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"Can we get some ice cream later?" Phoebe asked turning to face me, I thought it through for a moment before shrugging "Why not? As long as your mom say's it's okay" I said, Phoebe smiled and started to hop-scotch her way down the street as I twirled a piece of my long brown hair

"Hannah, there's Sean" Phoebe exclaimed excitedly, I smiled at the young girls excitement and shrugged "Catch up with them if yah want Phoeb's, I'll follow" I replied, Phoebe nodded before running to catch up with her brother, I plucked a flower as I passed a bush and started to twirl it between my fingers as I walked

"Hurry up Hannah!" I heard Phoebe shout, I looked up to see her on the corner of the street waiting for me with her hands on her hips, I rolled my eyes and giggled before speeding up my walk "You walk slow" she whined pouting, I ruffled her hair as I passed her and she groaned "Hannah" she exclaimed trying to tame her now puffy hair, I smiled in amusement and saw Sean a few feet in front of us with Patrick

"You know I hate that" she said taking my left hand in her small right hand "I know Phoeb's but I couldn't resist" I replied looking down at her, she sighed and shrugged "Okay, don't do it again though" she said pointing a warning finger in my direction, I placed my right hand over my heart and nodded "I swear" I said in a serious voice, she nodded and instantly became her usual cheery self again,

as we reached a familiar creepy house I noticed that Sean and Patrick had stopped walking and were staring at the house "You guys I just saw him, he was watching us" Phoebe said also facing the house, I leaned agains't the fence slightly while facing them "Who?" Sean asked "The scary German guy" she replied in a quiet voice "Sean he gives me the creeps" Patrick said, we started walking again but they kept glancing at the house

"He's just a dude on welfare" Sean replied, I rolled my eyes "Maybe he's a German spy" Patrick said "Oh yeah sure, were not at war with Germany anymore" Sean pointed out "Were at war with Vietnam" Phoebe said, I gave her a surprised look "Phoeb's how do you know that?" I asked, she shrugged "It's in Rambo" she said, I giggled and rolled my eyes at the same time "You guys missed it!" I jumped and faced my younger brother with an' annoyed look

"Not cool Horace" I said "Rudy saved my life, d'you think we could talk him into joining the monster club?" he asked, my eyes widened "No" I said firmly "Uh...huddle" Sean said motioning us closer, I sighed and leaned forward "Sean he's in Junior High" Patrick said "So is Hannah"

Horace exclaimed glancing at me, I rolled my eyes "Yeah well I'm a total monster whiz and I can use a bow and arrow...What can that jerk do?" I asked raising my eyebrows in question "She got a point" Sean said shrugging "I heard he killed his dad" Phoebe said looking up at us

"Get outta here Phoebe the feeb" Horace snapped, Phoebe pouted before walking away "Wait by the fence Phoeb's" I said, she nodded but still looked pissed off at us "We'll let him in on one test" Sean said, the boys nodded in agreement before standing straight

"Guys" I whined as they walked ahead, they ignored me and I turned to Phoebe "Come on Phoeb's" I said sighing, she turned away from the creepy old house and we headed for the tree house.