Alright! This is a story that the lovely Speedstreek360 suggested. :)) I've always wanted to write something like this, honestly. I've also seen a few stories like this on fanfiction, something I'm kind of excited about. So, here we go!

This is also a sequel of sorts to Undone. I guess you don't have to read that one to get this one though. Sorry it starts off kind of slow, but I had to start somewhere lol.

Warnings: mech-preg, slash!, sticky/spark-action, emotional outbursts, all that good stuff. :)) I'm planning on being shameless in this story. This is rated M for a reason. If you don't like mechxmech please don't read this guys.

Disclaimer: The Transformers are not mine. :/


"You've been…busy."

Optimus Prime felt fear creeping into his processor. He looked at Ratchet, keeping his body relaxed. There was no way Ratchet knew, so there was no need to worry. "I'm sorry?"

Ratchet gave Optimus that look and the larger mech knew he was in trouble; now he could worry.

Optimus had scheduled a simple check-up with Ratchet the day before, nothing serious. It was just that he had noticed his systems had been running warmer than usual and wondered if it was anything abnormal.

It probably had something to do with the fact that he had been meeting with Megatron for the last couple of weeks. The Decepticon leader had fallen into a pretty strong heat-cycle and…things took off from there.

In any case, Optimus couldn't tell Ratchet he was fragging the enemy.

"Is it Jazz?" Ratchet asked as he gestured for Optimus to open his chest-plates. "The mech's been known to be rather frisky."

Optimus stifled a laugh, shaking his head. As fun as Jazz was, he had never thought of the saboteur as a berth partner. Besides, the Autobot third in command had seemed quite pre-occupied lately. "No, I have not been interfacing with Jazz."

Ratchet made a sound of acknowledgment, probably only half listening to what Optimus had said. His skilled hands brushed against Optimus' spark chamber and the larger mech suppressed a shudder. He really should not have been aroused, but with all the overloads lately…

"Everything seems fine," Ratchet mumbled as he shut his leader's chest plates. "You're bound to feel kind of funny after being so active. If you have any more problems, just come back."

Optimus felt his face heat up. He never really had to talk to Ratchet about his sex life, not really having one. Sure, he had plenty of experience interfacing – but it had never been so much in such a short period of time. He hadn't 'faced anyone since Elita-One, and that had been a rather long time ago.

At least Ratchet hadn't requested to check his interface equipment. Optimus wasn't sure if he could control himself if Ratchet's – completely professional – hands examined his spike.

The leader of the Autobots began thinking back to what Megatron had done with his – less than professional – hands and repressed a shudder.

Optimus knew he should have been ashamed, appalled by his attraction to Megatron, but really couldn't find it in him. The mech was, quite honestly, gorgeous. Silver plating, pretty angled face plates, those thighs…

He should have felt horrible for lying to his men! Every time he went out to see Megatron he would have another lie made up. Optimus couldn't believe his men even believed him. They did though, because he was Prime; he didn't lie!

…and what was worse, he realized, was that he would have back up plans for his lies. Optimus had never thought he could make such a good liar. It was probably all the extra exposure he was having to Megatron. The mech was a Decepticon for Primus' sake!

"Oh, before you go," Ratchet waited for Optimus – who had tried not to jump – to fully turn around before continuing. Optimus got the feeling he was about to be told something that was going to freak him out. "I hope you're not planning on getting sparked."

Optimus froze. The thought hadn't even crossed his mind – he hadn't even been properly protecting himself during interface. Perhaps Megatron was? Optimus had been rather dominant during their sessions – what if –

He couldn't think of that. The chances were beyond slim of Megatron sparking. He was Megatron for Primus' sake!

Of course, Optimus never thought the same Megatron who couldn't get sparked would have heat-cycles either. Which was kind of a ridiculous thing to think because every mech had at least on heat-cycle in their life. Optimus himself hadn't had one since he had become Prime, but that was…well, different.

"No. Why do you ask?"

Ratchet shrugged. "If you're interfacing this much with just one mech – and I'm sure you are – systems could get confused. One of you could end up in a heat-cycle, then…well, let's just say that I refuse to baby-sit."

Optimus suddenly felt numb.

