This is a General Scales X OC story. I own Mika and the story but i do not own Scales or Ninjago

Mika, a young lady from Ninjago city, was the most dumped girl in all of Ninjago city. After dumped by 50 different guys Mika promised herself she would stay single for the rest of her life. But that was until that fateful day...

Mika's mother had sent Mika into the city to go buy some groceries, Mika was half way to the store when the Hypnobrai clan slithered their way into town lead by General Scales.

"Lesse if I take the path down 4th street i should get there in 6 minutes..." Mika mumbled to herself. she lived in Ninjago city all her life but didnt quite know her way around above the subway cus she always went on the subway but her mom wouldnt let her go on the subway alone

she walked down the street as to a cross walk and Scales slithered down the same street when..


Scales and Mika slammed right into each other!

"OW! watch it Bub!" Mika shouted while rubbing her head

"No YOU Watch it!" Scales said opening his eyes, only to see a young, lovely, and dark haired lady infront of him. He felt as if his cold blood began to boil inside him "M-my apologies misssss. I didnt ssssee you coming." he said as he helped Mika up.

Mika looked at Scales and said "um thanks I guess," she raised an eyebrow when scales Kneeled down(?) got her hand and said "I Am General Ssscalesss of the Hypnobrai clan. Who might you be misss?"

Mika said "I'm Mika." her voice was a bit shocked sounding but to Scales it sounded sweet and soft.

"Do you have any idea why General is acting sssso sssstrange?" whispered a HYpnobrai to another Hypnobrai

"Havent got a clue." the other hypnobrai said

Scales stood(?) up and said "Mika. quite a lovely name. fitting for ssssuch a lovely lady."

Mika felt her face heat up but shook it off and said "Well thanks but I have to go." and she rushed away. and just then the ninjas came and kicked the Hypnobrai's scaley behinds

even while being pumled by ninjas, Scales's mind was on the one person and one person only. Mika.

"I don't care if she's a Human" Scales thought as Kai hit him in a firey spinjitzu attack "she will be mine."

Mika had rushed to the Ninjago City Super Market and was huffing when she rushed in.

A mid-30 year old woman walked over to Mika and said "Somethin' wrong, Mika hun? you look like you just ran from a pack of wild bulls."

"I-Im alright, Mrs. Cathoway ." Mika said panting. She knew her since she was little girl. she was an old friend of Mika's mother.

"alright hun, just be safe, never know when snakes could be around. Bye." Mrs. Cathoway said then waved and she walked away.

Mika seemed to be dazed as she got the groceries on her mother's list. her cheeks turned a pale pink color thinking "that snake... from what I was told snakes were dangerous... but he seemed so kind.. so much like a gentleman..." she shook her head

she then muttered "No Mika. you promised yourself to stay single for the rest of your life and nothing will change that. not even a handsome, charming..." she shook her head again.

She groaned and finished her shopping. "Stop thinking about it Mika, you have to live up to your promise, and... snakes cant like humans...can they?"

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