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"Let Myu go!" Kiba roared.

"Oh, I can't. I usually give my test subjects for the potion a diluted form of it. However, I gave the little caracal the pure, undiluted kind. It is much more powerful than what I gave to the two wolverines, and it has an indefinite time span. I'm afraid that your friends are both doomed. One of them has to die, and the other will be heartbroken," Bellicus teased.

"No," Cheza said. Both Kiba and Bellicus looked at her. "Gideon will not kill Myu. This one knows it. Gideon knew that Lilia was beyond help, and so he killed her. But Myu is different." She turned her eyes to the clashing animals on the screen. "Myu fights her own feelings, making them all the more painful to admit. As she fights her own feelings, so too that she is fighting her own rage. Neither of them will die here, Bellicus."

Bellicus's wolf's eye fixed Cheza in its glare, but she faced it unflinchingly. "We will see, flower maiden," he growled, before turning back to taunt Gideon through the microphone. He didn't notice or even expect Kiba to bring his claws into play.


"There's no point in running, you know. Myu knows wherever you will hide…" Bellicus taunted as Gideon ducked behind a stack of crates. Myu proved this point by promptly shattering the wood.

Gideon quickly noticed her splintered fingers. "Are you all right?" he asked.

Myu yanked the splinters out, and then attacked him again. "Worry about yourself!" she snapped. Gideon easily avoided taking much damage, but despite his calm facial expression, he was torn up with rage inside. To him, Bellicus had just sunk to a new low. Infecting Lilia was one thing, but Myu? Gideon would not grant him a swift death.

With a roar, Gideon rammed Myu into the bars of a cage. Instead of immediately getting up though, Myu simply struggled up, as if the impact had shattered her bones. "Why? Why would you do that…?" she wondered, her eyes tearing up. Gideon tilted his head in confusion. "All I wanted…was to be admired…to be as strong as you or Kiba, so that you wouldn't have to protect me anymore…"

"If that's so, then what the hell do you think you're doing?" Gideon growled, with his hackles raised.

"Proving my strength!" Myu roared, charging again. Her claws flew towards Gideon, but the wolverine caught them with his own. "I will show you, so that you will see me not as a female, but an equal! Someone whom you can admire, and pine after!"

Pine after? Gideon thought as Myu began to snap at his face. He got a nip to the ear, but seeing as how the alternative was fangs sinking into his skull, perhaps a nicked ear wasn't so bad. Myu then surprised him by falling back and raking her hind claws through his underside. Though the wound wasn't fatal, Gideon howled in real pain, retreating a fair distance. However, Myu followed him, ready to slash his face. Gideon recovered quickly, and instead of Myu getting his face, Gideon sidestepped her attack and slashed her left side as he went by. This time, Myu screamed in pain, but again, the wound wasn't fatal.

"Myu, why would you think that I didn't admire you?" Gideon asked.

"You said it yourself! That I meant nothing!" Myu snapped. For once, she didn't attack him, although her pose still suggested that she was ready to.

"Bellicus was after you! He was after all of us! I only wanted to keep him away from you!" Gideon protested.

"I don't need to be protected, Gideon! When will you understand that?!" Myu retorted.

"I do understand…" Gideon began, but Myu cut him off.

"No! You don't understand a thing! You never needed to be protected! All your bragging about being the strongest kit in your litter…claiming all the best hunting spots from your weaker siblings…what do you think I was?!" Myu asked.

"What are you saying?" Gideon asked.

"I was the smallest kit in my litter! I was always being protected by my siblings and parents, doted upon like a little baby! It…it hurt me to think that even my own family thought that I was too weak to fight and live on my own! You could never understand how humiliating it was! You never had to be babied, or hunted for, or even protected!" Myu shouted.

Gideon was silent for a few moments before his glare turned annoyed. "Myu! I was a weakling once, too, you know! Did you forget? All newborns are treated like that until they step into their own fur and see how they do at hunting! I admit, I don't understand how it felt, but I know how it feels to protect the weak! They weren't trying to do it to humiliate you, Myu! They did it because they knew that you were weaker than them, and they wanted to keep you alive until you became stronger! And look at you now! What Bellicus gave you…you're not being strong! You're falling, just like Lilia did!" he exclaimed.

