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Summary: Strange and mysterious activities are conducted by DOATEC and it's up to a handful of faces to stop their plans. Set after DOA4.

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Chapter 1: Kidnapped

7:00 am, China.

Eliot yawned, his eyes still feeling heavy from sleeping. The sun was slowly ascending up from the horizon as the responsible adult was leaving their nest to commence their daily and routine task. It was another peaceful... and dull morning. He was in the temple courtyard, leaning against a grass broom like a walking stick in his pajamas. It was too early for this. He let out another long yawn, feeling a little cool liquid forming at the corner of his eyes before drying off quickly. Then his sense perked when he heard voices and glanced towards the entrance to see a group of teenagers his age walking passed and talking among themselves. Loneliness then suddenly gnawed in his chest, wished he was amongst the group. It was just wishful thinking, but he couldn't rub the lonely feeling away. He remembered making a list of things to do outside of the temple when summer arrived, but he had yet to cross anything off on the paper. Surprisingly, the paper had mysterious vanished or possibly he had misplaced it. This summer was supposed to be about him, going out more, be more adventurous, and meeting new people. But what was he doing instead? Sweeping a temple ground the size of a soccer field. It was not like he have a choice. Master Gen Fu had told him endlessly that the ways of training were to scrub their own floor and that a place unkept could bring stress to a person lives. The young blond didn't believe those words for a second, but he couldn't go against his master's orders despite the old man only wanted him to clean the temple yard. Maybe it's the rural living getting under his skin, but he couldn't help feel an empty feeling at the pit of his chest when he saw the group of teenagers that had just walked passed the temple entrance. He tilted his head upward, gazing at the clear blue sky. As he continued gazing at the azure heavens, the youth wandered what kind of life he would have if his Master didn't taken him in as his apprentice.

Eliot cursed his young age. If there was anything he hated more, it was his teenage life. He tried to fit in with others but the people he met at his age did not have the similar interest he had. It was always felt like climbing the Himalayas when he tried to make friends and it was not like there are people his age in the neighborhood that practiced martial arts like him. Martial arts always rallied him up, his blood pumping fast in his veins. However, there wasn't anyone he know that he could sharing his exciting feeling. He practiced martial arts with master Gen Fu, but that alone left an unsatisfying feeling in his chest. He longed for the exhilaration that he had experienced when he was in the previous Dead Or Alivetournament. He remembered encountering some experienced fighters and martial artists around his age, but they were spread across around the world. The sensation was fleeting, but he still craved for more. He definitely needed to ask his master to get the family a puppy so this way he could get an excuse to get out from the temple more. "God! I need to make some friends." Eliot groaned.

"Onii-chan." A childish voice called out.

Eliot turned to voice, seeing Mei Lin still dressed in her red pajamas running down the temple stairs toward him. Before he could greet the little girl, Mei Lin grabbed his hands tugging in toward temple entrance. "We're out of oolong tea. Momma say to go and get some at the shop." The girl said restlessly.

"Give me a moment." Eliot smiled, walking back to temple to place the broom into the broom-closet.

"We need to hurry before Grandpa wakes up. Momma say that Grandpa gets agitated when he don't have his tea in the morning."

Eliot chuckled. He knew that statement wasn't true. His master drank chrysanthemum tea as a wake me up, not oolong tea. He walked out from the closet, brushing the dust off his hands and stopped when he heard a strange growing noise in the distance. It was a distinctive thump-thump sounds produced by a pair of rotor being caused from the displacement slicing of air. A pair of keen blue eyes shifted to the sky, sensing the noise coming from a particular direction. Soon, the noise grew louder and it was coming from every direction in the sky. Eliot blinked when a black, steel helicopter slowly flew over the temple. It flew past the temple before turning back, coming to a slow stop in the air. His eyes fluttered for a moment as more black helicopters few over and returned back, hovering over the temple.

"Onii-chan, what's going on?" Eliot barely registered Mei Lin said in a whimper, hiding behind as he watched, paralyzed as men in dressed in black covert ops gear and mask jumped down from the choppers. His ears were on high alert, hearing feet trampling around the temple walls. He could feel the adrenaline rushing through his body. His heart beating in anticipation but then his heart stopped when he heard several gunshots followed by the sound of a plate falling on the cold, hard stone floor shattering into hundred of tiny pieces. It was coming from the kitchen. His eyes widened in fear hearing crashing noise of a fight ensues, but it ended again with more gunshots. Eliot felt his throat becoming dry as his skin prickled with heat. He felt two small hands tightened into a ball on the back of his shirt followed by a soft whimper from the young child. Thinking out of fear, he stepped back slowly only to feel something heavy coming in contact at the back of his neck. His body went in shock from the pain as the world began to spun around him. His body fall flat lifelessly on the floor as dark patches were quickly covering his vision. As darkness consumed his senses, he heard voices calling out to him and someone picking him up.

DOATEC New Headquarters 4:00 pm, France

Helena glared at the paper in her hand whilst swirling a pencil in between her fingers in her other hand. She was sitting in her office, crunching numbers on a spread sheet. It was something she tried to off, but there wasn't too much room to run. There were sheets of paper spread unorganized across the desk and folders filed with more spread sheets mounted on the computer screen. Her frustration was growing thinner as every second passed and it didn't take long when she instinctively flexed her finger, snapping the pencil into two. She blinked, the snapping noise breaking the deep trance her eyes had focusing on the paper in her hands. Helena sighed weary, her body slumping deeper into the chair.

"Claire?" Helena called out, pressing the button on the speakerphone.

"Yes Ms. Douglas." A woman voice spoke on the other end of the line.

