Hello! I'm CrazyCatGirl! My sis (FireFlare) and I are sharing this account, just in case anyone's confused. So anyway, this is my first Kid vs. Kat Fanfic, from the Kats' point of view, and with mostly OCs made by me. Hope ya' like it!

Kat stalked along a sidewalk in the city, looking for junk he could use as supplies for his doomsday devices and inventions.

Although the stuff available here in the human city was pretty good, the air was full of smoke and car exhaust, the streets were clogged with noisy cars, and there were far too many humans and dogs around.

(I mean NO disrespect for anyone who lives in a city. I just don't like being in busy cities and I don't think Kat does either. No offense, please don't kill meeee!)

A faint noise caught Kat's attention. Was it a dog? ...No, didn't smell like a dog. He thought he caught a glimpse of something prowling away through the shadows. Too small to be a human, too big to be a bird or mouse, and too... too creepy to be a cat.

No cat could give off a feeling that creepy. Right?

Ah well. At least there were mice there to chase. Kat could scent some just around the corner of this building. Well, they smelled like mice. Big mice. Sniffing around, Kat found one, and crouched down to pounce.

The mouse stiffened as it heard him, and it whirled around. Wow. That was a really big mouse. With pointy teeth. To Kat's infinite surprise, the rodent actually lunged at him!

Well that was new.

Startled by the attack, Kat fell backwards. But he jumped back onto his feet to deal with the little pipsqueak. Erm, pipsqueaks. There were more of them.

Seconds later, Kat vowed to never again eat a rodent. On his planet, the only rodents he ever saw were already prepared gourmet style on a plate! With sauces and catnip and other sorts of fancy stuff, so he had never had to kill one. At this point, that might have to change before these giant mice could kill him!

(This imaginary city is really bad, so there are lots of rats and that sort of thing)

There were tons of these things! And they were pointy! Lots of pointy teeth and claws! Suddenly, amid the evil-mouse squeaking, there was a shrill squeak of surprise, and a crunch. Then another. And another.

Pretty soon, there were fewer killer mice, and their attention was focused on something other than Kat. It was that creepy thing from before! It looked blue-ish.

Just as Kat realized this, a large paw slammed into him, causing him to whack his head on the concrete and black out.

When Kat woke up, with a terrible headache, he saw piles of limp giant-mice on the ground, with sour-smelling, dark red liquid all over them, especially their necks.

When Kat tried to get up, he flopped back onto the ground again, noticing that his feet were tied up with his own tail. He also noticed that he was no longer wearing his collar!

Where was his collar?! That thing was a dangerous weapon!

Kat suddenly became aware of a sound nearby. A ripping, and then a scraping sound. It seemed to be coming from over near a dented trash can.

In the shadows, Kat could see the creepy thing that'd fought the giant-mice before, but he couldn't see it very well, since it was obscured by shadows, junk, and small, gleaming bones.

This was highly unsettling, so cat tried to crawl away as fast as his tied-up limbs would allow. A sudden loud 'crunch' stopped him.

Kat looked back to see the creepy thing, still in the shadows, apparently chewing on one of the bones. Eew...

"I see you're awake," the thing growled. So it was a cat after all! It sounded like a cat, and seemed to be shaped like a cat. The growling voice sounded female, but very rough.

"What are you doing here?" it continued aggressively, "Who are you?"

"Well," Kat told it, um her, "I was exploring. I don't know why an Earth-cat like you would care about what I'm doing, though."

"Don't call me an 'Earth-cat'," she snarled. "Ok! Ok, I won't," Kat assured her, then asked nervously, "Um, where is my collar?"

"This?" the female inquired silkily, pushing forward Kat's special collar as if it were a simple rock. "I have one too," she informed him, "Now, where are you from? Have any of your kind come here before?"

"I don't understand why you're so interested," Kat scoffed, "But I'm from another planet, not that an Earth-cat like you would know what that means. And yes, my cousin was on this planet once, years ago." (He was referring to Kat-years, which are vastly different from human-years.)

"Really?" the female asked, sounding excited, "Did he have crescent-marks near his eyes?" "Yessss..." Kat answered slowly, not knowing how this creepy Earth-cat would know that.

The female stepped out of the shadows, revealing that her eyes were black and that her fur was blue, crisscrossed with large, old scars. Her mouth was stained dark red, the same color and the goo on the limp giant-mice's fur.

"Who... Who are you?" Kat asked, gaping at the strange female's appearance.

She answered, "I'm your kin."

More chapters to come! Gets more exciting and occasionally funny!