"And she revealed your selfishness to me, Gideon!" Myu growled. Gideon was taken aback. "You killed her! You couldn't live with the fact that you couldn't protect her, so you got rid of her instead! Are you going to do the same to me, too? Are you going to crush my neck because you can't help me? Do you know how much it hurts, Gideon?" Myu looked down at this point, and her eyes, fiery with rage, softened to grief. "It hurts…to think that your own peers see you as weak. You wouldn't understand how I feel when I look at you. You're strong, steadfast, and full of conviction. I want you to look at me, to understand me. You don't know how it feels…"

She was taken by surprise when Gideon slammed into her and pinned her under her body. Still, she didn't care. "So this is how it ends. Very well, then. Kill me now and be done with it. I tried to show you my strength, and I still lost. For killing me, I will always hate you, Gideon!" she snapped, turning her face away and closing her eyes as Gideon's fangs loomed above her. Their blood began to pool on the ground, mixing together.

However, Gideon didn't attack her. "Look at me, Myu," Gideon commanded. Myu didn't listen. "Look at me." She still ignored him. "Look at me, damn it!" At this thunderous command, Myu opened her eyes, still red from the rage potion. Gideon's eyes, on the other hand, were filled with sadness, although he still kept a firm grip on her. "I may not understand how you feel, but you are being so pathetically weak right now. If you give in to the effects of the potion, then you are weak! You will no longer be an animal! That potion does not give you strength!"

"What do you know?" Myu asked reproachfully.

"Look, that potion isn't about giving you extra power, even though it's a side effect. Whoever takes that potion is Bellicus's underling. It's a weapon. Bellicus uses it to kill off any threats to him, and then kill off the victim as well! I know because I took it once, and Bellicus commanded my loyalty for the short time it was in effect! And look at Lilia! She was completely subservient to that bastard!" Gideon growled. Bellicus grumbled at the insult. "Shut up, Bellicus!" Gideon ordered, turning to look up. Then he turned back to Myu and continued. "If you continue the way you are, then you'll be his servant, his tool, his bitch. You're not even a canine and I'm calling you that!"

"You don't how I feel…" Myu sobbed, the grief in her eyes increasing.

"I don't know how it feels to be babied, but protecting someone means you care about them, Myu. Your family cared about you, and both Kiba and I do as well. I did the same for Lilia whenever there was something I thought she couldn't handle. And besides…" Gideon gently licked the tears out of her eyes, ignoring her struggles. "I do know your important feelings."

"Like what?" Myu challenged.

Gideon paused to think a little. "I know how happy you are whenever you see a rare sunset, or even a sunrise." Myu's eyes widened slightly, and the redness lost some brightness. "I know how grief-struck you are whenever a living thing is dying agonizingly slowly right in front of you, and when you move in for the kill, you feel guilty for not being able to help it in any other way." Myu was surprised that he noticed that. Her heart was beginning to beat faster. "I know how content you are when you sleep next to me, seeking my comfort after a nightmare." Myu looked away at this, and Gideon smiled. "I know how you feel beneath my paws right now. I can feel your heartbeat." The red was almost completely gone. "You're right. I don't know all the things you feel, but I know a lot. Just focus on that, all right? And before you try to struggle again," he noticed her eyes beginning to brighten red again after his earlier statement, "I want you to tell me something. I know how reassuring it is for me when I turn to my direct left or right and see you walking by my side. I want you by my side, always. How do you feel?"

"Are we partners, Gideon?" Myu asked.

Gideon was slightly confused at the question change, but answered it anyway. "That's up to you to decide," he said.

Myu thought about his words, and when she opened her eyes, all of the red was gone, replaced by the natural yellow eyes of a caracal. "You make me feel safe. I know that you will always try to protect me. But I don't need to be protected, Gideon. I can take care of myself," she said.

"I know. You killed that deer like a master of hunting, and when you strike, you strike with no hesitation. I even saw you hang by your teeth on that other deer's neck, which allowed Kiba to get the finishing blow. Not only are you a capable hunter now, but you also know how to exploit your abilities to help your partners. Quick thinking, tough grip to beat, and even speed and agility. They are all things to admire," Gideon said.

