Author´s note: The last chapter at last! Is so amazing that we made it this far. And the ending is going to be as mysterious as the rest so watch it! The sequel will come out very soon with much more adventure, riddles and monsters. It was real nice to have you all here during this fic so please allow me to say that you are one of the best readers one could ever hope to get. The fragment is obviously from "The Little Prince".

Last lines, last hours before darkness.

16. Snake in the Grass

The day after the incident with the nest, Mayor Jones spends the whole morning trying to come up with a way to get tourists but again, he´s barking at the wrong tree, as always. Sheriff Stone is not having a nice day either. The rampage has left a trail of destruction in town and the pirates looted everything worth looting. The gang at least is having a peaceful morning with the usual classes.

Velma is still a bit crossed about what happened with Shaggy but wonders why Scooby had to do with everything in the end.

Once the lessons are dismissed, they all head for the K-Ghoul for a nice afternoon of music. Scooby is happy, at least this time, Shaggy has been able to get him in. That is real good. Today he has eaten like a king but still he keeps thinking in Jade... 3 3 Aw, Jade! So soft, so intelligent, so brave. If only there were more girls like her in this world. Almost as a distraction he stares at one of the windows trying to find comfort when he sees the glowing eye of Jormungard looking at him.

"Raaaauuuuh!" the dog jumps into the arms of his friend. He tries to say what happened but the strange vision is gone.

"See? Is because you eat too much" sniggers Velma getting into the van. The Great Dane shows her his tongue.

"Don´t worry, Scoob. Like, after all what happened last night, I think we can trust you when it comes to things like this" smiles Shaggy and Scooby Doo licks his face before they both get into the van.


Meanwhile, Carusso is at the old Spanish Church where Monsieur Noir is reading one of his favourite books.

"The kids are OK. I have made sure about it and I send your note to Cassidy before getting here"

"Good. Well, since Mr. Simmons has his own agenda, we will keep a more sharp eye on our young friends. Did you get the papers?"

"Right here, sir. Shiva was mad at me for being late but we couldn´t just left Saint-Exupéry´s papers about Sunken Island where everyone could found them" Carusso gives him a file. "Pericles and E surely read them before this all started"

"That I guess. And the gate?"

"Bolted and barred"

"Good. Then we can resume our work. Tell our agent to keep an eye on Scooby. He´ll need it"

"Yes, sir" Ed watches as the bodyguard opens the door and Monsieur Noir disappears into the shadows of the car. Carusso looks at the church with a grin before getting into his own car.


Meanwhile, Angel is waiting for the gang to arrive. She keeps thinking about her conversation with E in the hospital. Is he still in love? Or is it all gone at it seems now? Hm? There´s a paper hanging from her door. She didn´t notice it at first. Hm. Is a fragment from a book.

There´s a small note that says: "KEEP THIS IN MIND"

Hm. Let´s see what is says:

#The Little Prince sat on a rock and rose his eyes towards the sky:

"I wonder" he said. "If the stars are shining so that one day, we can each find the one that is ours. Look! My planet! Is up there, above us... But, is too far!"

"Is a nice planet" said the snake. "Why are you here?"

"I´m angry with a flower"


And both went quiet.

"Where are the men?" finally exclaimed the Little Prince. "One is so lonely here at the desert"

"One is also alone when he is among men"

The Prince looked at the snake for a long while.

"What a strange animal you are! You´re as thin as a finger"

"True but as mighty as a king´s finger that is" said the snake.

"I really don´t think you´re mighty" smiled the Prince. "You don´t even have legs, you can´t travel..."

"I can take you further than a ship" said he coiling around the Little Prince´s ankle like a golden bracelet. "Whoever I touch, I send him back to the place where he come from. But you came down from a star. You´re pure..." The Little Prince did not answer. "I feel pity for you. You, such weak creature, over this rough granite ground. I can help you if you ever miss your planet. Yes, I can..."

"Oh! Now I understand" said the boy. "But why are you always talking in riddles?"

"Because I answer them all" replied the snake and they both went quiet.#

Angel too goes quiet when she has finished the reading. Why did they send her this? Does it have something to do with the two snakes?

Without her noticing, Jormungard is spying her from below, underneath the water. Smiling to himself as he will soon get back his older brother and settle old scores with Crystal cove but patience now. Yes, yes, precious, be patient. For you are the Voice from Beneath and they must not know your schemes, snake in the grass. And thus, Jormungard sinks into the darkness.

"Decided to share the sadness,

emptiness and ghosts along the way.

Fears and joys to play and feel,

swearing to never deceive again.

Crossing around the great wall

which separates lies from pardon;

making forgiveness the antidote

for the most deep bleeding scars.

Worth going on, fear will tear you down if you don't..

Today it looks fine, whatever will come

is up to time to tell its tale.

Maybe this their best chance

to start again, and that is now twice.

For all the times they must face

the darkest way of them all, forgive.

Better now not stumble, this can be well done.

Make their sun shine bright.

Worth going on, fear will tear you down if you don't.

I hope they remember this hell

and what mistakes took them there;

that life doesn't lead them to despair

where no hope shines a light.

A tear can be bigger than the ocean

when the wind carries treachery.

Cuz life can be something terrible

when two walk on.

Worth going on, fear will tear you down if you don't."

Again, good old Revolver "Es Mejor Caminar".

Curtain with so many questions still in the air.

Watch it peeps!

"A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished:
For never was a story of more woe