Courtney x

Recording studio: Open for business. Status: Mine. All Mine!

"Courtney! You must share, let me in!" I take that back. Mostly mine and it will stay mine till I have to leave to babysit a bunch of adults who act younger than me. So basically, I'm going round Lou's place. Don't get me wrong, I love some of them people like nobody's business but the fact that A- most of them act like a bunch of 5 year olds and b- she's entrusting me- me of all people to look after the krazy bunch is worrying. Especially since I'm 14 and they're all allowed to drink. Make me look normal they do. I ignored my oc sister Jayde- who a complete bitch by the way. Bitch be upsetting Emmy, she be getting her karma. Thing is, I created Jayde to be my best friend cuz primary school, bollocked me. So Jayde was meant to be my best friend and because I was quite posh at the time, she turned out posh. Only that backfired on me as she turned out to be a Damien Sandow clone and pretty much enforce proper names and 'manners'. Which is why everyone hates her. Even the people who dislike/hate me and that's saying something. I knew something was up when the music stopped and my bloody buzzer interrupted it. Ma.

"Courtney! You've got guests!" Ma shouted down the little speaker thing. I shouted my thanks even though I damn well knew she couldn't hear cuz I got this house sound proofed for my parent's hearing and so we wouldn't get another complain. Or get evicted for that matter. I zoomed over to my big supercomputer, which had every location of my trackees, that's a long, long story. But the shortened version is, we get kidnapped a lot. Okay, moving on! And as well as that, cameras in places pretty much everywhere I want them to be. I just focus on front doors though, that'd be invasion of privacy and I do not need another restraining order on my hands. I saw it was Phil and his adorable little munchkin- and what I am saying? I sound like a critic for Wizard of Oz. Lemme rephrase, I saw it was Phil and his adorable kids or my niece (One of 'em) and nephew, Harley and Reno. Those kids are hilarious plus I love 'em both to pieces. I always end up getting caught in their little high-school dramas with my two other nieces, Emmy and Ali and my godson Ash. Its weird cuz what they come out with sounds like it should be coming straight out of my school. Weird. I grabbed Jeff's bribe, the kids' treats, my messenger bag with ma laptop and pushed my way past ma evil sister.

"Bye Jay-Jay!" She growled, in which I took great happiness. I take every possible opportunity to piss off ma evil sister and boy do I enjoy it. Mwahaha. I made my way upstairs from the basement of awesomeness and grabbed a bag for ma treats for the kids. "Bye Ma! Be back- uh, whenever!" I shouted, making ma way through the door, where Phil and the kids were waiting impatiently.

"Auntie Cookie!" Reno, I taught him to speak.

"Auntie CoCo!" Harley, she caught on from Lou. They both latched on to me which was awkward cuz I had like 3 bags full of goodies.

"Hey guys, hey Phil. Guys, step away from the treats. " They both took a step back. " Okay, I have 4 packs of Jaffa cakes and 4 bags of gummy bears. Quicker we get home, quicker we can share 'em." Phil smiled down at his kids as we made our way back to Casa Del Lou. Or the MadHouse. One of them anyway. The others being AJ's and Mikey's. Which reminds me, I wanna pop round them krazy ass places again. Fun dayz.

"What's in the third bag?" Phil asked, would he approve of me getting Jeff to torture Mike? Who cares, the only who can do anything is Lou and right now I am the favourite one between Dean, Phil and me.

"Jeffro's Bribe." Phil just looked at me funny. "I said to Jeff, that messing with Mi-Frogman *mental bitch slap to self* would be fun. If he done it for me I said I would give him something." He nodded with the 'I get it' look and he probably couldn't get why I couldn't just do it myself since I take pure pleasure in doing so. "We're home!" We found Lou downstairs looking pissed. I knew that look. She hadn't got any work done. "How much you wanna bet I'm going to get the 'Don't kill any of the musi' lecture?" I whispered to Phil.

""I'm not betting cuz it's a sure thing." I pouted at him. "No." Damn it. There goes my easy money. Oh well. I'll see if I can snag some from Jay's piggy bank. Shouldn't be too hard. After all, sisters must share in her own words. We walked in after the kids.

