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We had found Nate, Emily was sure she had killed him but he was very much alive. He was in a black 4 by 4 behind us on the narrow winding mountain road back to Rosewood.

"That's Nate" I yelled unable to hide the shock in my voice.

"As in dead body Nate" Emily looked at me as if I was going crazy.

"Yes, the guy in the diner with the hoody and glasses was Nate"

The car behind was gaining speed and quickly gaining on us. I had to take action unsure of what he would do if he managed to catch up with us. I put my foot down hard on the accelerator trying to get the hell out of there. This was the only road back to Rosewood and I wanted to get back in one piece.

"Paige he's catching up...he looks mad" Emily screamed in fear.

"Wouldn't you be mad if somebody hit you over the head?!"


"Just sit tight I'm not going to let him hurt you" I've never meant something more in my life.

No matter how much I accelerated Nate kept gaining on us. I was running out of ideas I couldn't use speed to my advantage. The road was narrow, on one side it was lined with evergreens whilst the other side was a steep drop off a mountain side. Staying closest to the trees was my safest option but the rain was now hammering down making it hard to see. I was initially unsure if Nate would hurt us but as I was deep in thought he hit the back of the car. Emily Jolted forward and began to cry.


"Its ok Emily, we just need to get off this road"

I could just about make out the smile on Nate's lips, he was messed up. I know I would say that anyway after what he did with Emily but who tries to kill there cousin's ex girlfriend. He was trying to come up along side the car but I knew if that happened he would get me off the road. I slammed the brakes on hard taking Emily by surprise. Nate's car shot passed, my evasive action took him by surprise. He began reversing to try to catch up. As soon as he was close I put my foot on the accelerator and went past him. I had managed to create a big gap between us. The storm had taken its toll on the vegetation in the area, a tree uprooted and blocked the road luckily we had just missed it.

"He can't get us now that trees blocking the road" I said trying to calm Emily down.

"I had no idea you could drive like that"

"We do crazy things to protect those we loved" I smiled.

We sat in silence for the rest of the car ride. Not an awkward silence but something comforting. I don't know about Emily but I just want to put Nate behind us we knew we hadn't killed him so we no longer had to worry. He had tried his best to come between us but I have not and will not let that happen. Soon enough the familiar town of Rosewood was in sight, I was never cut out for country living I loved the hustle and bustle of a town or city.

We had managed to make it back in one piece. The weather on the mountain road back from Spencer's lake house was terrible but in Rosewood it was bright sunshine. Which made the leaves on the trees look beautiful in their autumn oranges, reds and purples. I pulled up outside Emily's house and turned the engine off.

"Here we are, home sweet home"

"Things will never be the same eh"

"I'm a changed girl, thanks to you" I laughed.

"I've taken your innocence away" Emily winked.

"Me innocent"

"You are very naughty" Emily joked.

I lent over and kissed her, I opened my mouth and she complied. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her into the kiss. She let out a moan which made the kiss more passionate. She cupped my face with her hands further deepening the kiss. We pulled apart when we heard a knock on the car window, It was Mrs Fields ahhhhhhhhh! She had a grin on her face. Emily wound down the window.

"Emily glad to see you home, hi Paige"


"What do you expect, now what have I told you about PDA on the street, the neighbours will see".

"Mom!" Emily was just as embarrassed as I was.

"Paige would you like to join us for dinner" I looked at Emily who nodded.

"Sure, thanks Mrs Fields" with that Mrs Fields headed back into the house.

"I am so sorry about her, shall we go in side?".

Emily reached over and grabbed her purse and rucksack from the back-seat. Her top rode up and flashed me her back...even seeing her back turned me on! This is crazy, I'm addicted to Emily Fields. We made our way into the house and up to Emily's room.

"Keep the door open girls" Emily's mom called up to us.

"Clearly she thinks I'm going to have my way with you"

"You would If you could McCullers, but you can't touch this" she said and gave her bottom a slap.

"I'm not getting on the wrong side of your mother".

"Are you dating my mother or me" she sulked.

Emily grabbed the television remote from her dressing table. It was like some kind of nightmare the news popped up with a picture of Nate, the headline said "missing man's body found". He was found in a car beneath a tree, I looked at Emily and she was looking at me. The next thing completely confused us they were calling him Lyndon James and he had escaped from the tru north camp. Either they had it wrong or he wasn't who he said he was.

"Em, its ok mother nature did this"

"I feel terrible he wouldn't have come to the lake house if it wasn't for me"

"He was mentally unstable"

"I led him on"

"Don't be silly, he was pretending to be Maya's cousin he was in the wrong" I pulled Emily into a tight embrace.

"He was playing me the whole time, I trusted him".

"Shhh I know, its ok"

"He tried to kill us and I'm glad it's not us under that tree" she said between tears.

"Lets move on, he died it wasn't our fault".

"Girls dinner" Pam shouted.

"Pull yourself together and let's go eat, I won't embarrass you too much" I tried cheering her up.

I made Emily go to the bathroom and wash her face, If her mom asked her about it now I felt sure she would spill everything. The dinner smelt delicious from upstairs and it smelt even better the closer we got to the dining room. Mrs Fields had placed us all a big juicy piece of steak on our plate and there were various bowls filled with different vegetables and mashed potatoes.

"Help yourself girls" Mr Fields said kindly.

"This looks amazing" I sat down and started piling my plate, I can get back to my diet tomorrow.

"Lots of protein and carbs for the Rosewood shark all-stars"

"Thanks mom".

"Did you hear about that poor man who got killed under a tree? That could have been you girls".

"The weather was really bad, we stopped at a diner until it had cleared" Emily said between mouth fulls.

"So Paige, how is your father?" the interrogation had begun.

"He's good"

"So he's not on any more vendettas against students?".


We then ate in silence. I wasn't that bothered by Mrs Fields saying that about my dad after all it was true. That day at school was terrible for me as well I mean he didn't know I was gay. He looks pretty stupid now. I really wanted this dinner to go well, I should think of a subject and take it from there.

"Did you enjoy the Olympics?"

"Glued to it, I look at those female swimmers and I can imagine Emily up there" Mrs Fields said with a smile.

"I have a huge Michael Phelps poster in my room"

"Whereas I have Missy Franklin" Emily added.

"Phelps has a good body" Mrs fields said with a wink.

"Mom, you can't say that"

"Why because you girls are...erm...gay?"

"No because of dad!"

"Mrs Fields I can still see that a man is handsome, but not with those ears!". I had managed to make Mrs Fields laugh, I deserve a girlfriend award.

We spent the rest of dinner with small talk about the weekend, swimming and colonel Fields. It was really nice being in a family setting with Emily. It was obvious that Mrs Fields or Pam as she demanded I call her wasn't completely comfortable with the situation but she was trying. I could tell this meant the world to Emily. I would love it if one day she could come and do this at my house.

I don't know what the future holds for Emily and I but right now I couldn't ask for any more we are together now and that's what's important. We had been through so much in the last few days and we had only grown stronger since making up. With Nate out the picture I hope we can go from strength to strength. Her friends had accepted me and now so to had her mother. I love Emily Fields and I don't think I will ever stop loving her.

So this is the last chapter, thank you for coming along for the ride on the paily crazy train!

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