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There was controlled madness in the kitchen of Wayne Manor as the lunch preparations came to an end. Isa returned from carrying 2 large salad bowls to the table and was quickly handed a large bowl of peas and a green bean casserole. Lara followed her back to the ballroom carrying a bowl of carrot and the sweet potato casserole. Jonathan filled breadbaskets with yeast rolls, biscuits and cornbread muffins while Ally took the last apple pie out of the oven and put it on the kitchen table with the pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate cream pies. Alfred was plating roasted winter squash and Martha was stacking corn on the cob on a platter.

When Isa and Lara returned to the kitchen, Conner and Cassie followed them in.

"Do you need any help, Ma?" Conner asked.

"Conner! Cassie!" Martha exclaimed.

"Hi, Ma." Conner said, giving her a hug.

"Hi, Mrs. Kent." Cassie said.

"What kept you?" Martha asked.

"There was a massive car accident in Texas and a brush fire endangering a neighborhood in Florida." Conner replied.

Martha nodded knowingly.

"Can we help, Mrs. Kent?" Cassie repeated Conner's question from before.

"No, Dear. I think we have it all under control. Thank you for offering though."

"You're sure?" Conner asked.

Martha and Alfred nodded.

"I guess we'll go find everyone else then." Conner said and the couple left the cooks to their final preparations.

"Girls, why don't you drop these off on the table and go join everyone in the den while we finish up?" Martha suggested to Isa, Ally and Lara waving at some sides on the counter.

The girls did as they were told, between the three of them managing to take the mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and baked macaroni and cheese to the table.

While Alfred, Martha and Jonathan finished setting the table, the natives were getting restless. The girls were bombarded with questions when they entered the den. Dick summed it up best with, "Is the food done yet? I'm starving!" The girls assured them it wouldn't be much longer and avoided the Amazons on their way to the game room. They were attacked by the kids on their way to the abandoned game console on the far side of the room. The girls were just the right number of years older than them to be awesome in their bright little eyes. The kids easily persuaded them to play a quick game of Wii bowling in teams while they waited to be called for lunch, Isa/Annie vs. Ally/Lian vs. Lara/Matt. Isa and Annie were ahead when Alfred announced that lunch was ready.

Jason and Charlie made it back during the migration from the den to the table, having easily found Calendar Man and turned him over to the GCPD before he could unleash not very fiendish whipped-cream-bomb plot on the citizens of Gotham. As a bonus they also caught the Condiment King who was assisting him.

After everyone had found a seat and almost everyone had commented on how beautiful the table was or how good the food looked or smelled, Diana stood.

"Today is a day of thanks. A day to be especially grateful for all of the good things in our lives, for our loving families and good friends, for this bounty before us and the opportunity to share it with each other. For all of our successes and all of the trials that have made us stronger, for all of the people who support us and make what we do possible and for all of the little things we take for granted everyday that so many go without, a roof over our heads, heat to keep us warm, food to sustain us, clean water to hydrate us and love to comfort us. May more people be as fortunate as we are next year." Diana said. With the toast complete, the feast truly began.

Hippolyta had never understood her daughter's decision to build a life in Man's World but if she was honest with herself she also had never really tried to understand. Sitting at the enormous table surrounded by her daughter's family and friends something became clear to her. She finally saw what her daughter saw. The couple only a few seats down shared a brief kiss, the teenagers a little farther down laughed at something, the adults praised the food, or discussed plans for shopping tomorrow or the upcoming football game. In this moment, in this room, there was no pain, no greed, no ill will, only contentment. Right here, right now, the evils of Man's World disappeared and if they could accomplish that, maybe there was hope for them after all.

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