Chapter one-

Eddi mckee wasn't lucky when it came to love. She ran through the rain in her light blue converse where the muddy puddles splashed. She arrived to holby hospital to notice a familiar looking campervan stood in place behind the rustle of the blowing trees. In her mind all she wanted to do was go over to it and smash it to pieces. The only thing is she couldn't, the guy who owned it, was someone who she adored. She set her mind back to the days where she would spend the nights cuddled against his chest or even enjoying his company while he was tucked up in his research. Eddis mind came back to reality when she looked down to her miss sixty's watch and noticed she had been standing there in the middle of the road for around half an hour in her little imagination. She ran through holby car park, into the hospital then upto aau and into the staffroom to get ready for her shift.

She took out her phone knowing she only had 10 minutes before starting her shift. She looked down and seen the picture she kept on the lock screen of her iphone which made tears form in her eyes.

Eddi came out the staffroom and headed onto the ward when she noticed someone come into aau. He was around 5ft 9, chocolate brown eyes and ruffled hair. He made his way over to the reception and noticed a nurse.

Eddi looked up from the glance she was in and sighed a little. "can I help you?" she quizzed realising she still had tears in her eyes then blinked them back.

"hi, I'm Max schniler, the new locum replacing Luc Hemingway" he said gently. Eddis face dropped as she heard him say that. She had no idea what was going on, where was he?, his campervan was there but their was no sign of him.

Eddi looked upto him. "oh okay.." she admitted close to tears as she done her best to keep them back. Max looked upto her and noticed the tears but didn't want to push her to far. "are you okay?" he quizzed. She nodded not wanting to explain what was going on outside of work. "its nothing don't worry about it" she lied through her teeth. This once young,strong,feisty nurse had became fragile due to a certain doctor leaving holby.

Luc on the other hand was sitting in his campervan over thinking everything, should he go in or not?

Once he made his mind up he basically ran in his once white trainers now black to the hospital and onto the aau ward. He swiped his card onto the scanner as it sent a loud buzzing sound before opening the doors. "right time to face the music" he said to himself. He walked in and seen her light blue converse that stood out from crowd of people, he looked up and noticed her doing her ward rounds.

Eddi took her mind of the patient for a second as she looked up to notice a familiar face. Her small frame froze where she was stood as she dropped the notes she was currently holding. What would happen?

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