"You know what else I think you should have included?" Myu asked. Gideon raised an eyebrow. "My ability to put up with your antics. Get off of me." Gideon's eyes widened slightly, and he quickly did so.

"Sorry, I kind of got caught up in the moment," Gideon said. Myu smiled.

"Bah! How boring!" Bellicus complained.

"Oh, yeah. He's listening in. Shall we make ourselves scarce?" Gideon asked.

"Kiba may need our help," Myu agreed. As they walked out, Bellicus's voice sounded again.

"Fine. Do as you wish. Kiba and Cheza are both right here with me! And unless you want to receive their hole-filled bodies, you will do exactly as I say," Bellicus demanded.

"Oh, I doubt that," Gideon said, not looking back.

"Why? I can prove it!" Bellicus insisted.

"No need. You underestimate the wolves, Bellicus," Myu said calmly.

"What are you talking about?! They're right…" There was a pause. "What the…! They're gone! Where are they?! What have you done?!"

"That's our cue," Myu said, before laughing as Gideon took her hand and pulled her along with him, even though it was hardly necessary. They both laughed harder as Bellicus began to rant on the speakers.

"Guards! Find the intruders! They are all inside the mansion! Search every inch of it!"


Kiba and Cheza had escaped a few minutes ago, when Bellicus's attention was completely drawn to the fight between Gideon and Myu. Now, they had just heard Bellicus's announcement. Cheza was easily keeping pace with Kiba as he pulled her along. "The other two…are not in the vicinity," she said.

"They went down a different path. We should be able to rendezvous with them if we get back to that crossroads!" Kiba replied. Cheza said nothing more, and before long they reached the fork in the hallway. Unfortunately, they met up with something else. A group of ten guards was in their path. If Gideon and Myu had been with them, they would have taken out the guards, albeit with some minor wounds. However, all Kiba had was Cheza. She would be of little help in a fight, and even so, Kiba did not want any harm to come to her.

"Stop! You are to return the flower maiden immediately, intruder!" one man said.

"Not gonna happen," Kiba growled, stepping in front of Cheza.

"Very well." The guards raised their spears. Kiba was debating whether to fight or flee when Cheza stepped out from behind him.

"Please let us pass," she said.

"Huh? No way! Lord Bellicus ordered us to stop that intruder," the leader said.

"You are going to let us pass," Cheza repeated with more force than before. When the guards saw that she would not give in, they looked at each other in confusion. Would they be punished for forcibly apprehending the flower maiden too? Bellicus had made it perfectly clear that she was to be treated gently. After a few seconds of consideration, the guard leader made a decision.

With a grunt, he thrust the spear towards Cheza. Kiba held his breath for a millisecond before moving in to kill the guard. It was hardly necessary, however. The delicate-looking flower maiden calmly leapt onto the spear's shaft before using it as a launching pad to kick the attacker in the face before landing gracefully. Despite the fact that her feet were shoeless; indeed, the only thing keeping her being totally barefoot was her thin bodysuit, the guard still reeled back in pain, his nose bleeding.

"Gah! How did…" The man never a chance to finish. Kiba silenced him with a punch to the gut. That set the others off.

"Get them!"

Kiba and Cheza didn't hesitate. The flower wolf let the white wolf pick her up as he leapt clear over the soldiers and headed down the path that Gideon took. Behind them, the guards quickly shook off their confusion and gave chase, screaming in rage.

The two wolves caught wind of a scent before long, and Gideon and Myu reappeared a minute after that. "Oh, hey, Kiba!" Gideon greeted amiably as they came within sight of each other.

"Talk later, run now!" Kiba ordered as he went sprinting past.

"What?" Myu asked as she and Gideon stopped to look at the fleeing wolf. Then Gideon turned around and saw the group of guards, which by now had grown to the size of thirty.

Both animals couldn't care less. Over the next few seconds, two things happened. One: both pairs of eyes widened in the first second and two: both Gideon and Myu spent the other few seconds running like hell to catch up with Kiba. "Why, oh why, did you have to bring us into this situation?" Gideon complained.

"I don't know!" Kiba replied. While the two males were busy arguing, the two females were establishing a new friendship.

"You are Myu. This one's name is Cheza," Cheza said. Myu smiled. She was just like Kiba described. Delicate, soft-spoken, and very, very pretty, even with her completely red eyes.

