Since I am such a Crash Bandicoot freak, whenever I watch a movie I really enjoy, I always try to imagine the Crash Bandicoot characters being in that movie. I happened to see the movie Sky High recently, and had the idea of replacing the characters in the movie with Crash characters.

I do not own the Crash Bandicoot characters, or anything related to the movie Sky High, of course. I also do not own the character Tani Tiger; for she was created by Tara Cross. The only characters I own are Deann, Scarlett, Nia Cortex, and Crush Bandicoot.

Tiny marked off the date on his calendar. He sighed, cause he knew that things were going to be different this year. He was going to a new school...and not just any school...Sky High; a school for young superheroes. There was only one problem to the whole situation, though...Tiny had no superpowers.

"Tiny!" Tani yelled.

Tiny gasped, hearing his sister's voice, and quickly grabbed a few weights. For the longest time, he faked that he had super strength, and it worked quite well actually. Hearing her footsteps, Tiny dropped to the ground under a weight, pretending to lift it. Tani opened the door of his room, and walked in.

"200!" Tiny yelled, putting the weight down. "Oh, hi Tani!"

Tani smiled, and pat him on the back. "Just wanted to wish you luck on your first day of high school!" she said.

"Thanks...I'll need it," Tiny said.

"You'll be fine! With a superpower like yours, people will know not to mess with you!" Tani told him. She laughed, then said, "Oh, the bus will here around 10 minutes, so make sure you have your things ready."

"Alright," Tiny said.

Tani was about to walk away, when she turned back around. "By the way, there are some people at Sky High who...let's just say, don't have that good of powers, so...try not to show off, alright?" she told him.

Tiny rolled his eyes. "I'll keep it cool, don't worry," he said.

"I'll see you later tonight then," Tani said as she walked away.

Tani had the power to transform herself into a werewolf. She already attended Sky High, and had graduated the year before. She was so proud of Tiny being able to follow in her footsteps, that Tiny wouldn't dare tell her the truth about him.

Taking his backpack, he hurried downstairs, just as the doorbell rang. Tiny opened the door and saw Dingodile, with his sister Deann.

"Well," Dingodile said, shrugging. "Today's the day; give or take."

Luckily for Tiny, Dingodile and Deann were also attending Sky High. They all walked out of the house, and over to the bus stop. Deann had the power to control plants, and Dingodile had the power to control fire.

About a few minutes later, the bus arrived. The doors opened, so Tiny, Dingodile and Deann walked inside. They all took a seat, then the bus drove off casually.

"Do you know if we have to actually...use our powers during school, or anything?" Dingodile asked Tiny. He was always cautious about using his powers, because whenever he got angry, they would go out of control.

Tiny shrugged. "Not that I know of," he replied.

It took them all a while to realize exactly where the bus was going. Everyone watched as it knocked over a sign that said "Road Ends".

"Road ends?" Deann mumbled to herself.

In a matter of seconds, everyone felt the bus drop. The road ended, apparently.

The busdriver pulled a lever, and suddenly, jets shot out from the back of the bus, causing it to fly. It was like a roller-coaster, only there were no tracks. Everyone in the bus started screaming and flipping out.

The busdriver only rolled his eyes, and said, "Freshmen."

After about 5 to 10 minutes of this horror thrill ride, the bus finally reached Sky High, a school that was floating in the sky. As the bus landed and the doors opened, everyone flooded out in a hurry. Tiny, Dingodile and Deann got out last, glad that they didn't get trampled.

All the new students were waiting in front of the school, waiting for a guide to show them around. Pretty soon, a girl walked over to them and introduced herself.

"Hi everybody, I'm Scarlett, your guide to the school here," she said.

As soon as Tiny looked at her, he couldn't stop staring. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen!

"I know you're all going to love it here at Sky High! I know I have..." Scarlett continued talking.

Tiny didn't even listen; he just stared at her flowing brown hair, and her gorgeous green eyes. He was obviously in love.

"If you can just follow those few simple rules, I promise, you will NOT fall of the edge of the school," Scarlett finished, and everyone laughed. "Now, if you just follow me inside, I'll explain to you where you go first."

Everyone started walking away, leaving Tiny, still distracted. He finally snapped out of it, and said, "Rules? What rules?" then followed everyone into the school.

Scarlett led everyone into the gym, then said, "In a few moments, you will go to power placement, and your own heroic journey will begin!"

Tiny froze. "Power placement...?" he asked.

"Power placement is how they decide where you go," N. Gin said.

"...The hero track or the loser track..." Nia mumbled to herself.

"They prefer the term "hero support", but there's no fooling anybody," Komodo Joe said.

