping the Enclave in Nevada, the misfits were condemned by the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Brotherhood of Steel. This was because they had destroyed valuable technologies in both the military Vault 225 and Area 51.

Obviously, the five wanderers had incurred the wrath of Caesar. With the death of one of his best soldiers, Caesar decided not to relent and ordered all of his men to kill the wanderers on sight.

With no new power source, the NCR still has to rely on Hoover Dam, making it the focus of several factions in the Mojave Wasteland. One day Hoover Dam will fly the flag of a victor, but that will be decided by another. For now, the NCR still has the Legion to contend with.

Mark Kelson now stands redeemed, at least in some eyes. Despite every loss, of his brother, his fellow soldiers, he continued to stand for the sake of his friends. He moved on, and after a few months in California, he asked Emily to marry him, and she agreed. This newfound happiness has given Mark strength, but the dangers of staying in NCR territory still worry him. Now his first priority is to ensure the safety of his friends.

Emily Nicks spent two weeks wandering alone, almost convinced that she was completely alone. The day she met Mark and Ghost changed her life. With the remnants of her past laid to rest, Emily has left her old life in Vault 117 behind and has embraced life in the post-apocalyptic wastelands, broadening her knowledge of this new world. Her marriage to Mark delighted her; she found the one thing she had never expected to have: love.

Ghost put aside his past as an Enclave soldier, apart from his knowledge. He was no longer that man anyway. Now he has changed again, from a lone wanderer to a loyal companion. Ghost has his doubts about staying in California, where he and his friends, despite their actions, have few friends. Nevertheless, he knows who to trust now.

Mara Lanning had never considered herself as a social person. Walking the wastes with four strangers brought out an unusual change in her. Mara struggled to stay in one place for a time, as a nomad by upbringing, but she persevered to stay with her friends.

Jin Irving began to change too. He started to womanise, gamble and drink less and less. It seemed that his new friends were having an influence on him. Although he remained restless, and often wondered about travelling again, there was always some excuse for staying.

In the end, Colonel Hsu and General Oliver saw little point in classifying the missions to Vault 225 and Area 51; rumours were already flying among the troops. However, the stories were rarely believed. The files gathered by Halley resulted in suspicions being raised, but no questions were asked.

Now that the peace in the NCR and the Mojave is threatened, and as factions target them, the misfits turn their eyes north, to a new life and a fresh start. They have many roads left to travel and the fight for survival to contend with, because the struggle to survive in this world is a war without end.

And war… war never changes."