"Come to think of it, what's down this path?" Kiba asked.

"Bellicus's jail, but no one answered when I called out. Still, we should keep our guard up. For all I know, we could walk straight into trouble. Just because no one answered when I called out doesn't mean that there's no one there," Gideon said. Kiba nodded in agreement.

When they reached the jail, there was no one there, as Gideon had said. Still, Gideon and Myu took the liberty of closing the door and shutting it with a metal pipe through the handle, as well as stacking up a few box cages and the torn-up control panel.

"That won't hold for long, so we'll have to improvise. Search for a window!" Kiba ordered.

"Before that, please put this one down, Kiba," Cheza said. Kiba blushed and did as she told. Before they could search, though, they were interrupted by a sinister and familiar voice.

"That was far too easy," it said.

"Son of a…" Gideon growled as their eyes turned to Bellicus, who seemed to have been waiting for them. "You are going to get out of our way right now, or win an trip to hell," he said.

"No. I'll send all of you to hell," Bellicus answered. The group dropped their human images; it was pointless. Bellicus could see their true forms with his wolf's eye anyway.

"All of us? Including this one?" Cheza asked, an unusual glare on her face.

"Contrary to what you believe, I have no interest in Paradise. Now that I've given him all the information he needs, and I have been sufficiently paid, I might as well eliminate you all. He has promised me another reward for doing so, after all," Bellicus said.

"So you're doing for a reward that consists of something completely unnecessary in life. How utterly ridiculous," Gideon said.

"As do you. Why do you and Myu search for Paradise when you cannot even enter it?" Bellicus asked.

"We're doing it to save this pathetic excuse for a world. By looking for Paradise, we give the world another chance," Myu said.

"But why? Both of you hate this world, don't you? The pain of losing loved ones…both of you are angry at the world for taking those loved ones from you. So why do you want to help it?" Bellicus pressed.

"We don't hate the world; we simply hate the humans! People like you are why the world is like it is today!" Gideon roared before attacking. Bellicus drew his sword and slashed at the smaller creature, but Gideon was far faster than that.

"You hate the humans? Interesting. And yet you choose to look like them," Bellicus mused as Gideon moved backwards to stand with his allies.

"It's because of the humans' idiotic fear of us that we have to look like this!" Myu screamed as she and Kiba surged forward to attack Bellicus on two sides. The noble ducked under Myu's blow before punching her in the midsection, sending her flying back. As for Kiba, the wolf managed to get a hit in, but so did Bellicus as they passed each other.

The scene was all too familiar. The white wolf and the wolf-eyed human glanced at each other, both with cuts on their cheeks. Gideon and Myu were about to attack again when Kiba snarled ferociously at them. "Don't interfere," he rumbled in such a frightening tone that both Gideon and Myu decided against attacking. Even Cheza, who traveled with Kiba many times, quailed in fear.

"I will end this, wolf," Bellicus said.

"Not on your life!" Kiba roared. He rushed Bellicus and began to fight with all the ferocity of his years. As he and Bellicus circled and passed each other, one or the other or both with new wounds, Kiba began to remember. All the fights, lives, and deaths that he had been through came rushing back to him now. It was always five wolves, including himself, and Cheza.

In that first life, with the two twin pups, his brother from that time, and his brother's mate, Kiba and his pack hadn't even gotten close to Paradise. The two pups, Rystar and Denzi, died in the middle against a bear, while his brother and sister-in-law, Aidan and Beria, were both murdered by the psychopathic woman who thought that finding Paradise would bring back her loved one. Kiba had killed her, but both he and Cheza had died from wounds shortly after.

Then there was his second life, which ended not much better than the first one. His pack consisted of his parents, a rogue wolf that had been harassing Kiba's pack, and his young nephew. His parents, Kurou and Kirsi, died protecting the pack from other wolves. The rogue, Arnan, followed that path after he drowned in the ocean. His nephew, Cyril, had looked at Kiba and Cheza like they were his own parents, but all three of them were eventually burned alive, along with the young prince who deluded himself into thinking that his father had gone looking for Paradise, found it, but then stayed there.

