Baylee1100-Hello I really love Heroman so I decided to make a story about it but with a few changes.

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{Story start}

Chapter 1-Josphina "Joey" Jones

(Dream sequence)

I'm lying on the cold ground staring through bleary eyes at a mass of red rush past me the picture gets clearer and it turns out to be some sort of large robot with red armor with yellow lightning coming out of it and it looks….enraged about something and all of the sudden a name comes out of my mouth in a strangled scream


I get up and start to run and…

Beep beep beep

What is that?

(Dream sequence end)

Beep beep beep

"Uuuuhhhhh" moaned the slight female figure under the covers

The figure rose to present a young teenage girl with mid-back length dark blond hair and sapphire eyes she got up from her small warm bed and walked to the bathroom down the hall to take a shower and then came out wrapped in only a soft yellow towel and went to her room where she changed into her usual clothes which consisted of a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a yellow and white stripped long sleeved shirt, black and white sneakers, and to finish it off a black jacket with a yellow hood(Figure out her favorite color yet) she brushed her hair and then grabbed her black backpack and made her way to the door only stopping a moment to look at the picture occupying her bookshelf.

"Goodbye grandma" the blond girl said as she passed her grandmothers room

"Have a nice day Joey" her grandmother said as she closed the door

Once she was out of the house joey ran down a few streets till she reached Hilly's and got into her apron for work and started to serve coffee until she had to leave for school and then started to run down the street till she was stopped by none other than Hilly himself he tossed her a bag that seemed to contain lunch joey ran to school once she stepped into the building she took her usual seat by the window and when she looked outside she saw a blue sky littered with clouds but something told her something was going to happen today that would change her life….forever.

Baylee1100-Ohhh cliffhanger I hope you love it!

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