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"Fly?" Kat asked, startled. Then he thought of something and rolled his eyes in annoyance, "I think you mean 'glide.'"

It was bad enough that the freaky blue half-breed actually had Catnipian ancestry, but it was even more annoying that she obviously didn't know the correct term for one of the race's most fantastic abilities.

"NOoo," the female growled at him, narrowing her dark eyes and flattening her ears, "I mean, 'fly.' And I'm not as ignorant as you'd like to think, O High and mighty pure-breed." She almost spat the word 'pure-breed,' as if the term was distasteful.

Kat gave a small snarl at the female's insult toward his species.

He frowned to himself then, realizing that Myr had simply done what he had been doing most of this time. He was disgusted by the young female's existence, and made no effort to hide it, at the idea that such a thing could come from his brilliant race.

The blue female gave a small growl and turned away, asking Skid, "Do you still have the diagrams?" Skid nodded and rummaged around in the bag made of dead-rodent-skins.

"Yyyep!" she announced, holding up two rumpled pieces of paper, both with one edge torn. Wait a minute...

"Did you get those from human books?" Kat questioned suspiciously. "Yes," Skid answered him, just the faintest hiss at the end of her reply, "Why?"

"Did you get them from some large building called a 'library'?" Kat continued, frowning.

"Yes. Why?" Myr responded, sounding impatient.

"Because I got blamed by one of the humans for some books getting damaged in there!" Kat exclaimed, "They found paw-prints that looked like mine on a bunch of the damaged things there and one of the stupid humans splashed water on me while I was sleeping!"

"How does an unpleasant awakening have anything to do with a brainless human's incorrect guess about damaged property?" Myr asked scornfully.

"Because he thought I did it and thought he could punish me!" Kat exclaimed huffily, glaring at her.

The blue female raised an eyebrow in scornful amusement, "Punish? Isn't that what one person does to another who is considered to be beneath them?"

"And why would a human do such an idiotic thing anyway?" Skid scoffed, "Did they want to come away with horrendous injuries?"

"The humans are idiots!" Kat snapped, "I'm just pretending that I'm their pet! And the two annoying ones do stupid things- like attacking me- all the time."

The female felines wrinkled their noses in disgust, and Myr inquired of Kat, "You pretend to be their... pet? That sounds humiliating."

Skid growled slightly, asking him, "How did you say they harm you? A bunch of water?"

Kat furrowed his eyebrows, "Well... they... When I'm working on an invention they'll sometimes..." "They'll what?" Myr scoffed, "Throw rocks? Maybe grab your tail or something?"

When Kat merely scowled at them in reply, Skid shook her head and went back to smoothing out the two papers, "Didn't think so- you don't know what an attack is."

"Wha-?" Kat spluttered angrilly, even more annoyed when both seemed to ignore him- Myr even laid on the ground with a yawn- "I- I've had more experience dealing with humans than either of you have!"

The black-and-white feline stiffened, and her bizarrely long ears slowly angled backwards. Her front claws pressed against the paper in front of her while her back claws scraped at the pavement.

She turned to glare coldly at Kat and stated, her voice hard as stone, "No, you haven't." Her fangs bared for a second in a snarl, before she went back to examining the pages.

"Okay," the Earth-cat told Myr, some stiffness still in her voice, "Since it's afternoon the thermals will be helpful, I'm guessing the more bird-like shape would be better. Start with the skin and then the long shoulder blade."

Kat cocked his head in confusion, looking back and forth between the two, and then jumped back in surprise, flailing his limbs in shock! The blue mutant's back was moving, two thin growths sliding back from behind her shoulders!

In fact, little bits all over the feline were moving!

"Good, now the largest joint," Skid continued, glancing up and then back at the page she held, which had strange diagrams on it. Kat inched around to watch in disgusted amazement as a lump grew above each relatively normal shoulder of the blue creature, stretching the skin all around it.

The female's eyelids tensed slightly, and then the stretched skin expanded, loosening and growing. At Skid's next instruction, two thin growths poked up slightly in front of the lumps, stretching upward like two... well two somethings, Kat had no clue what they could resemble, protruding from the half-breed's back.

After these were almost half as long as the skinny feline's front legs, they stopped and Skid started describing the musculature. The skin expanded loosely around the protrusions, which thickened to fill in the skin.

After another minute or so- during which Kat almost decided to leave without the two, then decided to stay when he thought of the benefits- two large wings stuck out from Myr's back. They were featherless except for patches of long hair that resembled scraggly down, and were wider than the ones in the diagram.

Myr flapped the new limbs slowly, raising and lowering and bending them carefully. She took the offered page from her friend, shifted the bones and things, and flapped again. She handed the page back to Skid and then rose to her paws, trembling faintly.

As she did so, the black-and-white Earth-cat pulled out a thin white object from the rat-pelt-bag, looking it over and sharpening one end a bit. Then, she stuck it into her side!

"Wha-?!" Kat exclaimed, jumping away again. The female looked up with a grin, pulling out the sharp thing to reveal no injury. Well, no recent injury.

"Certain scars have their uses," she told Kat, sticking the bone-needle or bone-knife or whatever it was back into the pocket of skin on her side. He hadn't even seen it before.

"H... how?" the Catnipian stammered. The Earth-cat had a hole in her side and was using it as a pocket!

"We're not giving away all our fighting secrets," Skid told him, glancing at Myr to confirm that she'd finished, and trotting ahead.

