Get A Job, Wendy Koopa

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I don't like the Koopalings. I don't. But I tend to tolerate Wendy because she's the only female of the bunch... so I'll see if I can redeem her. I highly doubt it.

After their most recent defeat, the Koopalings were grounded yet again, being stuck in the dungeon of their own castles in the Koopa Kingdom. Wendy O' Koopa, in particular, was getting tired of the common trend of being a boring boss in a string of bad to mediocre games.

"Ugh! This is so lame!" Wendy exclaimed as she folded her arms, "I never get to appear in anything other than crappy platformers and a semi good RPG! I wish I had something else to do!"

A lurking Dry Bones poked his head into the dungeon. "Well, why don't you try getting a job?"

Wendy eyed the Dry Bones oddly. "What? Getting a job? Peh!" She turned her head as she closed her eyes. "Getting a job is for the weak!"

Several seconds passed, and she then started crying as as she placed her hands on her eyes. The Dry Bones slowly backed away.

"But I am weak! All I am is a lame boss!" Wendy exclaimed as she stopped crying, shaking her head. "I have to do something with my life. I'm gonna go talk to dad!" She then left the dungeon, heading to Bowser's Castle.

Later, she was in Bowser's Castle, facing her father, who was recovering from recent wounds.

"Dad, I wanna do something other than being a boring boss in crappy games!" Wendy exclaimed, stomping her right foot.

Bowser folded his arms as he looked at Wendy. "Well, sweetheart, I don't know how to put this to you, but Nintendo doesn't actually care about you."

Wendy placed her hands on her scaly hips. "I don't give a crap about Nintendo! I just want something to do other than being a boss!"

Bowser rubbed his chin, then he snapped his fingertips. "Wait, I know." He then called out for the heir to the throne. "Bowser Junior, get in here!"

Bowser Jr. ran to the scene, stopping as he saluted. "Yes, dad!"

Bowser pointed at Wendy, turning to Bowser Jr. "Take your older sister here and help her find a job. Shouldn't be hard."

Bowser Jr. chuckled as he rubbed his hands together. "Don't worry, dad. Wendy will be able to get something." He then grabbed Wendy by her right arm and dashed out of the castle, with Wendy screaming.

Bowser smiled as he folded his arms, watching his two young children run off. "Hopefully, this will allow these two to bond together..."