"Just be careful – there's nothing worse than the surprise of finding out you're carrying." Ratchet paused, giving Optimus a glare only Ratchet could give. "Actually, there is. If you end up carrying so help me – "

"No worries old friend," Optimus chuckled – lied. He quickly turned, feeling his spark twist with uneasiness.

What if he had – while helping Megatron through his heat-cycle – sparked Megatron? What would that mean? Could it happen?

Optimus sighed, forcing the tension to drain from his body. There was no way Megatron was carrying. Heat-cycle or not, it was just not probable.

And besides, he'd know, right..?

Megatron slumped in his throne, forcing down the urge to purge his tanks again. Primus knew he even had anything left to purge –

"Lord Megatron," Soundwave said, his voice low. Megatron turned his head, but not completely. Even the smallest movement caused his rebellious tanks to churn. Soundwave stared at his leader for a moment, probably studying him or some slag before continuing. "Suggestion?"

Since when did Soundwave ask stupid questions? "What is your suggestion?" He hissed, fully turning his head to his third in command. Soundwave, to his benefit, flinched back at the venomous tone.

"Seek medical attention."

Megatron rolled his optics, turning away from Soundwave slowly as to not purge again. There was nothing wrong! It was just…a bug or something.


"It's nothing, Soundwave. Go back to work."

Soundwave, to Megatron's annoyance, didn't move. He shifted awkwardly, but didn't actually step away. The tyrant growled, putting as much volume into it as he could. "Soundwave…"

"But – "

Soundwave did not say but. Megatron jerked his head to the side, fully intending to unleash a slew of threats and curses at his usually compliant communications officer, but his head began to spin horribly, and everything blurred together.

He clamped his optics – and mouth – shut, hoping the dizziness would pass and he wouldn't purge in his throne. Megatron had been successfully keeping the contents of his tanks off of the furniture and floor, and hoped to keep it that way. He took deep breaths, placed a hand over his optics and remained completely still.

A cool hand pressed into his shoulder and he jumped, any calm he had collected slipping away. By some small miracle, Megatron kept his tanks under control as he turned to Soundwave. He looked at the cassette-player's hand on his shoulder and narrowed his optics, hoping he looked menacing enough. He probably didn't, of course – he felt like straight up slag.

Just as Soundwave began to say something, Megatron's personal comm. sounded. He tensed, knowing who it was.

Soundwave could not know he had been 'facing Prime; not to mention that Megatron had been in heat not days before. The cycle had ended, thank Primus, but that didn't stop the two leaders from meeting…

…what was wrong with him? Megatron sighed, shrugging Soundwave off. "Leave."

Soundwave seemed genuinely surprised by the command. He stepped back, staring at Megatron. "Lord Megatron, I really think that you should – "

"I said leave!" Megatron stood, putting as much anger into his voice as he could. He ignored the way the room began to spin as he watched Soundwave run out of the room. After the doors shut behind the blue mech, Megatron allowed himself to fall back into his throne. He pulled a shaky hand to his middle, hoping that that would somehow calm his systems.

He'd let himself properly regret yelling at Soundwave later – now he had Prime to deal with. "What is it, Prime?"

It was silent on the other end for a moment. "Are you alright?"

Megatron would have laughed at the concern if he felt like laughing. Since when did Optimus Prime give a frag about Megatron's well-being? Oh, that's right, since the two had started 'facing every other frelling day.

The Decepticon leader groaned as his processor continued to spin. It was sad that through comm. link Optimus knew he wasn't well. That couldn't be a good sign…

"I've just…caught something."

"What do you mean? A virus?"

No, Megatron thought, his jaw clenching, I caught a frelling turbo-fox. He should have just hung up right then, but something in Prime's voice made him uneasy. "Probably. What do you want? I'm really not in the mood for a frag, so – "

"You haven't been purging your tanks by any chance, have you..?"

The hesitation in Optimus' voice set off more alarms in Megatron's head. He kept his anger in place, however, and that outweighed the nervousness trying to creep into his systems. "Yes. Why does that matter? Did you call to check on me? The last time I checked we were still enemies."

Megatron pressed his hand into his abdomen and concealed a moan with a growl. He really didn't feel like talking to Prime; honestly, he had had enough of the slagger for a lifetime.

He had been in a heat-cycle, big deal. Now that it was over, there was no need for them to continue to meet - unless it was to beat the tar our of each other, that is.

