2 Hours Later...

We were all stood in a line staring at what used to be the clubhouse "That dracula guy was one evil asshole" Horace said, I sighed and glanced at all the pieces of wood scattered around the garden "We could re-build it somewhere else" Patrick suggested, we all looked at him "Where?" I asked,

he shrugged and looked around "We live right next to a forest, there's a tone of trees and one of them is bound to be the next clubhouse" he said, I nodded "Good point, it's gonna take a while to re-build though" Sean pointed out, we all nodded "Gives us something to do though right?" I asked "Guess so" Horace said, I felt Rudy's hand tugging on a piece of my hair so that I would look at him

"I can think of something else" he said suggestively, I giggled and let him kiss me while sliding his tongue into my mouth "Oh c'mon" the guys groaned making noises of dissaproval, I could feel him smirk and pull me closer just to wind them up "That's gross" Horace exclaimed, I laughed and pulled away but kept my arms around his neck "You guys wait until your our age"

Rudy said pointing at them, they all rolled their eyes and muttered different insults of some sort "Gimme a break boys, I haven't gotten any in a while" he exclaimed making them groan even louder "Wait...Hannah are you a virgin?"

Patrick suddenly asked, it all went quiet and they looked at me awaiting my answer "Uh.." I didn't know what to reply so I pulled away from Rudy "We should go get somethin' to eat" I said nervously, they all started talking again about a bet and I rolled my eyes

"So your not?" Horace asked looking horrified, I shrugged and glanced back at Rudy "You'll have to ask him" I told them, they all asked him random questions but he merely smirked and held his hands up "That's between me and Hannah" he said putting his hands on my waist,

the boys sighed and flopped down on the picnik bench "You my girl again?" he asked hopefully, I thought for a moment "I guess we could give it another try" I said, he smiled and leaned in "Awesome" he muttered before crashing his lips agains't mine.

AN: Hey dudes I know this is a short story but the film is quite short if you think about it and I did try and stretch it out, but anyways thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the story. BABYLIBBY96 xx