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I was grabbed by the mask man and thrown into a car that started to speed away. I could hear the drake's screams echoing in the distance, before everything went black. I woke up with a fright as someone was calling my name. I looked around to see Solange standing over me her fangs sticking out, behind her were two blood slaves. "Lucy" she hissed. "Why did you kidnap me Solange?" I asked jumping up off the floor. "Because I need you to do me a favour" she replied. "Go to hell!" I spat. "I don't think you quite understand my Lucy I need you to do me a favour and if you don't do this for me you will be living in a grave" she spat. "Listen solange I can kill you in a blink of an eye do not underestimate me you royal bitch!" I hissed back "just help me get back with Keiran" she wined stomping her foot like a spoiled child not getting the new toy they wanted, I laughed. "Are you that delugunal? You tried to kill his mother! His mother solange his only family, any feelings that he had for you are now replaced with hate!" I screamed that's when she lunged towards me but I was faster I dogged her and staked her in the stomach, not enough to kill her but to slow her down as she ran back to the academy.


"Mum I'm home" I said walking through the door of our small two storied house. I dropped my phone and keys on the small side table in our hallway. "Keiran your uncles here!" I heard my mother call from the kitchen. I walked in, sitting around our small wooden dining table was my mother and my uncle hart they were both clutching coffee cup and a small plate of cookies was sitting on the table. "Look who came to visit us!" she said turning towards me. I inwardly shrouded as I looked at the faded fang marks that travelled from her left cheek to her collar bone. My mother had almost died the day that solange drake had come to apologise, I knew that day like I knew the back of my hand, it was always there always haunting me. I had open the door the door to see the one and only solange drake dressed in her signature cameo pants caked with clay, black converses and plain t-shirt, she had demanded that I let her explain and that she still loved me, I had declined and my mother who was in the kitchen at the time had cut her finger and solange had ran fast me and tried to kill my mother, me and hart had to tell her about vampires that day. "Hey!" I said, stiffing my hands in my pockets, I froze it was gone! "Keiran it looks like you've seen a ghost what's wrong?" my mother asked. "I left dads pocket watch back at the academy!" I said running back to the academy,

A few minutes later.

I ran into the academy, strait into Chloe. "Hey there you are! I was just on my way to your house you left a pocket watch behind." She said. "Oh thank god!" I said pulling her into a hug.


I bottled through the thick iron doors and headed straight to Chloe and hunters dorm. I paused as I saw Keiran hugging Chloe. "So you're seeing her now!" a voice shrieked as glass flooded the hall as the windows shattered. Quick as lightning solange had Chloe by the throat. I have had enough vampire drama for today so I being me Tasererd solange. "Hunter!" I called as hunter came racing towards us. "Take solange to the infirmary please." I order, she nodded. Now how am I going to tell Nicholas about this?

Later that night

"What the hell Lucy!" Nicholas screamed I started to yell at him telling him all the things Solange had done. He sighed "I'm sorry I yelled Luce" he said drawing me into his arms. I breathed in his warm sent that smelt like musk and mint. "I love you Nicky" I whispered into his ear. He lent down and kissed me. We made out for a while before my idiotic roommate staked Nicholas in the foot. "What the hell" he yelled "sorry I thought you were sucking her dry" she said not looking up from her magazine Nicholas looked at his watch before getting up off my bed "shoot I have to go and meet Lexi" he said and I sighed. "Lexi" I mumbled "you know lexi my best friend who just happens to be a vampire" he replied "I know who she is "I snapped he gave me a kiss on the forehead before walking out. "Lexi" I repeated to myself my roommate finally took her gaze off her magazine "looks like you have some competition" she said "shut up!" I hissed I really wanted to stake her in the eye with a sharp fork.

A few days later.

I haven't seen Nicholas in days and classes were going to start up again so I decided to go see Nicholas at hi house. I pulled up the drive and walked into my second home. "Hey luce, I haven't seen you in ages" my second favourite drake Brother Logan greeted "nicks in his room but…" I didn't let Logan finish I was already racing up to see my boyfriend. When I walked into his room it felt like I was walking in honey the tension was that thick. The fake blonde chick that Nicholas called his best friend and had a model like body and was plastered with make-up and fake tan was flirting with my BOYFRIEND! And the worst part was that he was flirting back and didn't even notice that I had entered the room " so Nicky" she said using my nickname for him "yes Lexi?" he asked as he moved his hand up her thigh "what got you through your blood change?" she asked as she brushed her hand along his neck while his hand kept moving up her thigh "you did babe" he answered as she sighed "Nicholas Drake I'm in love with you and want you so badly" she said as she moved onto his lap. Before Nicholas could see me Lexi started to kiss him and pushed him onto his bed. "NICHOLAS DRAKE HOW COULD YOU! I LOVE YOU!" I cried as I ran out of his room. "Luce please wait!" he called but I ignored him and kept running I ran into Logan. He took one look at the tears streaming down my face and pulled me into a hug. "What happened?" he asked. "Nicholas cheated!" I sobbed into his shoulder.