Of course, it was hard not to think about those strong, blue hands; hazy blue optics studying every inch of his frame...

Megatron repressed a shudder, disgusted with himself. He had allowed this to go on for too long, whatever this was. With his hate for Prime rekindled now that his thoughts weren't controlled by his interface protocols - for the most part - Megatron made a decision.

"You know what? Don't call me again. The next time we meet will be on the battlefield."

"Wait, Megatron – "

Megatron cut the line, his anger almost disappearing completely as he struggled to stay conscious. The spinning and blurred vision became intolerable. It didn't take long for him to realize he was going to pass out.

Not that he really minded, actually. Perhaps when he awoke again he wouldn't feel like he had been used as the Dinobot's chew toy…

Starscream didn't know what to make of his leader passed out in his throne. At first he laughed, pointing his finger at the Decepticon commander. It wasn't like Megatron to get drunk enough to pass out during the day, but Starscream really wouldn't put it past the idiot.

But then Thundercracker, with all his slagging wisdom and insight, pointed out how much greyer the usually shiny mech was. It actually was quite noticeable, and Starscream was surprised by the amount of concern he suddenly felt toward his leader. He pushed it aside, deciding that there was no need for worry; Megatron was fine. It was rather difficult killing off the current head of Decepticon command.

Starscream would know, he had tried…

With a sigh, he pinged Scrapper. Starscream waited– longer than he should have, but he ignored that – until the Constructicon opened his comm.

"What is it?" Scrapper sounded distracted, but Starscream had no time to think too much into it.

"We found our great leader unconscious in his throne. He needs medical attention by the looks of it," Starscream paused as he stepped closer to Megatron's prone form. The mech looked horrible; it was as if he hadn't refueled in days. "And make it quick."

"Yes, sir."

Starscream placed a hand on Megatron's shoulder, wondering if he could shake the fool awake. He was surprised to feel how warm his leader was, despite his pitiful appearance.

"Stop," Soundwave's distinctive voice commanded. Starscream turned around, glaring. Had Soundwave lost his mind?

"You do realize who you're talking to, don't you?" Starscream, despite his ire, allowed Soundwave to shoo him away from Megatron. "Do you know what's wrong with him?"

Soundwave was silent as he began checking Megatron's main energon lines in his neck, and Starscream thought the idiot was ignoring him – a mistake he would soon realize he had made. The seeker allowed the silence to go on for a little longer, when having enough of it he huffed.


The cassette-player jumped, his hands accidentally hitting Megatron in the face. Starscream laughed as Soundwave gasped, quickly pulling his hands away from their leader. After Megatron – unsurprisingly – didn't wake up, Soundwave looked at Starscream, his visor not doing a good job of hiding his worry.

"Megatron…has not been able to keep normal-grade energon in his systems." Soundwave shifted, turning his head back to Megatron. The only kind of energon the Decepticon army ever processed was either normal or high-grade. As quickly as their troops went through energon there was no need to waste it on making low-grade. Low-grade was used to feed sparklings or perhaps if a mech caught a particularly nasty virus and his systems couldn't process anything stronger, and usually the Decepticon ranks suffered neither illness nor sparklings. "I have been requesting he go to the med-bay.."

Starscream sighed, wondering what was taking the Constructicons so long. "Do you think it's a virus?" As unlikely as it was, it was the only thing Starscream could think of. Not many things caused a mech to purge his tanks. It honestly went against Cybertronian anatomy and was, unsurprisingly, very painful and drained a lot of energy. He himself had only purged once in his life, and that was due to a particularly wild party where high-grade was being spiked with some fairly potent chemicals...

There was a moment of silence, and Starscream, after clearing his processor of embarrassing party memories, felt his worry worsen. What else could be wrong with Megatron? And why the frag was he worried? He didn't care about Megatron – he wanted him dead!

…well, most of the time.

"I…don't know." Soundwave straightened, his voice deepening as he continued. "But I am sure I know who does."

Starscream was almost afraid to ask, "Who? Did someone do this to him?"

A pause again, and Starscream could have sworn he heard Soundwave snort.

"One could say that."

Sorry for the shortness of the chapter, I'll try to do better next time. I need to write a lot more of this before I update it again, but tell me what ya think in the mean time.