"Court, I gotta leave for work. Do not kill anyone." I pouted. "No." Oh come on! Am I not freaking adorable? I look like a lost puppy half the time! Much to my disadvantage but then again people do underestimate me. I guess being 5 foot tall and adorable does have its perks. "Don't. Kill. Anyone. Don't pick a fight neither." I scoffed, oh sure that won't happen. "I mean it Court."

"Oh I know." I smiled innocently, trying to get her off my case. But being my sister, she just shakes her head, kisses Phil goodbye, which earns a yuck from us 3 kids and just leaves, saying no more about it. Because she just knows something bad is going to happen and my big mouth is going to be a part of it. Or at least have a nice big say in it. Why she chose my corrupted self is beyond me. Short notice or long term. She just knows I'm addicted to trouble. Or at least it follows me around. Same thing. "C'mon chickies let's get these sweets sorted out. Phil, planning to help or do your own thing?"

"I'll help." He said, we walked into the kitchen. Phil grabbed 8 bowls whilst me and the kids got to open the goodies. I had raided the heaven that is poundland and got 4 bags of gummy bears so we put a bag into each bowl. Gummys: Check. Time for the jaffas. I had raided two branches of sainsburys to get 4 double packs. I am dedicated to my sweets and lord so help you if you come between me and them. Okay, so we had 24 jaffas in a box, times that by 4 is 98. So we had 98 jaffas to share out. I can work with that. So divide that by 4 is 49/2. Which is a half. That's 24.5. So we split the last jaffa up between the kids.

"Kay, so we knock on people's doors and ask nicely if they want jaffas and or gummy bears. Once we been round the house, we share what's left, if any, between us." The kids nodded and scramed. "Right, let's get this sorted. I need to see Jeff and make sure I beat the kids to the Dixons." Phil nodded and went after the kids who had gone into the living room with Dean and Sin. I went upstairs to find Jeff and knocked on to the door to his room, waiting patiently which I only seemed to have for Jeff and Sammy. Hell maybe Daryl, Merle and Dean sometimes if I feel like it. But its rare. "Jeffro!" I said as he opened the door. "I got your stuff-"

"Courtney!" My smile dropped quicker than a 1 tonne weight and morphed itself into a scowl. What in the good name of jaffa cakes is she doing here?

"Well, that's never good." Jeff noted in front of me. I shot my 'Really' look to him. "Just sayin'." I put the food of god in Jeff's art-covered room and went downstairs where my sister Jayde decided to walk in and lean against the wall, arms crossed and looking so damn impatient, just looking at her pink-ified self made me want to smack her one. Yueck, that's one difference between me and her. I have sense, and wear a mix of jeans, skirts and boys colours, well any colour but pink and white. She on the other hand, only wears girls colours, so pink, white, yellow and pastels. No black, blue, grey, anything associated with dudes. She won't wear jeans or trainers. She wears makeup, like eyeshadow, blusher, the whole nine where as I wear nail polish and sometimes lip gloss or lipstick. She has her ears pierced (I don't and never will) as she thinks it defines her as a 'lady' she'll never be a lady so long as she had that mouth open. She's also the poshest twit in the county whereas I am common as muck, and I take pride in that. Okay, looking back at that, that's most of the differences between us listed there.

"What do you want Jay?" I asked, snapping her out of her self-absorbed thoughts.

"Well, that's not very polite Courtney and I've told you before, but obviously, it hasn't gotten through your thick skull, my name is Jayde-Marie, that's what you shall call me." I scoffed at that.

"I'll call you whatever the hell I like. Now answer my question, Jay, what do you want?" I asked, setting myself into the same position as my sister, mimicking her was one of my specialities, and it also pissed her off like hell welcomed Sammy and Dean. She rolled her eyes and went to answer.

"Aunty Cookie, who's the freaky lady?" I stifled a laugh as my favourite and only nephew Reno piped up behind me. I turned to face him, Harley and Phil and sighed.

"This, is my twin sister, Jayde and she was just leaving, weren't you Jay?" I pretty much growled out that last part but as I turned to face my sister when I said that so I don't think Phil and the kids noticed too much. At least I don't think so. She shook her head to say no.