Myr unsteadily flapped up into the air, a few inches off the ground. "I think he meant how'd you get the old injury," she called to her friend, picking up the bag and flapping ahead to join her friend.

"Ah," Skid stated, and then answered Kat, "Humans." That didn't really explain anything, but Kat would rather hurry on home than stand around chatting with the secretive- and unpleasant- females.

"Which direction is your base?" Myr asked. Kat shrugged and tapped his collar, causing a tiny satellite antennae to poke out and twirl around. It pointed in the direction of home, and Kat pointed for Myr.

She rolled her eyes, climbed weakly onto a sloping metal railing, and half-leaped half-slid off, flapping her bizarre wings until she rose into the air. She flapped upward and landed on the corner of a tall building, looking around with her head drooping.

She made a weird, high pitched noise, and then Skid nodded, tilting her absurdedly long ears and then calling up to Myr with a purr.

After that, the two females headed in the same direction, pausing frequently to watch and listen, with Myr in the air and Skid slinking through the alleyways. Kat merely followed, though he found this annoying because he was supposed to be the leader. And he was wondering whether these two were even worth the trouble.

As he pondered this, taking a shortcut by climbing up a building and gliding across the next, Skid stopped with a faint hiss. Myr made some sort of noise, which apparently meant, 'roger' or 'I heard,' or something like that, and flapped up higher.

The blue feline circled around a bit, swooped lower past a short building's edge, and let out a purr. "We'll be right there," she called, and flew back towards Kat, making her weird high-pitched noise again.

On the ground below, Skid perked up and ran quickly in the direction Myr had investigated. "What happened?" Kat asked.

"Found Sangre," Myr answered shortly, smiling. Kat groaned, "Is this another annoying Earth-cat who just has to come along?"

Skid snarled up at him, and Kat was amazed she'd been able to overhear. Myr glanced back at the Catnipian with an unsettling grin, "Nooo..."

Then she dove out of sight, leaving Kat to climb another wall and attempt another glide.

He reached the building's roof and looked down at where Myr and Skid were greeting the new feline. Kat hissed angrily; that lying little half-breed!

"It's ok," said-feline called up, incredibly smugly, "He isn't an Earth-Cat."

"Well, not fully," the dark-rust-colored feline in front of her corrected, nuzzling his head against Skid and licking one of her rabbit-like ears. His own left ear had a large nick in its side, and a patch of fur was missing from his tail near the base of it.

The she-cat purred and rubbed her white-furred neck against his black one, then bent to sniff at the male's left front leg. It was a bit lighter than his right paw (which was black) and looked wet.

As Kat cautiously glided down, he saw that the limb really was wet. With blood.

A bleeding gash across the lower leg was the cause of this, and the black-and-white female examined this, glanced at a pale yellowish pink item nearby, and guessed regretfully, "Those chefs are improving their aim, I see."

The rust-colored male lowered his black-tipped tail and drooped his head, which had an oval of black fur on the front, "Yeah, one of those square-shaped knives. I barely got in this time. They've stepped up their security since the last time, so I don't think we'll be able to even scavenge around there anymore. At least not for a while."

Skid perked up and told him happily, "We won't have to!" "And don't worry; we've already got several rats and a crow," Myr added. The she-cats went on to tell the male about how they were going with Kat, to a far safer place, and of course this meant that the male would come along too.

Meanwhile, Kat himself went over to look at the pale thing that the male had apparently stolen. It was a full chicken, with small streaks of blood and rust-colored bits of fur smeared on one side, probably from that bloody wound on the male's leg.

Kat made a face at the ruined meal- it was one of the few things he actually recognized as edible food here! The pale pinkish object was sometimes on the dinner menu at the humans' house, and he enjoyed sneaking bits from it when he could.

Myr scoffed at him, "What, you're fine with seeing a dead animal after it's prepared by humans, but a fresh rat or crow isn't good enough?"

"...What?" Kat asked uncomprehendingly. What did a yummy chicken have to do with catching and killing icky little creatures?

The dark-scarlet male cat chuckled, "You have seen what something looks like before it gets all bled, gutted, de-feathered and cooked up, right? Chicken meat does come from actual chickens, you know."

Kat's expression became one of disgust. Chicken was something that used to be alive and have all that blood and stuff in it?! Ew!

Skid, who'd been cleaning the male's blood-oozing leg, snorted, "Even I wasn't that stupid when I first got out here!"

'Where had she come from before?' Kat wondered, but put off the pondering as not important. He listened, bored, as Myr and Skid told the male about where they were going.

"I would've recognized your pawsteps at once, Sangre," Skid told him apologetically, "But with the weight of the food you were carrying, and how you were limping, on your leg..."

"It's fine," Sangre assured her warmly, purring and rubbing his head against hers.

Kat made a face. Blaugh, Earth-cats. He tilted his head as he noticed something; Sangre's name was a human noise, instead of a feline-sound (like Myr) or a feline-word for something (like Skid). He mentioned this, and the male nodded his head.

"Yes," he explained, "I used to live near a group of humans who spoke a human-language called 'Spanish,' and wI used a word of it for my name."

Kat wrinkled his nose, "You took your name from a human language?"

"Says the high and mighty Kat," Skid retorted, looking up from where she was wiping a clean-ish piece of rat-hide on Sangre's no-longer blood-encrusted leg.

'Mr. Kat' couldn't really dispute this, (tough obviously it wasn't his real name, just something that Millie called him) so he just scoffed and turned his head away haughtily, asking Sangre, "What does your name even mean?"

The dark scarlet feline smirked, "What else? Blood."