Later, the next night, it was homecoming, of course. There was music, refreshments, name it.

All of the sidekicks were hanging out near the table, not being very enthusiastic. All except for Joe, who was dancing like a complete idiot.

"Hey, you wanna dance?" he asked Nia.

"No," she said.

"Me neither," Joe said as he stopped dancing.

They saw Dingodile walk up to the table, suddenly. Everyone went silent, because they could see that he was NOT in a good mood.

"Hey, Dingodile! Want me to get you some punch?" N. Gin asked quickly. He grabbed a cup, about to put punch in it, when a sudden "gust" of wind knocked the punch bowl over. N. Gin stared at it, then turned around and glared angrily at Coco, who was laughing her head off.

"Why do the heroes have to be such JERKS!?" N. Gin yelled.

"Wow, thanks a lot," a voice said sarcastically. Everyone turned around, and saw Crush.

Dingodile was surprised. "I thought you didn't care about homecoming!" he told him.

Crush shrugged. "I had nothing else better to do tonight," he said.

Meanwhile, at Tiny's house, Tani was getting ready to leave. "Are you sure you still don't want to come?" she asked Tiny.

"Tani...have you ever felt like you messed up something so bad, you'd never be able to fix it?" Tiny asked her.

"People make mistakes all the time, Tiny. The key is to learn from those mistakes," she told him.

"I hope my friends know that..." Tiny said.

"If they're true friends, Tiny, they'd understand," Tani said, and she walked away.

Tiny sat there, and thought about what she said. "She's right," he told himself. "I guess I'll have to do the one thing I didn't think about doing before: apologize." He ran to his room, grabbed a card which had the bus driver's number, and said, "I've got to get to Sky High!"

Back at homecoming, Scarlett stepped up to the stage to get everyone's attention. "Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming to homecoming tonight!" she said as everyone applauded for no apparent reason. "To mark this occasion, we planned a special award to the most powerful superbeing to ever walk the halls of Sky High..."

A slight pause ended her sentence, followed by a strike of lightning.

"...ME!" she finished.

Electricity flashed all around her, forming into some type of armor, and everything electronic went all out of whack. The electricity around her formed the words ROYAL PAIN.

"Pinstripe! The laser gun, please," Scarlett said. Pinstripe walked up to her and handed her some sort of laser gun.

Tani had just walked into in the room, and saw all the commotion. After seeing Scarlett was the cause of all of this, she just stared at her in shock.

"Royal a girl?" she said, confused.

"YES, I'm a GIRL you IDIOT!" Scarlett yelled at her from inside some sort of helmet, which made her voice sound robotic.

"Wait, you two know each other?" Pinstripe asked her.

"We battled years ago..." Tani said, rolling her eyes.

"How I ever lost to an idiot like you, I'll never know!" Scarlett yelled, annoyed. She held up the laser gun and pointed it at her, saying, "Now, prepared to be pacified!"

Tani looked unconvinced. "Do you honestly think you can kill me with that toy gun of yours?" she said.

"My dear Tani...who said anything about KILLING you?" Scarlett asked her. She pointed the gun straight at her, and pulled the trigger.

A laser shot at Tani, and she got electrocuted for a moment, but then she started shrinking.

Everyone stared at her in horror, and the sidekicks ran over. They all looked closely, and saw that Tani had been turned into—

"A baby! Aww..." N. Gin said.

Everyone stared at him like he was insane.

"I mean, uh...A BABY! OH NO!" he screamed.

Pretty soon, Scarlett started shooting the laser gun all around at random people, turning them into babies. Everyone started panicking, trying to escape, but the other heroes (being Scarlett's minions), locked all the doors from the outside, waving at them smugly.

N. Tropy ran over to the sidekicks, saying, "Try to find an exit, and get as many people out as you can!" All the sidekicks ran off. "I'll try to stop he—" Tropy began, but then a laser hit him.

The sidekicks frantically ran around, until Crush found a vent. He yanked the opening of it out, and everyone crawled inside.

"Where are we going to end up, anyway?" Joe asked.

"Hey Dingodile, how about some light?" Crush asked Dingodile.

Dingodile held out a fireball for light, and everyone eventually made it to the end of the vent.

Meanwhile, Tiny was already at the school, and was running through the halls looking for his friends. He suddenly saw some light coming out of a vent, so he ripped off the opening for everyone to get through.

Dingodile wasn't too happy to see him, but got out anyway, along with everyone else.

"Guys, you're never going to believe this! Scarlett—" Tiny began.

"Is a super villain named Royal Pain," Crush finished.

"Yeah, and—" Tiny began again.

"And she has a gun that turns people into babies," Nia said.

"Right—" Tiny started.

"And she apparently fought your sister in the past," N. Gin said.

Tiny froze. "Okay, that I didn't know..." he said.

"I think this all is a little more than "The Great Tiny Tiger" can handle..." Dingodile said sarcastically.

"He's right; this is gonna take all of us!" Tiny said, ignoring the sarcasm behind that.

"All of us? Don't you mean you and Crush? The rest of us are only sidekicks!" Nia said.

"Just because you have powers, it doesn't automatically make you a hero! Sometimes it just makes you a jerk—makes me a jerk...I guess...what I'm trying to say is—" Tiny began.

"We get it; you've been a jerk..." Dingodile said.

" know that what Scarlett told you last night wasn't true, don't you?" Tiny asked him.

"Well, I believed it at first, but I guess I just overreacted, and I'm sorry," Dingodile told him.

"No, you had every right to be mad at was all my fault. I ignored you, and I apologize," Tiny said.

"Apology accepted," Dingodile said.

"Aw, isn't that sweet?" a voice mocked.

The sidekicks turned around, and saw all the heroes (besides Deann, anyway, and by that time, Dingodile was pretty concerned about what happened to her).

"You guys are part of this too? Why am I not surprised..." Tiny said.

"Take care of Scarlett, Tiny. We'll handle these clowns," Crush said.

Tiny nodded his head, and ran right through the wall.

Nia and Ripper Roo looked at each other, then scrambled back into the vent, not wanting to be apart of the battle.

Crush shot a locker, bringing it to life, and sent it towards the heroes, but Crash ran right past it, causing it fly back and hit Crush. Angrily, Crush got up, and ran after him.

Pinstripe looked at Joe and grinned deviously. Joe screamed like a complete coward and ran off, too, with Pinstripe chasing him. Crunch touched the wall, and his whole body became brick. Dingodile backed away, then ran off as fast as he could. Crunch chased after him.