Heey guys I'm back with a brand new story. Don't worry I haven't stopped writing my other stories (calm down) This is also co written with my best friend (camilovesbluebloods) you should read her stories guys (they are on the blue bloods books page) Okay now on with the story… p.s blood moon never happened

(but it's Lucy's last year at Helios ra).


Lucy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

My vampire blanket is wrapped tightly around me. "Move!" I moaned trying to get out of his hold. This only made Nicholas hold on to me even tighter. "Nicholas Drake I swear if you don't let me go right now I will brake your nose." I threatened. He moaned and finally realised me of his death grip. I quickly scatted off the bed a jumped into the shower. I dressed into a tight blue dress, a black blazer and knee high boots. I brushed my now long brown hair and put in my contacts. Then I walked over to my sleeping beauty (aka Nicholas) and poked him in the ribs he moaned "Nicky get up!" I said poking him again which caused him to swear "shit Lucky" he growled and grabbed me by the waist and chucked me on the bed. I laughed then slapped him "Nicholas Drake get up right now! You don't want to miss you're Mother's re coronation" I said He frowned and finally got up. "Again?" he asked, I just rolled my eyes it's not my fault his mother wanted to show those vampires who was boss around here. "I don't see why I have to go I already went to the first one" he complained "because Nicky dear you're a prince after all" I smirked then added "but you're no prince charming" his eyes narrowed and he came closer he was inches away from my lips. God Lucy don't be so sappy I thought to myself. "Well Lucky dear, if you marry this prince here, you will become a princess" he said chuckling I rolled my eyes "don't remind me and anyway you have to propose first you dummy" I said playfully pushing him away. "No don't go!" he moaned grabbing my hands before I could exit his room, he leaned in to kiss me when his door burst open. "I hope its not getting too hot in here!" Quinn said poking his into Nicholas's room. "It's not my fault that when your girlfriends not here you turn into a lost puppy" I grumbled as Nicky gave Quinn the evils before going away to get ready. Quinn was still leaning on the door frame "is there something you want" I snapped "Lucy can I ask you something?" he questioned getting very close to me. Close enough that I could stake him there and then there's a thought. "What" I asked "has hunter been acting different around you lately?" he asked sounding generally interested. "Quinn you do realise its summer break so I don't really hang out with her?" "Right" he said dazed "but I'll have a chat to her" I said he smiled before thanking me and leaving the once packed bedroom. I continued to get ready as Nicholas walked out of the bathroom with only a towel rapped around his waist. Showing off his chest. "Earth to Lucy!" Nicholas said. I snapped my gaze away from his toned mussels to his face. He had his normal smirk playing on his face and he looked like he was trying hard not to laughed "see something you like?" he asked "that depends Nicky do you see something you like?" I teased as I twirled around in my short blue tight dress. A growl slipped his throat as he came closer towards me and just like that his lips found mine. I quickly slipped my hands around his bare neck as he braced his arms around my waist. Our make out session was cut short when Logan slipped into the room "Nicholas, Lucy, what are you still doing here? Your going to be late" said Logan Nicholas and I pulled apart and Logan looked at us "Luce you look beautiful as always" login said I smiled out of all the brothers not including Nicholas Logan was the sweetest "And Nick why are you in a towel?" Questioned Logan. Then realisation hit him and he had the biggest smirk on his face. Nicholas's eyes winded as he understood what Logan was getting at. "Nothing happened" Nicholas assured "Then why was Lucy's heart rate all over the place?" he asked "Logan get this into your thick head we were only kissing nothing else happened" I tried reasoning with him. "But you wanted it to, didn't you lucky?" He said his eyebrows moving. My face suddenly felt as if it was on fire as my blood rushed to my cheeks. "see told ya" Logan said satisfied he won. "Whatever" I grumbled exiting out of nick's room. But not before seeing Nicholas hit Logan on the back of the head "You're such an idiot" Nicholas said Yelling at Logan. I laughed and continued my journey down stairs, running into Solange on the way down. "What are you doing here!" she snarled at me barring her three sets of fangs. "Solange cut it out! And get out of my god dam way!" I snapped pushing my once best friend aside. She lunged at me, I dodged. "SOLANGE DRAKE!" I her Helena yell running up the stairs, Solange stopped and glared at her mother before running back down the stairs. "Lucy, I'm sorry about her." Helena said. "Its all goods nothing I can't handle." I told her. "Just be careful I'm worried about you being around her, it maybe your last year at Helios Ra Academy but I still worry." She said. "Its alright mum, I can protect her." Nicholas said walking up to me and placing his arm round me. His mothers just shock her head and left us alone "Nicky you do realise I don't need any protection." I said dragging Nicky down the stairs, "Err!" he moaned looks like Helena is so supported by her lovely sons.