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Marth came back from brawling Sonic and Diddy Kong. He didn't know why, but it seemed as if everyone pitied him. They always went easy on him.

It had been a month since the prince woke up in the infirmary. He felt fine. It was just that... He couldn't understand anyone but the small capped boy, and he couldn't remember how he got injured. He didn't know anybody there, save for Ike.

Slowly, he learned that the capped boy was Ness, and the gracious princess was Peach. He learned everyone's names by now. He knew that nobody could really understand him, so he resorted to silence, only talking to Ness.

To be honest, Marth felt bad for putting so much burden on the small twelve-year-old. Ness was trying to teach Marth how to speak English. He was also brawling in between, translating for Marth when he could, and still tried to be a kid, playing with Toon Link and Lucas, playing pranks on the older brawlers.

Marth had a feeling something big happened before he woke up in the infirmary with no memory of what happened before. And he was determined to regain his memory.

Peach sat under the very tree she'd fallen asleep under. It was all too cruel. Just when she'd sorted out her feelings, Marth lost his memory.

Lost in thought, the princess almost didn't notice someone walk up to her.

"Oh. Hello, Marth."

The prince nodded his salutations and sat down next to her. She noticed that his tiara was a bit crooked.

"Your tiara-"

Marth's calm expression changed to looking insulted. "Everyone here is calling me a girl. Even if I look feminine, that does not mean I am not a boy." He stopped talking, and shook his head violently, as if confused.

Those very words took Peach back in time to when Marth said the same exact words to her. "Marth?"

The Altean blinked. "Hai?"

"Did you just... Speak?"

The confused swordsman shook his head, then nodded, then resorted to shaking his head again.

Peach knew one thing for sure. Maybe something could trigger Marth's memory. She just needed to find out what.

Marth opened the door to his room. Ike wasn't there. Good. He could have time to think.

He flopped onto his (incredibly clean) bed, and stared up at the ceiling. Okay, he did say some pretty weird things to Peach. And Ike. He recalled that afternoon.

"Konnichiwa, Aiku!"

"Hey, Marth." The mercenary raised his eyebrows at him.

Ike acted cold to him, but Marth could see pain in his eyes.

"Oh yeah, I suggest that you stay away from-"Ike started.

Suddenly Marth blurted out, "Would you stop to think and consider that... I cared for her first. You knew that." The prince was confused. Why did he say that?

Ike's eyes widened. "Marth! Say something! Can you remember that day?" He leaped over and took Marth by the shoulders.

Marth shook his head, scared, and squeaked, "N-Nani?"

Ike's eyes clouded over with grief, and he let go of Marth. "Oh."

Marth frowned. He stared at Ike's side of the room. Messy. Disgusting. Disorganized. Ugh.

He spied a small notebook under his roommate's bed. Out of curiosity, Marth reached down and pulled it out. He opened it up. It was in English only, but Marth knew how to read most words now. It was just a matter of speaking the language.

Dear Diary/Journal,

I'm not sure of what I should do. I have an extremely messy roommate. On the bright side, my English is improving. Ness is really helping me a lot. I had my first brawl today. I won! Although, I did feel bad knocking the others off of the stage... Peach congratulated me today. I don't know why, but I feel nervous and shy around her. It must be nerves of meeting new people.


Marth blinked. How come he couldn't remember this stuff? As he read on, he found that he knew how to speak English. His best friend was Ike. Ness looked up to him. He loved Peach. But it was all too confusing! How could he not remember anything? Then, he came to an entry from about a month ago. It was written rather sloppily, with handwriting that looked like a scrawl, and rather difficult to read.

Dear, uh, Diary?

I'm so sorry, Marth. I'm just so sorry. I was such a dunce. Now, you're in a coma. Because of me. You see, we were fighting out in the front of the Mansion. I thought I loved Peach. I knew you really did. Then, I stepped on a trap, and you blocked it from hitting me. Yes, you sacrificed yourself to save me from that cursed arrow. You went unconscious in my arms. Peach wept for you. The whole Mansion wasn't the same. Even the bad guys were quiet. Ness cried, along with Lucas, Toon, and the other children. They really cared for you, Marth. Me? I'm guilty beyond repair. I'm broken beyond repair. Most of all, I realized that I made a terrible mistake. I now know that I loved you as a family member. And family is what matters most to me. You mattered more to me than Peach did. And I caused your injury. I'm so sorry, Marth. I not only lost a friend now... I lost the little brother that I never had.


Marth had a bit of a hard time reading the last bit. The page was stained with something that looked like water... Or tears. Splotches of tears. His eyes widened, and in a rush, he remembered.

Meeting Peach. Meeting Ike. Loving Peach. Being best friends with Ike. Being looked up upon by Ness. Learning English. Brawling. Getting along with everyone. The accident. Ike's tears when he fell unconscious.

I remember everything.

Ike sat with Peach, staring sorrowfully into the horizon. The sky was turning a light pink, a rather beautiful color. The trees sighed in the wind. He vaguely heard footsteps approaching, and fast.

Peach let out a squeak of shock.

Marth stood there. His eyes were filled with heartache, and in one graceful motion, he leaned down and took Peach's face in his delicate hands.

"I remember everything." He turned his head slightly to glance at Ike. The mercenary nodded, a smile briefly crossing his face.

Marth turned back to the shocked Peach, swiftly leaned forward, and gently kissed her.

A single tear trickled down Peach's cheek, and she broke away, and buried her head in his chest.

Ike slowly got up, crouched down, and pulled the two of them into an embrace.

Love is like a war. Easy to start. Hard to end. It leaves one victorious and one defeated. Many may be wounded. Many may not survive. Love is like this. Easy to start. Hard to end. It may leave one elated, the other heartbroken. Some may be lost and confused along the way. Others will be hurt. In a war, only one can come out triumphant. Love is like a war.

And yet, love is impossible to forget. Just like war. It may leave devastation, but for war, every end is a new beginning. It is the same with love. For every end, there is a beginning. Love is like a war.

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