Chapter 3

Brandon was driving with Kelly beside him in the passenger seat. This simple fact was not lost on either of them. They felt comfortable with each other, yet not entirely. It felt like a great first date with your best friend. As they drove, Kelly didn't give much thought to where he might be taking her. They listened to music as Brandon would occasionally glance her way and say something that made her laugh or smile or roll her eyes in amusment. Only as they were pulling in did she realize where he was taking her.

"West Bev?! Brandon! Why are we here?" She laughed and Brandon relished in making her smile.

They got out and headed inside.

"Kel, before I cheated on you, we had a great relationship, didn't we?"

"Pretty much perfect, yes."

Brandon spoke thoughtfully and slowly. "I think in that perfection something got lost for me. I want you to think back to the beginning of our relationship. Way back. Freshman year of college. Do you remember?

"Of course I remember, Brandon."

"We've been through a lot together. The fire, the cult, the shooting, a failed proposal, amenesia." He chuckled. "When I think about us, I think about how through every one of those events and more I fell in love with you all over again. Almost losing you or actually losing and you and getting you back...all those times I got a frightening taste of not having Kelly Taylor in my life or as my girlfriend. I was constantly thankful to have you in my life because I knew how impermanent it could be. Since you remembered who I was after your amensia...God that sounds crazy saying out loud...umm things have been pretty perfect, haven't they?"

"Yeah, they were perfect."

"What I'm trying to say here that I began to take you for granted. I took our perfect relationship for granted and like the moron that I am, ruined it. I planned today to ensure that will never happen again. To either of us. I planned today to remind us that whenever we feel in a rut we can fall in love with each other all over again...without straying or betraying..."

"You know we talked this morning...and I wanted to undestand...what you just said helped most of all."

"Are you ready to go in? After you..."

Brandon opened the door to the West Beverly High School gymnasium and Kelly was shocked to see what was inside. Streamers, balloons, confetti, a punch looked eerily similar to the way it used to look at school dances. Music started playing and Brandon took Kelly in his arms and dragged her to the middle of the gym.

"Brandon you don't dance."

"I danced twice and both with you. Do you remember?"

"Here. Our first date. Right here in this spot. Also, our first kiss if I remember correctly. "

"You seduced me."

"And you're very easily seduced" Kelly shot Brandon a meaningful look.


They both smiled and Brandon leaned his head down to meet Kelly's.

"And the square dance in college. I knew then that something would happen between us eventually. I didn' know when or how...I just knew. "

" You know, Kel, there's something I never told you about that night of the square dance. "

"More secrets?"

"Not's just that...after we kissed that night...I went back to my room and just kind of layed there thinking about you...about the kiss...about the future...if we had a future...and the next thing I knew the sun was up."

"You stayed up all night?"

"Let's just say you made and impression."

Brandon leaned in slowly and kissed Kelly passionately. As they pulled away and held her closely and they danced a few more songs just holding each other.