"I'm not going anywhere Courtney." She answered calmly, she was about to continue.

"No, it's Aunty Coco, she no like her full name." Harley piped up, staring down Jay. I hadn't even told her that reason. I just didn't teach it. I told Emmy and Ali that reason, Ash learnt it from Emmy and damn it them kids are hanging out, why do I keep forgetting that? Moving on.

"C'mon kids, let's leave Aunty Court and Jay to talk. " Phil ushered the kids away from this sisterly bitch-out, I'm willing to bet he almost certainly knew there would be violence. Not that I'd be defending that, because it's highly and almost indefinitely going to happen. Soon as they were up the stairs, Jay decided to talk.

"Courtney, you know I'm more mature and more responsible than you, why don't you go home and you let me take care of this?" Not even dignify that with an answer.

"I wouldn't leave you in charge of a crayon let alone this house. Now why don't you go find your little boytoy and get out of this house before my boot ends up kicking your derrière out of the county." I demon glared down my sister and kept up the role of the evil common as muck sister.

"Court?" Someone asked behind me, but it was directed to Jay. I turned around and saw it was Cas and Sammy, but Sammy was the one who talked.

"Why are there two of you?" Cas, sometimes oblivious to the human world and other times a complete ass. Right now he's oblivious. Don't have they have twins in heaven?

"We're twins dummy. I'm Courtney and that's Jay." He just looked cutely lost. Damn it. "We're sisters, but we're identical." Little bit of progress, but damn it he still looked cutely lost. Never mind.

"I'm Jayde-Marie, I'm guessing you're Sammy and Cas." I turned to face my sister with a what the fudge look? "I know just as much as you Courtney-Lou. "

"Oh for the love of Destiel, stop making me sound like a country bumpkin before I damify you and your posh tottie backside out of this house." I inwardly smirked when I realised what I said. I really gotta stop using that in this house. Oh well. Fat chance of that. Cas just looked even more confused then he was when he saw me and my sister and Sammy, well I think Sammy was thinking: 'Just back away slowly and they won't notice us.' Well that certainly wouldn't work. Us Whitford twins have the eyes and ears of a hawk. So MEH!

"Don't you have something in common? Something which keeps you quiet for more than 5 seconds?" Sammy suggested, the gears started turning in my head. But first, sarcastic comeback.

"When you and your brother have one other than drinking and kicking ass, then you can say that. But for now, shut it." Damn her.

"For the love of christ, stop nicking my lines cagna!" I shouted back at my sister. For the love of purple, that's a reason I hate being a twin. We read minds. Ish. Then I had an idea, I stopped my rant and got to thinking. "Jay, you still have that portable stage with you?" She nodded and got my idea. How much trouble was this going to get us into?

Lord knows how long later...

DJ Krazy and Lady Jay are our little performing names and we set little things like this up, we do it big and in style. We called in a few favours and got some other performers. We were getting really into it, so when we saw Lou coming down the set, looking very pissed. 3 guesses who bolted or tried to at least. "Oh no, I go down, I'm dragging you with me." This was going to take a lot of work from Payne and Haven. So Lou storms over to us as soon as she spots us, me holding Jay where she is by her hair so the cagna can't bolt. Oh this was going be fun.


"What the hell is that nofty tofty little twit doing in my yard?!" I shouted as I laid eyes on Court's twin.

"Just leaving. No need to worry." Jayde smiled nervously.

"Oh I don't think so. CROWL," But Payne's hand clamping down on my mouth stopped me and Haven stood in front of me with his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Lou kitten don't be angry."

"Even if it is sexy." Payne offered. Man sometimes I hate how my musi know how to play me.

"Whoa that's my wife you're talking to!" Phil shouted.

"And mine! I should shoot you!" I wriggled free from Payne's grip on my mouth and pulled Haven into a hug.

"Dean Winchester you will not, do you hear me?! Not shoot my kitty cats!"

"I'm a lion!" Haven grumbled.

"Course you are, but you're my kitty too." I smiled. I saw Court shove Jayde and off she ran. I was ready to lay into Court for leaving my musi unattended while she played pop princess, but the arrival of a friend stop me.

"What up brah?!"