As you all may have noticed, I have deleted my original story on this archive due to lack of motivation to continue. There were hardly any new plot events. Most of what I had came from the actual anime.

Therefore, I am starting over with a somewhat original idea, but I will still be using the prologue from Beast's Paradise, as well as Anorak Myth's idea about Kiba and Cheza's reincarnation. Other ideas that have been brought over are Gideon the wolverine and Myu the caracal.

Unfortunately, Tsume, Hige, Blue, and Toboe are not going to appear. Kiba and Cheza will retain their memories, Gideon will be as badass as possible, and Myu will hopefully have more speaking roles.

So, with that in mind, please enjoy my attempt at redemption.

They say that there's no such place…as Paradise.

A large white wolf wandered through the snow. He was bleeding heavily in many places. By all rights, he should have been dead by now from shock and blood loss. But still, he kept going, wandering, waiting for his time of death.

Even if you search to the ends of the earth, there's nothing there. It's just the same road, one that just goes on and on. But in spite of that…why am I so driven to find it?

The wolf finally collapsed in the snow. The plant stalk that he carried in his mouth finally dropped. His yellow eyes closed, and he lost consciousness.

As he lay, the snow began to melt. The layer of ice underneath was doing the same. Slowly, both wolf and plant sank down into the deep sea beneath.

There are voices calling out to me. One in particular outshines all. It's female…and it's one that I've heard in all the lifetimes that I've had to search…searching for Paradise. Her lilting voice is beautiful, yet it is also lamenting. We have failed again, she says.

Under the sea, the wolf opened his eyes. The sun is shining above the surface of the water. He saw the plant stalk drift towards him, eventually settling on his chest fur. In his last moments, the wolf saw an image of a sweet-looking, pink-haired girl with her arms around him. She was crying, and her face was buried in his fur.

Yes, Cheza, he thought. We have failed again.

The wolf felt himself losing consciousness again as he sank deeper and deeper. Life is slow to go in this way…but it does not matter to the wolf. He has already died many times.

The wolf blacked out as he sinks slowly down, and he never opened his eyes again.

Yeah, that's done. This was like the only good part of my story. Nonetheless, please review.