His third life was much more…interesting. For one thing, his pack consisted of his three siblings, as well as a love-struck female wolf that was completely enamored with him. While Kiba was flattered, his heart belonged to Cheza. That life, they had gotten very close to Paradise, and Kiba let his hopes up. Unfortunately, his brothers, Ryuga and Shinji, lost their lives after a series of earthquakes. Ryuga fell through a great gash in the earth, and Shinji was crushed under falling rocks. His sister, Lapis, and his admirer, Opal, fell against the villain of that time, an insane scientist with very powerful laser cannons who had wanted to study Paradise. Cheza had sacrificed herself to distract the man, so that Kiba could sink his fangs into his neck. Unfortunately, the dying freak got the last laugh. Right before his death, he had managed to sink a knife into one of Kiba's major veins, and despite all his efforts, Kiba died of blood loss before reaching the gate.

Finally, there was his fourth and previous life. It was his favorite one yet. Tsume, the tough fighter. Toboe, the gentle spirit with a hidden violence. Hige, the joker. Blue, Hige's mate and a steadfast companion. And Blue wasn't even a full wolf. She was a half-breed wolfdog. Despite this, Cheza had chosen her for a reason, and Kiba soon found that this pack was the strongest pack yet. Some humans had even joined on their quest for Paradise, and although their names escaped Kiba, and died shortly after they joined, the wolf would always admire their spirits. They had come the closest to reaching Paradise then. But that bastard Darcia, the first villainous human-turned-wolf, had killed all of them off. Darcia was the first enemy that Kiba could not defeat, even with his pack beside him. Because of him, Kiba and Cheza had failed at the eleventh hour.

All the rage from those times came flooding back now, and Kiba thought he could feel the spirits of his previous pack members flowing beside him. Sixteen wolves, the mightiest of packs, stretching beyond time worth countless eons. All of these wolves were connected, bonded through time and space under a single alpha pair: Kiba and Cheza. And although they had never mated, the bond that they shared, which could never be described with words, was and would be literally almost everlasting.

It was from that bond that Kiba drew strength. All those times that Cheza lamented for her beloved wolves came back to Kiba. "Cheza…I fight for you. Give me strength," Kiba muttered as he lunged.

Bellicus had heard him. "Your precious flower maiden? Ridiculous. You fight for an empty cause, wolf. Surrender, and I will spare your lives," he said, before grimacing in pain as Kiba's claws scored across his side.

"I've been faced with that choice dozens of times. And I've always refused to give up. I fight for a future. I fight for those who have given up their lives. And I fight for the one who has always been by my side ever since the dawn of time," Kiba looked at Cheza, who gazed back with love in her eyes. I fight for you, Kiba thought. Although not a word passed between them, an understanding had passed between these two wolves, and Cheza nodded, closing her eyes.

"Do not get distracted!" Bellicus growled as his sword crashed down to the ground, missing Kiba once more. Kiba snarled viciously once more, and, moving faster than he'd ever had in all his lives, ripped off Bellicus's non-sword arm before tossing the bloody tendril away, leaving a ragged stump.

It didn't take long for Bellicus to react. When he did, it was through a scream. "My arm! You ripped off my arm!" he roared in pain, a large fountain of blood gushing out of the hole as he glared at Kiba with pure, undisguised hatred.

"You lose, Bellicus," Kiba growled.

"Never!" Bellicus roared, attacking one last time, resisting the excruciating pain.

However, Cheza finally made her move. She began to hum in a tune that was all too familiar to Kiba. It was her song, her lullaby. Sometimes it put him to sleep and purified his resulting dreams, other times it healed his wounds. Now, he felt completely rejuvenated, and his wounds stopped hurting.

Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah...
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney...
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Omen nio hah...
Shailoh Shailoh, yatreet ka...
Shailoh shna.. otvit ka...
Hahla Hahla.. ahlah hah...
Shailoh washnee
fortee ney...

The song awakened a new passion within Kiba, and he let out a monstrous growl filled with primal instinct. With a huge bound, Kiba leapt onto Bellicus and sank his fangs into Bellicus's neck, crushing his windpipe just as he had so many others.

And that's how I'll end it for now. I think I may have a slight problem with the main character ripping off the opponent's arm. I've done it too many times recently. Maybe it was because of that hilarious scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If you haven't seen it, go watch it. It will keep you laughing at its sheer ridiculousness.

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