"The usual coffee please." Helena commanded.

"I'll get it right away." The connection ended.

Helena stood up from the chair and walked toward the large glass wall behind the desk. She stared mindlessly at the beautiful view of Paris at the peak of the day, but her sea-green eyes were looking at figure reflecting from the mirror. She was dressed in the traditional pearl white business shirt suit with her blond hair tied into the usual low ponytail with a white bow. Around her neck was necklace that once belongs to her mother. It's been over a year since DOATEC Headquarter, the Tri-Tower, had fallen and now she was trying to resurrect the company from its ashes. With Victor Donovan dead, she saw another future for DOATEC. A more peaceful prospect and future. She had suspended all research and military activities that were under Donovan's control, bringing an end to the mad man's insane research. She now stood in the same position of her deceased father as CEO of DOATEC when he was president of the company.

Helena grasped the necklace gently in her hands. Since her mother's murder, she had lived a life of revenge. Over the past couple of years she had made some irrational decisions and one particular decision to end everything, even if it cost her own life. She wanted the growing resent in her chest to end and despite giving another chance in life; the anger had yet to dissipate. However, there was a strong feeling of hope for the future which involved with DOATEC. She will uphold the principles and the ideals that her father had for the company the day when he built DOATEC with his own two hands. And to show DOATEC new management, in the coming months she will announced the fifth Dead Or Alivetournament.

"Ms. Douglas!" The door to her office slammed opened causing the young haired woman to jump slightly before turning her gaze to her secretary, Claire Lemaigre, dressed in white business shirt with a black skirt briskly walking to her desk sans her coffee. "You need to see this quickly." Claire said, grabbing the remote from disorganized desk and clicked on the power button. The center portion on the wall on the right slid open, revealing a giant television screen which automatically turned on displaying a reporter.

"As you can see, the China's heart is in tears after this morning catastrophe. Renowned martial artist the Iron Fist, Gen Fu, and his family were found murder this morning." A gushing female reporter spoke in front of a temple.

Helena's eyes widened in surprised. "What?" She whispered, still flabbergast at what she just heard. She walked toward the screen, her eyes unwavering.

"Eye witnesses reported that at early dawn, helicopters were seen hovering above this famous temple and then people dressed in black and armed with guns were dispatched from the flying helicopter. Quick and imperceptible, they surrounded the temple before rushing in and shoot in broad daylight the legendary master, his son and his in-law. However, the tragic story didn't end there. Souls were shattered when Gen Fu's granddaughter Mei Lin and his only pupil were found missing." On the right side of reporter's head, two photos of a young Chinese girl and a blond-haired teen appeared. "The Chinese Police are already on this case and a squad of top detectives are already searching for the missing two youths. The police are following one leads. During the attack, a local has taken a photo of the helicopters in the air." Then a photo of a familiar black, steel helicopters were shown on the screen.

"Ms. Douglas!" The secretary gasped.

"I know." Helena stared in disbelief at the image. Those helicopters were the same that DOATEC owned. She didn't like this. Someone was trying to cause DOATEC problems. It was obvious by their actions, killing a Dead Or Alive competitor during broad daylight and revealing themselves so bluntly. Since the destruction of the Tri-Tower, DOATEC had become more well known in the world. So anyone with a good head on their shoulders could easily put two together to figure out that DOATEC was at the root of this problem.

"Speculations are still among us as to who have committed this ungodly act and kidnapped those two innocent lives." The reporter said. "As one human to another, my heart goes out to China losses today and I hoped the people who committed this terrible crimes will get the do justice they deserved. From everyone of BBC News, this is-" The screen turned black.

"It wouldn't take long before the press comes knocking on the front door Ms. Douglas." The secretary said.

"I'm aware of that." Helena muttered. She was in her deep thought mode. Her first priority was DOATEC. It wouldn't take long before the world started accusing the company for the murders. The CEO was also worried about the unknown entity, the one who was causing this entire mess, and their intentions. The entity was using DOATEC military helicopters, but those were dismantle months ago? Also why they targeted and killed a prominent martial artist? And DOATEC involvement? They were obviously using DOATEC as their scapegoat. And then there was kidnapping? As CEO of DOATEC, Helena kept tabs on all of the fighters. She had witnessed Gen Fu's young apprentice fought in the fourth tournament and the young boy had shown some promising talent, but that did not help explain why the attacks, and abduction of the young apprentice and the little girl. "Where is my Intern?" The CEO barked.

As on cue, the intern walked in the room. "Helena, ma cherie, I brought you your coffee as requested." Zack said, carrying the cup of hot coffee on silver tray.

The CEO felt a vein popped on side of here forehead. The company was experiencing a crisis and the impudence of this man calling her nickname. "Zack, now is not the time for your games." Helena snapped. The intern only gave her a sheepish smile. "You are aware of the situation?"

"Yes." Zack nodded, his face becoming stern and serious.

"Good. Then I want you and Ms. Lemaigre do some research under my tutelage and this is only to be shared between the three of us." Helena informed, gaining respectively nods from two other persons in the room. "I want you two to research any suspicious activities out of DOATEC or anything relating to DOATEC. Whoever is using DOATEC for their own gains are probably using DOATEC as their name."

"The people who attacked were similar to DOATEC military fractions that were dissolved almost a year ago. Someone must've revived them." Zack notified.

"That's where you two came in. I want you two find whoever is behind this. Research and stay in the shadows." Helena commanded.

"And what about you, Ms. Douglas. What are you going to do?" The secretary asked.

"I'm going to China." Helena said.

To be continued...

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