"For now, I wish you all good luck, and your adventure will begin!" Scarlett told everyone. She walked away, then Tiny turned around and stared at her some more.

"What are you doing?" Dingodile asked.

"Huh? Nothing!" Tiny quickly said.

"Alright, listen up!" a voice suddenly yelled. Everyone turned around and saw the coach, who just happened to be N. Tropy.

"My name is Coach Tropy. This is how power placement is going to work; you will step up to this stage and show everyone your power. Yes, you will do this is front of the entire class. I will then determine where you will be assigned; hero, or sidekick."

"I really don't like where this is going..." Dingodile whispered to Tiny.

"Think about how I feel!" Tiny whispered back.

"YOU," Tropy said, pointing to Crunch. "You're first; get up here!"

Crunch slowly walked up to the stage. He bent down and touched the stage, which was made of bricks. Suddenly, right when he touched it, his whole body became made of bricks.

"Hm..." Tropy said, interested. "CAR!"

A car fell out of nowhere onto Crunch, who lifted it up easily. "Hero!" Tropy said.

"Sure, he's good, but I'm better!" N. Gin, jumping up to the stage.

"Excuse me; did I say you were next?" Tropy asked him.

"No, sir, but I do believe I have a power that will amaze you!" N. Gin said.

Tropy rolled his eyes. "Show me," he said.

N. Gin stared at Tropy for a few seconds.

"What are you waiting for?" Tropy asked.

"I'm doing it!" N. Gin said.

"Doing what?" Tropy said.

"Reading your mind!" N. Gin told him.

"What am I thinking about?" Tropy asked.

"Tacos," N. Gin said.

Tropy stared at him. "Sidekick," he said.

"Fine, be that way!" N. Gin yelled, walking right through him. Tropy turned around, confused, then shrugged and ignored him.

"You," he said, pointing at Komodo Joe. "Front and center."

Joe walked up on the stage and said, "First off, I just want to say what an honor it is to—"

"Show me your power," Tropy interrupted.

"Right away, sir!" Joe said. He put one hand on himself, and the other on Tropy. A few seconds later, he let go of Tropy.

"So...what's your power?" Tropy asked.

"I switched our superpowers around," Joe told him. "You see, I thought this power would be very useful when being a hero, because—"

"Sidekick!" Tropy interrupted, pushing him off the stage.

Next was Nina Cortex. She motioned for Tropy to drop the car again, so he yelled, "CAR!" The car fell, but then Nina froze it in mid-air. "Hero!" Tropy said.

He forced Coco Bandicoot up next. Coco made a swirl motion with her finger, and pretty soon, a tornado formed, destroying everything in its path.

"Hero!" Tropy told her, too. Next, he pointed at Ripper Roo.

Ripper Roo smiled sneakily, then turned invisible and hopped up onto the stage.

"Where'd he go?" Tropy asked, looking around. A sudden burst of laughter behind him scared the crap out of him, and he instantly turned around. He saw Ripper Roo reappear, laughing his head off.

"Oh, you think that's funny, don't you?" Tropy asked him. "SIDEKICK!"

Ripper Roo stopped laughing, then sadly hopped off the stage, turning invisible again.

Next was Crash Bandicoot—Coco's brother. In a flash, he appeared on the stage with super speed, then ran around the whole gym in circles as fast as he could.

"Hero!" Tropy yelled. "Pink girl; you're up!" he said, pointing at Nia Cortex—Nina's sister.

Nia walked onto the stage. "I'm a shapeshifter," she said.

"Show me," Tropy said.

Nia got down on the ground, and shapeshifted into a guinea pig.

Tropy stared at her. "That's it? A guinea pig?" he asked.

"Yup," Nia said.

"Not even a swarm of guinea pigs?" Tropy asked.

"Nope," Nia said.

"Sidekick!" Tropy yelled. "Blue girl, get up here!" he said, pointing at Deann.

She walked up onto the stage, and stuck out her arms. Instantly, all the windows broke, and all sorts of plants and vines entered the gym.

"Hero!" Tropy said. He pointed at Dingodile next.

Dingodile froze, then gave a quick glance at Deann, who quickly shook her head in return. Instantly, he refused.

"Um...I believe in only using my powers when the situation demands it," he said.

"Well, you're in luck. This is the situation, and I'm demanding it," Tropy told him.

"You don't understand; my powers are still developing, and I'd rather not show them when I do not have full control over—" Dingodile began.

"Wait a minute; are you refusing to show your powers!?" Tropy asked.

"It's more complicated than that. You see, I—" Dingodile began.

"SIDEKICK!" Tropy interrupted.

"Alright folks, we'll continue this after lunchtime!" he told everyone, not that there was much to continue, really.